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Comment And it's a stupid statement (Score 1) 41 41

While the interconnects are certainly a very important part of a supercomptuer, they aren't the hardest part. Building a high performance CPU takes a shit ton of research and infrastructure. The barrier for entry is exceedingly high and takes a long time to spin up. You can see that with China's Longsoon processor which for all the hyped ended up being a license of a MIPS core, built on an old process technology. Building a ton end CPU is just tough stuff.

Of course then there's the other fact that there are plenty of interconnect makers that are not Chinese. The big names in high speed interconnects are Cray (US), IBM (US), and Infiniband (which is made by many companies like Intel and Mellanox). It's not like China has the high speed interconnect market cornered.

Finally there's the silliness of focusing on #1. Yes, they have the #1 computer at the linpack benchmark (which is not good at representing performance in all things). However the US has the #2, 3, 5, 8, and 10. In other words, half of the top 10. The idea that only the top spot matters is very, very silly.

Comment Re:Trading one for the other (Score 3, Interesting) 62 62

Regardless of whether they are starting with open source software, or closed source software........if I ever paid $4.3 billion for some software, I guarantee I would be getting the source for it. If the government pays that much for a system, one of the requirements should be that it ends up open source.

Comment Re:People who like systemd (Score 1) 235 235

That web page is actually a disappointment. It is more like a list of every feature in systemd, as if it's trying to overwhelm you with data. It is highly unlikely that Debian switched because they liked every systemd feature equally, but that web page doesn't make clear which features they liked. Most likely there was a killer feature that made them want systemd.

And that is true, once you start digging in the forums, you find that they didn't like every feature equally, they liked simplicity of writing unit files over init scripts. That was the killer feature.

Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 239 239

china says the spratlys are on ancient chinese maps (as if that's justification, just mapping something). no chinese ever lived there

all that happened is someone drew a nine dotted line on a napkin 70 years ago:

china plays the long game. they're an empire which has expanded and contracted for dozens of centuries. the area russia stole from them has been chinese many centuries more than russian

and is currently oveflowing with chinese:

remember how texas became part of the usa?

china wants resources

china is becoming imperialistic (they are boldly grabbing islands and you're claiming they aren't bold?)

outer manchuria was gobbled from them during the century of humiliation and unequal treaties

so the chinese are on the long view. they're just waiting. when the time comes, they will pounce, and no one will be able to do anything about it

outer manchuria is there's, they are certain of it, and when the time comes, it will be there's again. all it takes is a few more decades of russia continuing to rot economically, socially, and politically as it is, and china to continue to grow economically (and if they have social and political upheaval, then an ultranationalist demagogue may seize control and we'll see this happening sooner)

Comment Re:Free speech zone (Score 1) 235 235

I've already linked to pages explaining these, but you obviously didn't read them.

"Poor understanding of interfaces by the lead developers." - thats a new one - where did you get that from, give us some backup to see what you mean.

This link discusses it

"Poor understanding of portability by the lead developers." - portable to where? its a linux system.

Exactly lol. Linux only. Not portable. This link goes into more detail.

"Scope creep (there is no reason Gnome should depend on systemd)." - thats Gnomes problem, LP issued a library to allow Gnome to avoid using logind but GNOME decided not to use it.

Lennart actively pushed Gnome to use systemd, the forum threads are still available if you want to find them.

only the journal has an element of binary and as a journal, it shits all over syslog/rsyslog with better content.

If the init system dictates what logging system you must use, then that's poor design. Also, corrupt binary logs are harder to read than corrupt text logs.

I think you need to read the Systemd Biggest Myths page.

It's full of self-contradictions. This post addresses the point, quoting Lennart with his own words. The "biggest myths" page is an example of what Karl Marx referred to as the dialectic (which to Marx meant BS, rather than an approach to the truth).

Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 239 239

it won't be a nuclear war

siberia is already overflowing with chinese. china can complain about the poor treatment of minorities

sound familiar?

run it like russia in georgia in ukraine: inflame and create puppet separatist movements

russia can bitch as loudly as it wants that china is behind the whole thing. china can simply say it's a local uprising

if russia tries anything militarily against china itself, muscular china will smack dying russia (this is in 20 years, considering russia's current economic trajectory and china's current economic trajectory)

meanwhile china will have much more money, and simply provide "humanitarian aid" to chinese and other "repressed minorities" in siberia

small weak independent state in siberia will be created, and china will dominate them with money and social influence. no need for actual declared political control

there is no openly declared war of total destruction, so there is no reason to use nukes

Comment Re:i love infrastructure (Score 1) 239 239

you're talking about an openly declared war of total destruction

if russia continues it's economic, political, and social degradation, it will become weak enough that china can free siberia the way texas was carved from mexico: an uprising by locals, controlled by china covertly. buy off corrupt russian officials, provide "humanitarian aid", etc

then there is no war declared and no one for russia to nuke

russia can whine and bitch that china is supporting the whole thing, and china can just say it's a local uprising

if russia attacks china anyway, now muscular china has every right to openly attack dying russia

either way, you absorb the "independent state" later

sounds familiar?

yes, because this is how russia operates in abhakazia (georgian province), eastern ukraine, crimea: inflame, create, and encourage a puppet separatist movement

so what i'd like to see is: in 20-30 years china rushes in to "help" chinese minorities abused by russia

just for the irony

watch russia complain in blind hypocrisy

ukrainians and georgians are nodding their heads knowingly right now

already, chinese minorities in siberia are huge and a worry for moscow:

it won't be but 10-20 years before the chinese are running siberia by economic and social fiat, undeclared, informally, if not officially politically, with russia's weak economy and small population. the actual political control can come later, even much later

siberia breaks from moscow with chinese covert encouragement, just like russia in ukraine and georgia today, and china runs siberia as small weak puppet states

Comment Re:Free speech zone (Score 2) 235 235

There are actual good technical reasons why systemd is made like it is and why systemd-logind is part of the systemd project.

There are no good technical reasons. Having a window manager depend on a particular startup manager is poor design, there's no way around that.

You are misinformed. CK2 and systemd-shim are alternative implementations of the systemd-logind API (or at least the subset of the API Gnome/KDE actually need).

I discuss that here. If you think I am misinformed, I will look into it more deeply.

Comment Re: Startup management subsystem (Score 1) 235 235

Somewhere he expanded his answer (I can't find where) to say that, "people are using it, so it must have features people want." He doesn't like what he's seen of it, but he understands that it fills a use case people have. That's why he won't completely diss it.

Comment Re:People who like systemd (Score 2) 235 235

"The distros are using systemd because it makes writing startup scripts easier. They take up fewer lines. That's about it. It has nothing to do with DevOps." - you mean configuration files, not startup scripts. That may or may not be the distros reasons for it but i doubt it. I'm sure they have the staff capable of taking a bash script, copying it and changing a line or two in it for it to work in sysvinit if they wished to,

That is the reason Debian adopted systemd. You don't have to doubt, they've been public about their decision: it makes writing init files easier. I've written at length on this topic.

Comment Re:Free speech zone (Score 1) 235 235

Yes it does. You can't separate logind from systemd (although that would be good software engineering, if they were separable). The systemd-logind API is deeply integrated into systemd. It shouldn't be, but it is.

The problem seems to be that the systemd-opponents really don't understand how Open Source software works and being developed, something that requires coordination, and positive contributions with either code, documentation, or money.

The problem seems to be that you didn't read any of my posts that I linked to earlier. From what you've written, it doesn't even seem like you understand systemd very well. Yet somehow you are a huge proponent of systemd. I don't know. What do you like about it? That's a serious question.

Comment Re: Startup management subsystem (Score 2) 235 235

Here is what Linus himself had to say about it:

"I don't actually have any particularly strong opinions on systemd itself. I've had issues with some of the core developers that I think are much too cavalier about bugs and compatibility, and I think some of the design details are insane (I dislike the binary logs, for example), but those are details, not big issues."

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