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Comment: Wakeup dumb americans (Score 0) 1

Vote now, overthrow the govt, send the pollies to jail and revolutionize NOW.

You are in a dictatorship.

The people in power are useless crap moron fuck heads, with no clue, and no qualifications that are 100x over paid, and should be given a one way ticket to NKorea.

Next evil org, your fake IRS, thats not legit, has no law that they can stand by and have no mandate, and are ILLEGAL!

Rise up! Rise up! like Conner did against the T1000s,

Comment: ever heard of solar panels (Score 1) 731

by cheekyboy (#46737643) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

Either find them on highways, or peoples houses.
Or make a hand powered generator , or wind powered generator.

Preserving the highest hitech of the day, and keeping whats left working is damn important.

Next step.... find your way to the nearest Intel fab plant, if theres any place to settle down its a place like that full of tech.

Comment: Re:And the attempt to duplicate their efforts resu (Score 3, Insightful) 446

by cheekyboy (#46732991) Attached to: Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem

What i dont like is late comers to companies that get IPO, and then these get millions, ahead of the hardworking coders who started there from day 0.

I dont mind her there, but if the company IPOs for billions, she should not get a cent, as I cannot see anything she can contribute that would add to the book value or earnings values. /*

Comment: Re:Viva La XP! (Score 1) 641

by cheekyboy (#46693349) Attached to: Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP

Yes its cool, winXP boots faster and uses less ram than WindowsMobile, or Android.

Hell, even a stripped down XPembedded can boot up under 64meg ram. Feel 10x snappier faster than any tablet.

Now write a new shell/desktop that looks like a tablet win8/android launcher ported to Win32/XP. And you could have a fast sleek Win8 style tablet, that runs fast on crap specs slow atom tablet, uses less than 1gig Flash Storage, and has a huge library of software.

Hell, just run XBMC with a theme that looks like win8 on it.

Comment: alcahol has no effect when on lsd/shrooms (Score 1) 221

You can drink when high, but you will not feel it, or the lsd effect nullifies it, but when the lsd wears off, then you feel drunk.
Also because of this, drinking is dangerous to your body, and system in high amounts, yet LSD is safer at the cellular level.

It's later than you think, the joint Russian-American space mission has already begun.