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Comment Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 622

Eliminate the SUV loophole and the big bloated turds would be gone quickly.

Hmm, not exactly. If you look at the current Jeep lineup they are happy to put underpowered 4-cylinder engines into the low end of the line for each vehicle. Since they really suck to drive with the 4-cylinder it must be their way of getting to that fleet average mark.

Submission + - Raymond Chen authored the Windows 3.1 Ctrl+Alt+Del Screen 1

rfernand79 writes: Raymond Chen has posted a rather amusing clarification as to the provenance of the Windows 3.1 Ctrl+alt+Del Screen. The screen was not authored by Steve Ballmer, as reported by various sites. It was authored by Raymond Chen. Amusingly, his original post was misrepresented in amusing ways, in a variety of news outlets.

+1 for the echo chamber.

Comment Document the requests (Score 2) 221

Keep a written record each time something unreasonable is requested.

After a few months (6?) show the documentation to the manager of whomever is making the requests.

Then crack open a beer and wait for your new middle manager to arrive.

Political or not, software project or not, someone in the management chain isn't doing their fucking job and you should not simply accept that.

Comment Risk Plan? (Score 1) 273

Yeah, it's a cute story but I wouldn't trust them with my backup data.

These people didn't have a risk plan for their business that included hard drive shortages?

Their product isn't worth $10/mo ? (raising price)

Can you imagine an airline that doesn't factor in changes in fuel prices? Or a farm that doesn't have a plan for drought?

Bone for tuna!

Comment Re:Unmanageable (Score 1) 487

"Rock stars" - we called them divas in my company - are notoriously unmanageable

Smart people don't want to be managed by C-minus business majors.

Even worse would be managed by even an A-plus History/English/Psychology major.

Of which, corporate america is currently rife with.

Comment Because they haven't ADAPTED (Score 1) 271

How many times have you heard the 11 o'clock news "teaser" for an interesting story they wait until 11:28pm to put on the air?

Usually if you have your laptop, you can go to a news website and, boom, there is the story without waiting 28 minutes through commercials and a dozen local crime reports.

Local news needs to adapt. The "string you along so you keep watching commercials" passive-watching business model is gone for good.

Comment Re:No more apples (Score 1) 601

I'll play along with your enumeration of Constitutional rights:

The 4th amendment states you cannot be searched without a warrant or probable cause.

The 5th amendment states that you cannot be forced to provide evidence to incriminate yourself.

Stopping people at random and forcing them to take a breathalyzer - without having observed them commit a crime or being informed from someone that they may have committed a crime - violates those two rights above. Clearly.

And then on top of that, at what point do you get to invoke your miranda rights? After you were forced to incriminate yourself or before? After you were forcibly searched or before? After you are taken into custody or before?

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