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Comment Re:Microsoft will generally not brick your compute (Score 2) 288

You're still free, however, to either put some of the old components back so that that's no longer the case, or boot Linux on the thing instead.

Or buy another Windows license, or call Microsoft and tell them what happened......
There are plenty of options in the Windows case that aren't available in the iOS case.

Comment Re:Will Tizen allow AdBlock ? (Score 1) 153

Windows 10 Mobile does still exist (well, it's technically pre-release right now, but it's easy to get on Windows phones and some even come with it). It's a solid OS that provides a degree of balance between Android and iOS on openness (easy sideloading - easier than Android these days, even - and more permissive than Apple on what an app is allowed to do). There are even new phones with the OS still being announced; it's not as if it's been abandoned.

Its main problem, of course, is application availability. Microsoft (and W10M users) is hoping that developers will embrace the Windows 10 Universal app platform, but Microsoft may ultimately need to complete the work they began to get Android apps working on the platform, which they demonstrated partial support for a few months ago and then removed without further ado.

Comment Good luck with making good... (Score 2) 373

I vaguely remember signing up when I was 19. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that I'm almost 32, have a job, a wife (who has her own job), a child, a dog, two mortgages (we live in one and have a renter in the other), etc., there is pretty much no damned way I'm picking up and moving because of some crap I said on the internet while in college, probably drunk and definitely on anti-depressants. Frankly, I expect there are others just like that.

Additionally, I do believe I had stopped paying for a domain at some point and then lost my password to the website, causing me to re-register. Therefor, they're down at least two "members" just with me, "sorry" to say.

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 319

The USA repeatedly claims the role of 'world police' but most times it invokes isolationist policies and avoids large conflicts.

Usually when Americans use the phrase 'world police' it is in the context of something like, "We are not the world police! We should not get involved!"
Most Americans don't want to get involved, but a lot of Americans are worried things will get worse if we don't (for example, when we didn't get involved in the lead-up to WW2).

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 3, Insightful) 204

Even if Porsche invested a lot of money in self-driving research, they probably wouldn't get it first, or best. They would end up licensing the technology from Google or others.
So might as well save their money and instead focus on their core competency, and if demand for a self-driving Porsche ever arises, license the technology.

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