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Comment Re:Small correction (Score 1) 112

Thank you for providing an example of why mentioning Israel is a pointless sidetrack likely to do nothing apart from start flame wars. True or not it's argument fuel.

Yep. I agree wholeheartedly. It's impossible not to have an emotional reaction to the issue one way or another. If it's not directly comparable, it shouldn't be mentioned at all.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 419

In 2012 there were approximately 67,000,000 foreign visitors to the US.


It seems likely that they don't have the perspective of a self-hating American that twists issues to show the US as a rotten country, sometimes fabricating things in the process.

I don't hate me, I hate you and your ilk that pretend that our country is not doing evil in our name, because you make it possible for them to do that. I guess you forgot about Dick Cheney lying about WMDs so that we could go bomb some cities and then give the no-bid contracts to rebuild them to Halliburton, eh? How quickly you forget, because it's so very fucking convenient for you.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 619

So tell me, how precisely is what Israel does the responsibility of a Jewish person living in, say, England who has never visited Israel and has nothing to do with it?

They are only responsible for their attitude towards it. That's why I don't condemn all Jews everywhere for the existence of militant Zionism. That would be stupid.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 241

So your convenience matters, but other people should "exercise their language skills". How utterly unsurprising.

That's stupid or disingenuous bullshit. Emoji makes an expressed thought harder to understand, while the HTML presentation coupled with a web browser makes it easier. It's exactly the opposite.

I assure you, my dislike of your ideas and attitude is quite sincere. Also, perhaps you shouldn't call people "idiots" and expect a polite response.

I don't expect if I get a polite response, and since you appear to understand English, I know that you're being disingenuous when you suggest that I implied such. Since you've demonstrated a lack of sincerity, why would I believe anything you say is sincere? That would be stupid.

here's plenty of places where you're not allowed to zoom, yet where emoji can appear.

Such as?

Such as when displaying a short message, for example. They are typically displayed in system font sizes, which are usually non-trivial to change for the average user.

And in any case, if they can render modern fonts, which are vector graphics, making said smileys part of the font should actually solve this problem. Or at least let you read the HTML source, which you above imply you're capable of doing.

Why is everything HTML to you? Is that the only technology you "understand"?

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 419

You're not busy tampering with my country, [...] I don't give a shit about bumfuckistan, so I will still visit so long as you don't fuck with me or my people personally.

This is why we can't have nice things. Well, actually, it's why we can have nice things while other people have to be collected from all over the room and loaded into buckets for disposal.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 241

Instead of expecting people to exercise their language skills, we're just enabling stupid people to be more stupid.

And believing that you of course used a telnet client to read this discussion and post your message, since a "browser" makes the process easier, thus letting even you manage it?

This was a typically stupid thing to say, for you, for two reasons. First, I am quite capable of retrieving the page content via telnet. Second, the page content was actually deliberately formatted to be interpreted with a web browser. A whole layer of material was added to the content specifically to make that convenient.

Grammar and spelling exist to faciliate efficient communication. Trying to use them as a barrier to silence people you dislike for whatever reason means you not only missed the mark, but somehow managed to get a bullseye on your own asshole.

In what way am I using grammar or spelling to silence people? I am trying to encourage grammar and spelling, so that people can have a voice. You are trying to encourage people to engage in the digital equivalent of baby talk, so that they can never express a complex thought. You've got it completely backwards, fucko. You want to disempower. I want to empower.

if you insist on using a mobile device which lacks a zoom function yet supports less-used unicode characters

If you insist on being a disingenuous douchebag, you can only talk meaningless shit. There's plenty of places where you're not allowed to zoom, yet where emoji can appear.

Seriously, everything you said was wrong. Why do you even bother?

Comment Re:The above is informative ? (Score 0) 419

Deaths from wars and other state violence are at historic lows.

So it's okay with you if we do it every day, so long as we do it less than was done in the past overall? You're comfortable with a certain level of murder in your name, as long as it's less than it was in the past?

Comment Re:The above is informative ? (Score 0) 419

The world is enjoying it's longest most peaceful time period since the fall of Rome


The USA has been, if not in a state of war, at least fighting some kind of military action continually since when? Just because you're not suffering, you're comfortable. But somewhere, someone is being murdered with a drone so that you can sleep soundly.

Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 2) 123

I remember Steve Jobs found it important to save 5 seconds on the boot of one of the first Apple machines, because you save lives.

How about a computer that doesn't need to reboot so often? I used most of the early Apple machines, Apple I and /// aside, including the ][gs, Lisa, Macintosh 512k (sorry, missed the 128k) and Plus, I think I still have a SE with an accelerator in it just for the nostalgia value, had a IIci, etc etc. And I've had a lot of free reboots, most of them from Macs, and most of those reboots occurring between the era when Macs started getting MMUs, and when they started actually using it.

The Amiga would be done booting up while the Mac was still thinking about whether the mac was happy or sad... You had to reboot it a lot, but at least it genuinely rebooted quickly. Especially if you had "a lot" of RAM, by which I mean an extra MB or so. Then you could put the whole OS (ROMs aside) into a recoverable ramdisk... talk about a quick boot.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 3, Insightful) 241

Since writing and sending messages has moved on to an everyday form of personal communication, it also requires a concise way to express tone and emotion a non-professional writer can manage.

You mean an idiot? Instead of expecting people to exercise their language skills, we're just enabling stupid people to be more stupid. Their last motivation to learn to speak properly was to communicate with other idiots like themselves, and emoji shits on that.

Meanwhile, they're actually a really shitty way to communicate, because they are far more difficult to tell apart on a small screen than are words. Emoji are stupid, and people who use them are stupid by extension. But we knew that, because if they weren't, they would have just written what they meant instead of using an ambiguous sad face fucking a duck.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 3, Interesting) 241

The Chinese, and to a lesser extent other Oriental and east Asian cultures, are what are driving the adoption of these new emoji.

No, just stupid ones. It takes a real idiot to think "this picture-writing system that we've got has been a stone around our neck limiting our ability to express complex thoughts for two thousand years... what we really need is another picture-writing system".

Comment Re:time for revolution (Score 1) 112

Without an army, where is the power?

You don't need a whole army to make people disappear in the night.

Oh look, 3 minutes between comments now. But I haven't been modded down. So did Slashdot detect that I was posting something objectionable and toad me? Or maybe an "editor" did it manually? Or has Slashdot just been fucked up again? Ah, now 4 minutes. So I presume I am now on the 5 minute delay, probably for my anti-Zionist comment. What the ever-living fuck, Slashdot? This is how you treat commenters whose karma is typically pinned to your pathetic post-revision maximum?

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 4, Insightful) 419

I'm somewhat interested in visiting the US, but this kind of bullshit would absolutely kill any desire to go there.

It took this? Not our general policy of running around the world tampering with governments, murdering people, and blowing up cities for profit?

Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 2) 123

Um, ever heard about containers, cloud images, disposable VMs, instant-on embedded appliances, etc. ?

None of which require the full suite of services which cause boot to be so slow. None of which will boot faster with launchd because the limited set of services depend on one another and so have to be started serially anyhow. None of which we are talking about right now, since we're discussing a desktop OS. None of which is relevant right now, so why did you bother?

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