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Comment Re:WEB (Score 1) 401

WEB is not a programming language.

It is a system/structure/format/layer for doing Literate Programming (LP). WEB sits on top of whatever language you choose, and has two translators: TANGLE and WEAVE. TANGLE takes your LP source, throws away the documentation, and translates the code into your target language for the compiler to digest (which happened to be Pascal in the early TeX days). WEAVE does the opposite: It formats the documentation and code for reading by a human.

Comment Re:Here's the article (Score 1) 207

Is that the "null set" symbol? Just kidding. Yeah, I am actually not a fan of the slashed zero either, but I'd prefer it to the dotted zero. My actual preference is for a zero with nothing inside it, and for the capital O to be shorter and rounder. The font Lucida Console is my favorite for monospace terminal/coding work.

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