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Comment Re:Customers vs Patients (Score 2) 204 204

If Company A develops a treatment and Company B develops a cure, which company would get your money in case you happen to get the disease in question?

Note that this is exactly what has happened with the new generation of anti Hepatitis-C medications, with complete and permanent cures of a chronic viral infection at rates of 95+%. In about 12 weeks.

Comment Re:First to say (Score 2) 77 77

Perhaps for current-day games, but the proposed specifications for the commercial Oculus Rift are quite high (and that's just the "recommended" specs): https://www.oculus.com/en-us/b...

The high-end cards of today will be the mid-high range cards of next year, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more demanding VR games make full use of the available power.

Comment Osteopathic Physicians (Score 2) 191 191

FYI, but you may be interested to know that the AMA does not have quite the monopoly on producing new physicians that you think.

There is actually a second source of physicians in the U.S., the American Osteopathic Association. Just after the civil war, Osteopathic Physicians (who carry the D.O. degree instead of M.D.) split off from mainstream medicine. While initially a fringe movement focused on Osteopathic Manipulation practices, over time it eventually evolved into a full-fledged "second track" for producing physicians of pretty much all different types. Since then, D.O.s have been growing in number, and unlike M.D.s the majority enter the primary care fields (Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine).

Note that this is a distinct USA phenomenon, as Osteopaths in other countries are not licensed physicians and are more like chiropractors.

Comment Not just tech products, consumer products too. (Score 1) 300 300

It's not just tech products. I have a habit of picking consumer products that get pulled off the market, for some reason. Examples include:

Hefty Serve and Save Plates: http://www.amazon.com/Hefty-Ev...
Novel chemical and heat-resistant material (some kind of polypropylene composite, vastly superior to Styrofoam or coated paperboard) and large enough to boil a full meal's worth of soup or ramen in the microwave, yet cheap enough to dispose of. You can snap one plate upside down on top of another to form a lid for leftovers, too. These were perfect for eating bachelor chow out of, when they got closed out I bought a shelf-full of the things. The product kind of felt like it was an engineer's dream of what disposable plastic-ware should be like (and it functioned really great), but guess it didn't sell well to house-wives.

Zip-loc bags with pleated bottoms and a stiffer plastic material, allowing them to stand upright by themselves. I used to make bulk batches of sauces and stuff to freeze, these were great for that purpose. They still make a "marinade" bag that's kind of similar but more expensive and not as useful to me, but the model I preferred is now gone. Couldn't find a link to the product.

Palmolive "Sponge-Fresh" dish detergent, also disappeared soon after I started using it as my favorite dish soap. It had a funny (but not unpleasant) fruity-solvent scent to it, but worked really well at suppressing microbial growth in the sponge. Discontinued within a few months, I stocked up of course:

Vaseline Intensive Care waterproof lotion, greatest thing ever for the laboratory or hospital (due to constant hand-washing). Some psoriasis and eczema patients swear it helps them more than anything else out there. Still a few sellers offering bottles from hoarded stockpiles at a sharp mark-up out there, I bought a case from one of those guys:

Comment Re:Funny .... (Score 3, Informative) 103 103

If those cheesy little plastic connectors they're using inside of the package to route coolant to the radiator fail, they might wreck more than that.

Apparently AMD contracted that part out to Cooler Master, which has a fair bit of experience with liquid cooling design. Should be ok.

Comment Flash Drives and Ephemera (Score 0) 73 73

Embedded within each semi-translucent copy is a flash drive with Allahyari's research about the artifacts, and an online version is coming.

And within an archaeologically insignificant moment of time, each flash drive will contain nothing but noise, the trapped charges within each cell having leaked and degraded into noise. Typically, thumb drive manufacturers target an expected retention time of no more than about a decade.

Comment Re: Power users (Score 5, Insightful) 344 344

At this point, you pretty much have to be a power user to have a good Android experience, given how badly crapped-up most low - end carrier's phones are.

Most non power users have no idea how to deal with crapware, and no idea that all that junk isn't intended to be part of the Android experience.

Comment Story about a Female ChemEng major (Score 2) 446 446

males/boy choose masculine jobs/toys (e.g., coding... yes, its "masculine"!) while females/girls choose feminine jobs/toys (e.g., nurses... good for them!)

This is just an anecdote (and thus worthless as data), but I have a family friend -- a female -- who earned a B.S. in chemical engineering. Dad was an engineer, and I think mom was a scientist, so she was highly encouraged (well, pressured) to go in a STEM direction. And she did it, she managed to pass all the math courses and crunch all the equations, earned her degree. And as a newly-minted female Chemical Engineer, I"m guessing a lot of companies were interested in hiring her, as they have been making intense efforts to fix the gender imbalance in their workforces.

Guess what happened next? She then proceeded to go back to Nursing School, and has since graduated and now does clinical nursing work. Basically, she paid four years of hard study and tuition to make other people feel good about make the "right" decisions for someone else's life, and only after satisfying them did she get to live her own life doing what she wanted to do.

Comment Re:Microshafted to the max (Score 1) 129 129

The Scroogle campaign has not to date done much to Bing the Google thing but it is obvious that the campaign to undermine, defame and absorb them is still alive and screwing over the market place! Milo Minderbinder has nothing on Microsoft!

Microsoft has already switched tactics, recognizing the Scroogle campaign was going nowhere. Currently the main thrust to boost search is through free "Windows with Bing" devices (pairing up with Intel's anti-ARM contra-revenue strategy), and the Android-with-Microsoft ecosystem they are trying to build up through Samsung and Cyanogen.

Comment Re:And? (Score 4, Interesting) 295 295

Men can carry a baby to term via embryo implantation and abdominal pregnancy.

This is so insanely dangerous (to both parent and fetus), that any physician who assisted in setting such a thing up would be in danger of having their license yanked. A number of healthy live births have been reported, but most often this special case of ectopic pregnancy ends up being surgically aborted -- because when allowed to proceed the likely scenario is massive hemorrhage followed by demise of the fetus (and maybe the parent too).

That being said, it makes for an interesting thought experiment. You'd probably want to select for a male embryo to implant, as the man's hormones will cause abnormal genitalia in a female infant. You might be able to alleviate this problem with testosterone suppression therapy (after all, females normally have a small amount of circulating testosterone naturally -- but it really doesn't take much excess to virilize a female fetus). What to do about other hormones is also an interesting question -- for instance, how necessary would it be to supplement progesterone, for instance?

Another important issue is the immunological tolerance that occurs in the female, we don't know if males will respond appropriately to with induction of the special partially-suppressed state that occurs during pregnancy. We also don't really know what all the hormones and other substances pumped out by the placenta and fetus would do to the male host.

Comment Re:Sudafed (Score 1) 333 333

The stuff reproduces itself; all it takes is one well-bribed or entrepreneurial employee.

Indeed. Right now, a spy or disgruntled insider might be able to smuggle out schematics of the factory. Now they can smuggle out the factory itself.

This story from 201 doesn't explicitly state there was any theft of a bio-engineered organism (involved in biotech mass-production of a chemical substrate), but I wonder if something like that might have been involved: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12...

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