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by Citizen of Earth (#47309235) Attached to: China Starts Outsourcing From<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... the US

The world is running out of hellholes that tolerate slave labour

And you're saying that's a bad thing? It tends to point out the complete failure of charity, well-wishing, and flowery language to lift people out of absolute poverty and the massive success of the invisible hand of capitalistic greed accomplishing this social good without even wanting to.

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Gay marriage, abortion,

... CEO pay. It's a stupid and inconsequential wedge issue for leftists like gay marriage is for rightists — "Some people somewhere are consensually doing something that offends my sensitive sensibilities, so it has to stop even though it's a private matter that I have no part in and no business sticking my nose into!"

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by Citizen of Earth (#47174817) Attached to: High Frequency Trading and Finance's Race To Irrelevance
The way I see it, you can eliminate the advantages of HFT while keeping the markets highly responsive by imposing a "clocking" scheme on exchanges. When an order is received by an exchange, it is not executed immediately but stored in a queue to wait for the next clock tick. When that comes, the order queue is shuffled into random order and then executed sequentially. Make the clock ticks wait a random period between 40ms and 50ms and any timing advantage of HFT or geography is nullified. The exchanges are still highly responsive; they just do randomized batch processing. All of the requests they receive in the previous clock period ought to be processed within the new clock period (with perhaps some occasional spill-over, in which case the new clock tick is stretched).

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