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Comment Re: familiar (Score 1) 98

I think he's recommending military applications of pizza technology. It's a workable idea. Leave serverely overheated hot pockets on the enemy battlefield, enemy soldiers can't resist picking them up and biting into them once the outer crust cools (while the interior is still as hot as the inside of an operating fusion reactor), and then this happens.

It'll work until new treaties outlaw the use of hot pocket weapons as a war crime.

Even then, the technology could help medics cauterize wounds on the field. Dude's bleeding out through two severed thighs? Extrude some overheated hot pocket cheese from an insulated container onto the wound!

Comment Re:What Type of Truck? (Score 2) 223

Will it be a truck like the Model X is an SUV (aka, not really one -- can't beat it up offroad like you can a 4Runner, Highlander, etc)?

Most SUVs, especially more modern ones, are not very offroad-capable, worst of all crossovers which are just tall station wagons (or in some cases, more like tall hatchbacks). Trucks like the 4Runner and Highlander that come with a taste of offroad capability are the exception, not the rule.

Most gigantic American pickups have a hilariously bad breakover angle as well.

Comment Need to replace the last humans ASAP (Score 1) 138

The last humans on the floor are doing the job that most needs to be replaced by a computer:

Now, humans on the NYSE floor have more of a supervisory role, making sure the automated systems don't go haywire

As trading speeds climb higher and higher, the reaction speed of a human will be less and less relevant. Even most computers have slow reactions compared to the exotic hardware of an HFT machine.

Comment Re:Only one of these is a conspiracy (Score 1) 303

Yep the 911 conspiracy theories are the most needlessly over-complicated ones, often involving things like buildings with explosives built into them decades in advance, remote-controlled airliners, and it only gets crazier from there. All it really needs is a blackmail plot to convince some dudes to fly some planes into some buildings (or their families get it).

Or even more simply you could find some nutjob terrorists who would already like to do that. You might not even need to help them OH WAIT

Comment Re:Half Conspiracies (Score 1) 303

Exactly. Climate change denial can't work without an "active" conspiracy theory. That's why I like to call "climate denialists" "climate conspiracy theorists" - they often say they don't like "denialist" anyway :-) and only a few will even try to avoid directly admitting this, instead whistling innocently at the implication.

Any scientist who outed climate change as a hoax, whether through disproof or simply breaking the silence on the conspiracy, would be the most famous, awarded, and rewarded scientist in history. This person would replace Albert Einstein in the public consciousness. That's one helluva motivation to break the conspiracy, that the motivation to stay in on the conspiracy must exceed. Greater rewards (or greater punishments for whistleblowers) would need to be offered to virtually every professional and amateur scientist on Earth. The "non-malevolent groupthink" variant of the theory therefore makes no sense.

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