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Please don't give Bennett any ideas. I would be very happy indeed if someone were to remove from his possession _all_ his keyboards.

In fact, arguably tablets and phones are media _consumption_ devices, not media creation. Leave the media creation to the big names in IP, lest you infringe their property. Go back to consuming (spending), preferably multiple times for each device that you own. Can't have you watching on your phone media that is licensed only for your PC, that would be stealing from somebody's intellectual property.

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by dotancohen (#47539467) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

Well, I found Server Core, but it looks like it has all the disadvantages of a GUI, and doesn't even support all Windows Server features:

It still requires RDP, still requires running a graphical server (though not full desktop), and won't run Powershell since it won't run .NET.

Well, we tried!

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Hi Jesse. I don't see mention of which switches are in the buttonplank. I'm rather partial to the Cherry Blues, will there be an option for them? I see mention of "switches quiet enough to use in a meeting" but an option for "switches which give terrific feedback" would be most welcome!

If you have no need for the uTron (can't type a mu in ASCII) in the pile then I would love to adopt it! Considering the price I think that the folks at Geekhack [1] would be most interested in comparing your keyboard to the uTron, the Kinesis, and the Truly Ergonomic. Let me know if you are interested in having me write a review. I can point you to my other Geekhack reviews if you would like.

By the way, I also mod my boards (reduced spring pressure, and even leather keycaps) so I know to appreciate a product made _just the way you like it_.

[1] Keyboard enthusiast website, I'm sure that you've familiar with it.

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Windows Server has been doing this for a while, with some versions coming with full UI and others with just the CLI.

CLI for Windows Server? As in something vaguely resembling SSH? How do I get it?

I administer a bunch of Linux servers, not because I hate Windows but rather because "sudo aptitude update" is so much easier than click-mouse-drag-doubleclick-right-click especially with network lag. If there exists a true SSH replacement for Windows I would love to try it.

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You say it like it's a good thing.. a big country isolated, hated and full of unhappy people. What could go wrong? I live right next door to them, and I'd much rather see them happy and enjoying life, because that way they'd probably be lot less likely to start new conflicts.

I love this comment. This is exactly how myself and most other Israelis feel about Gaza. Too bad that Western media does not portray this about my area or any other conflict zone.

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KeePass. It has strong encryption options, it isn't tied to any site or service, the (encrypted) database can be synced however you want (such as with Dropbox) and used on any devices you want (including phones), it's got all sorts of options for generating passwords, automatically typing them, automatically expiring them, etc., and it's fairly light weight.

Or Lastpass, which doesn't have to be tied to the Lastpass site or service, but if you do opt to use the site or service then you get automatic syncing of the (encrypted) database on any decices you want (including phones).

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by dotancohen (#47455005) Attached to: A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System

Thank you for providing that viewpoint.

The short, short history as I know it. Of course, there is my side of the story, the Arab side of the story, and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

The Jewish people (race and religion, as they were more tightly coupled before Constantine) have lived our entire existence in the land of Judea (since about 1040 BC). We were mostly dispersed by the Romans in 70 AD, but having been trying to return ever since. In the mean time, lots of other peoples have settled here. Most have come and gone (Romans, Byzantine, etc) and as of 1900 AD there were about 94% Muslims, 5% Jews, and a few others in the area. That was the start of the modern Zionist movement, when a series of political events came together and the time was deemed right to stop yearning for a return to Judea and to pack up and go. Nobody really had a problem with this yet: the Ottomans tolerated us and the Europeans were happy to see us go! Arabs and Jews were for the most part friendly, the place was barely populated (well under one million people).

With the fall of the Ottoman empire all the differing groups wanted their own state. Jews were pouring in from Europe, especially after the second great war, and tensions flared between the Jews who considered the land their ancestral homeland and the Muslims who have been living there for as long as they remember. Both have a claim to the land: the Jews have considered the land "theirs" for millennia and in fact it was made clear to them that nowhere else is safe for them (See: holocaust), and the Arabs were already living there.

Both sides tried rewriting history and both committed atrocities. A bunch of disinterested foreigners (UN) split up the land between Jews and Arabs: the Jews said thank you and the Arabs said "War!": thus the war that is today known as the War of Independence to me and is known as The Catastrophe to the Arabs. The Jews won that war, and the one after it (1956, started by Britain and France to steal the Suez canal from Egypt) and the one after is (1967, started by Egypt to destroy Israel) and the one after it (1973, started by Egypt and Syria to destroy Israel) and so on.

Just as an aside, with specific regard to Gaza, that area fell from Egyptian hands in 1956 and when that war ended Egypt refused to have it back! There are those (Gazans themselves, mostly) who argue that Gaza was deliberately ignored by Egypt to fester a people of hate to be used as a weapon against Israel. It worked: we were stuck with Gaza which had seen no development for the seven years following the 1948 war. Just look at where it is geographically in Egypt, and understand that Egyptians (yes, I have been to Egypt more than once) don't consider even Sinai to be a part of Egypt Proper just like Americans don't see Guam as part of America Proper. The Egyptian government barely has any control over the area, even today. Gaza especially was completely ungoverned during that (1948-1956) time. Since then, it has only gotten worse.

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