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Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 2) 547

Except most Chinatowns in the U.S. are where non-Chinese people go to eat exotic food, not a separate city-within-a-city where any non-Chinese who enter will be beaten (or worse).

Going back a century or more, Chinatowns were ethnic ghettos not that different from other examples. Brought together by the pull of being close together with familiar people with shared backgrounds -- and the push of being excluded from elsewhere.

Of course, what is different is that the Chinese opened businesses, and so they needed to welcome outsiders to come and spend money there. To the point that in some Chinatowns have become business districts where few Chinese actually still live:

Comment "Mobbing" (Score 2, Interesting) 786

I"ve sometimes wondered if this behavior is similar to the mobbing behavior you see in certain species such as Monk Seals:

"Mobbing" refers to a pathological behavior that occurs when the gender ratio becomes skewed, with an excess of males versus females. The adult males become increasingly aggressive towards females (and immature pups), and will injure and even kill them, as multiple males gang up to play out a violent parody of their normal mating behavior. This problem becomes self-perpetuating as females are hunted down, with natural populations having observed to be driven into ratios as extreme as 3 males for every 1 surviving female.

Comment Re:Liberal Arts Guys Think Engineers are All Killb (Score 2) 497

Liberal Arts Guys Think Engineers are All Killbots

Hoho! How little do those liberal arts guys know -- Engineers aren't killbots themselves, they merely design and build them. For fun.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my killbot has Lotus Notes and a machine gun. It is the finest available."

Comment Re:wan port (Score 2) 123

The ideal location for a wireless base station is up high, centrally located in the home.

Not necessarily. Some antenna designs will have poor signal above and below the unit (as an example, a simple dipole antenna has dead spots there).

And it's not a bad idea to off-load as many things to physical ports as possible (TV streaming device, SAN) when location is not an issue, and when the airspace is already congested, especially for gadgets that are 2.4 GHz only and non-upgradeable. I recently fixed a friend's smart-TV Netflix stuttering problem by switching to a physical line -- her router was only a few feet away but had intermittent problems due to being in a crowded apartment complex.

Comment Re:Sony makes the best camera modules? (Score 1) 143

When they make a full product to sell to consumers, it's always sub-par, and usually has something in there to screw over the user somehow.

I figure that is one of the consequences of being both a media company and a hardware company. The media side of things can't help but keep trying to screw over the consumer.

Comment Re:Balls? (Score 1) 234

Why is it cheaper? Don't ask me. But it reportedly is.

Along with the other reasons already listed, I'd say vandalism resistance is important. Large areas of shade cloth could be disabled by people chucking a few heavy rocks into the resevoir. On the other hand, the balls will just move out of the way and then float back.

Sure you could steal some of them, but it'll be difficult to hold more than a few dollar's worth at a time, and they'll be gross and slimy after floating around for a few weeks so I doubt they'd have any value to anyone.

Comment Re:Customers vs Patients (Score 2) 204

If Company A develops a treatment and Company B develops a cure, which company would get your money in case you happen to get the disease in question?

Note that this is exactly what has happened with the new generation of anti Hepatitis-C medications, with complete and permanent cures of a chronic viral infection at rates of 95+%. In about 12 weeks.

Comment Re:First to say (Score 2) 77

Perhaps for current-day games, but the proposed specifications for the commercial Oculus Rift are quite high (and that's just the "recommended" specs):

The high-end cards of today will be the mid-high range cards of next year, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more demanding VR games make full use of the available power.

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