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Comment: Re:Not a snowballs chance! (Score 1) 77

by PopeRatzo (#49806153) Attached to: The Patriot Act May Be Dead For Good

How is this insightful? The Patriot Act is less than 36 hours away from expiring, and all signs point toward the extension being filibustered into defeat.

It's insightful because only some provisions of the Patriot Act will expire, and the FISA court will continue to do whatever they want.

Laws as sweeping as the Patriot Act don't just go away.

Comment: Re:so what about all the *other* stuff? (Score 1) 77

by PopeRatzo (#49806135) Attached to: The Patriot Act May Be Dead For Good

As for the other activities, well, this is how spying gets done. That is how you spy on people in this day and age. With all of the justified criticism of the NSA, it would still be bad if they couldn't spy at all. They do, in fact, have a function to fulfill, and it is a function that needs fulfilling.

Why don't you unpack that statement a little bit? What is the domestic function of the NSA?

If you said anything besides, "It doesn't have a domestic function" then you are wrong. The US government is not supposed to be spying on US citizens. If there's some foreign government or organization that's communicating with an American citizen or permanent resident in order to commit a crime, just get a goddamned warrant.

Comment: Re:Ner ner! (Score 2) 124

I prefer my backups to be reliable and private, thank you.

Privacy is a valid concern. However...

Although hard drives do occasionally tell me "Hey, you've got a week to get your shit off me, ner ner!", at least they can't help it.

I've had HDDs give me warning, and I've had HDDs fail without any warning. People have gone to their backups and found them unreadable. People have lost their tape drives, bought another one, and found out that their old tape drive was fracked and creating tapes that no other drive could read. It takes a tiered backup solution to be more reliable than Google, who will almost certainly give you months of notice before they take down a service.

Comment: Re:Until Google closes it... (Score 1) 124

I agree with calm down, but I also agree that it's stupid. When you put your text in monospace, what you are saying is "I am a special snowflake, so you should read this text even though it is more difficult than if I didn't set a special style that I only use because I am a hipster." So if that's how you want to come across, by all means, keep setting your comments in monospace. If you've set a flag that makes all your comments enter in monospace, then you're an extra-hipster.

Comment: Re:Not good for Kodi/HTPC device (Score 1) 39

Pretty useless for Kodi because it can't bitstream lossless audio (runs on a closed ecosystem and requires licensing to do so).

You really don't think that's going to be solved by the community?

Also can't handle 23.97 output (converts to 24fps) so there's judder.

You mean XBMC can't just slow everything down by a fraction of a percent?

There are lots of other cheaper devices which can do the job better.

Name one.

As far as Netflix 4k streaming goes, you need HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 support, and if you have that you almost certainly have Netflix 4k streaming built into your 4k TV already.

I don't buy display devices with networking built into them. That's stupid.

Comment: Re:Ouya 2 (Score 1) 39

This looks like a bigger, beefed-up version of an Ouya.

If it's halfway competent and doesn't try to lock you into using their shitty store and launcher, then all it will need is a real recovery to be everything the Ouya wasn't.

I bought Ouya, it was unremitting shit and didn't even work right, so I took it back. I won't preorder Android hardware again (I didn't kickstart, just preordered Ouya from a store, so I could return that POS) but I will give this machine a go if it reviews well.

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