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Comment Re:How to stop the losses (Score 1) 232

They could also just charge $10k more per vehicle and they'd be making a profit. It should be achievable, since the only people who buy their cars are rich fools who don't care about economics and want to make a statement about how supposedly "green" they are. These people have another $10k in their pocket.

Comment Re:The country is as good as dead (Score 1) 485

They utterly failed to negotiate and in 6 months have barely managed to govern at all as all the time is spent negotiating.

... and destroyed any good will from your creditors, and squandered 25B euros in the past two weeks on this pointless temper tantrum with untold residual damage going forward, and brought in the micromanagement on every bailout cent spent from here on out. Frankly, I think a majority of Europeans would prefer to see a Grexit also. They'd recover from your leaving within weeks. The best plan for any Greek with any willingness to work for a living to to leave Greece immediately.

Comment Re:Nope! (Score 1) 409

Even if we believed the lunacy that the US put Saddam up to invading Kuwait, why didn't Saddam get the clue to leave when Bush, Sr. massed hundreds of thousands of US troops on his border? Hell, since, according to you Saddam did whatever Bush wanted, why didn't the "This will not stand" speech do the trick?

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