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Comment: Re:huh (Score 1) 102 102

The religious right have firm control of their party.

Not really. They haven't gotten what they want from the party for quite some time. The Neocons are firmly in control these days. They are the ones that put up McCain, then Romney (eviscerating the Ron Paul wing in the process). Oh, they get a lot of play in the MSM (easy targets), but influence in the GOP - not so much.

Comment: Re:Yay! (Score 1) 61 61

What's your bot? (My boys and I are watching the show on ABC.)

What a horrible job they did of putting that show together. Battles are only 3 minutes, but with all the commentary, backgrounders, interviews and fluff, they can only fit FOUR battles into an hour-long show. Worse, they include so much commentary they actually EXCLUDE about 1/2 the battles, and just show a few highlights from some.

Imagine if a network covered the NBA playoffs like that? Producers at ABC certainly showed a lot of incompetence with that show.

Comment: Re: Really ? (Score 2) 253 253

No, we don't. If you don't have the water, or at least the hydrogen and oxygen, you don't have a large body of water to moderate the temperature and host cyanobacteria to create oxygen, which takes hundreds of thousands to millions of years, assuming you have enough bound oxygen to begin with. We don't have the technology. We can't even filter out a little carbon dioxide in our own atmosphere.

Comment: Re:Nope! (Score 1) 394 394

Even if we believed the lunacy that the US put Saddam up to invading Kuwait, why didn't Saddam get the clue to leave when Bush, Sr. massed hundreds of thousands of US troops on his border? Hell, since, according to you Saddam did whatever Bush wanted, why didn't the "This will not stand" speech do the trick?

Comment: Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 246 246

No, she doesn't. He specifically said:

"but she is just not very passionate about coding or IT in general."

So yes, it does look like he's trying to push her. Most women I know take a few months of maternity leave, not a few years, so maybe that is why he is pushing, but he's pushing her in the wrong direction.

Comment: Re:blu ray? (Score 1) 120 120

How is using blu ray cheaper than hard drives?

3 TB will fit on 120 25-GB BD-Rs. At 40 cents each, that's $48 in media costs. If you do like I do and reserve 20% for dvdisaster error-recovery data, you're still only looking at $60.

A 3 TB WD Green will set you back $95. (Want to spring for the NAS-rated Red drives instead? That'll be $119. Their absolute cheapest 3 TB hard drives are a couple of models from Seagate and Toshiba at $90 each.)

Comment: Re:FB hardware may be lucrative... (Score 1) 120 120

The trick is getting BD media into the terabytes and getting it at a price point where it is decently affordable. For example, a 100 GB BDXL disk is $65, but it should be about 10% of that price in order to be a viable backup medium.

My last spindle of 25 GB BD-Rs cost me maybe $0.60 each or so. I could drive down to Fry's right now and pick up a spindle for about $0.80 each. A 4x increase in storage density isn't worth a two-order-of-magnitude increase in price. I would be surprised if Farcebook didn't arrive at the same conclusion.

Going by the numbers from the video in TFA, they're getting over 10k BD-Rs in a rack. While the basic concept isn't new, they appear to have developed it to a considerably higher density.

Comment: Re:Base Stickers??? (Score 1) 831 831

ALL AF bases and the majority of the the other services did away with base stickers several years ago and now everyone in the vehicle over the age of 16 has to display a valid Government issued ID to get on base.

All? I'd swear last time I accompanied my father (retired AF) on base at either Nellis or Wright-Patterson, the skycop just asked for his ID, not mine. It might be different overseas, and it's been different here at various times in the past, but unless they've changed things yet again since this past December, they most likely only care about the driver's ID.

Comment: Re:I'll tell you how- they're turning the internet (Score 1) 194 194

Why so much? Netflix manages it for $8 per month. Nevertheless, people are willing to pay a fair price for a good product. I wouldn't watch Hulu for free, when it was free, because of the commercials. More recently, my roommate decided to pay for Hulu Premium, (or whatever they call it), but after trying it a couple of times, neither of us would watch it, and he eventually cancelled. Here's the deal: Commercials are suppose to equal free TV. But these people want to have their cake, and eat it, too. Unfortunately for them, people now have other choices.

Well your complaints were all about the commercials, which I agree are annoying, and the same reason I cancelled my Hulu + subscription. I probably would pay more for it without the ads, though. I watch Netflix frequently, it has lots of good content, but the selling point for Hulu is you keep current with shows. It had enough current content it could have actually replaced 95% of my TV watching (only exception off the top of my head being the local morning news).

The ads on Hulu were actually MORE annoying than regular TV, since I could always fast-forward through those (an option Hulu does not support).

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