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Comment Re:Obvious reason... (Score 1) 138

Because then it would be trivial for you to also read books that you *didn't* get from Amazon. And we can't have that, now can we?

No, not for a $50 device that they are probably taking a loss on. It sounds like you think you are either entitled to take advantage of them, or else are smarter than them. You want a general use device? Pay for it. You have 100GB of books? Unless you are a public library, the odds are that they are pirated. I'm not defending the current corporate owned cultural system that we have gotten ourselves into, but yeah. They locked out the card. Go buy an iPad.

Comment How many were drunk or drugged up (Score 1) 278

San Francisco has a bizarre attitude about treating its homeless drunks and drug addicts like tourist attractions. You have to see it to believe it. If a homeless person is sitting in the middle of the street, the police will not move them. They are given blankets and clothes regularly, so of course more and more make their way into the city. I'm not saying some compassion is not required to help these people, but SF's treatment of them is absurd and only compounds the problem.

Comment Re:Blacksmith/Welder not Engineer ... (Score 2) 143

Yep, it's an awesome improvised hack. I'm a WW2 history aficionado, so of course I'd heard about this before.

For all the unbelievably thorough preparations made for the allied invasion, historians and laypersons alike have always found it fascinating or puzzling that apparently no thought was given to the potential tactical disadvantages the bocage (hedgerows) would have on the allied advance, or how the allies might try to cope with it.

That's because they weren't supposed to go through the hedgerow terrain. When Montgomery failed to take Caan on the first or second day, the entire operation had to be modified, and the breakout was changed to the boccaged west instead of the east, which was excellent flat tank terrain.

Comment Re:Oh dear god no ... (Score 2) 143

Are they seriously thinking about a scheme in which your device is like needing to have virtual memory? And your device has to "page out" parts of it?

So basically they're morons who think everybody has unlimited data and they can keep re-downloading the same shit all the time?

What a stupid damned feature.

Please reread the feature. I do not think you are understanding what they are trying to do, which actually does make some sense. Although it is a pretty lame excuse to keep selling a phone with 16GB.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 618

Someone should have leaked this a looong time ago. Perhaps some dev, why not.
  Hell it would have saved VW a lot of money! Think about recalling 1mln cars instead of 11mln!

The long term "health" of a company doesn't matter to upper management any more. The people who pulled this off may have cashed in and moved on already. Why would they care if VW disintegrates now? They made their bank.

Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 1) 618

You get fired now, or you implement something dubious - what do you choose?

You get fired. Then you sue for wrongful termination.

And how exactly are you paying the rent, not to mention the lawyers? It's pretty hard to get hired anywhere when you are in the midst of suing your old employer.

Comment Re:Stealing? (Score 2) 241

I see them as no different than if the ads played before movies started showing up on the side walls of the theater while the movie is playing, and sometimes in the middle of the screen while the movie is still playing.

Seriously? Are people so complacent that they don't even recognize product placement in movies when they see it any more? Go watch Repoman, and you'll see what a shock it is to NOT have product placement.

Comment One Source (Score 2, Informative) 99

At one time the open software community was proud of porting their software to every hardware platform. Now people don't even know or care that there are alternatives to x86/x64 architecture. Nor do they know about the days when hardware shipped crippled, unless you paid the upgrade cost to remove a jumper. I fear that those days are returning.

Comment Re:If I had a child now (Score 4, Insightful) 657

I would home school him or her.

Not because I don't want them to learn about evolution

Not because I think Jeebuz thinks the road to hell is paved with Global warming or that that allow gay kids in school.

It would be because School administrators are stupid reactionary fuckwads who can't tell the difference between a circuit board and an IED, because little children get arrested for sexual assault for kissing another child, because now that police are patrolling the schools, causing little kids getting arrested for resisting arrest and assault felonies and a million other stupid things.

The solution is homeschooling? I thought it was work with your community to improve your schools so that EVERYONE benefits. We've become a society of not only "me first," but "only I matter."

Comment Advanced? (Score 1) 365

What's hilarious is that we automatically assume that we are an example of an advanced civilization. Maybe we are on the "barely-hatched" end of the scale, and the rest of the universe moved past us aeons ago. What we are trying to find are "similar" civilizations, that are in the same 100-1000 years of the technological scale that we are. I don't find it hard to believe that such civilizations are rare, since its such a tiny timeframe, universally speaking.

Comment Other Coin (Score 1) 173

I have a long history here of shouting down the anti-feminists on this forum, especially those that summarily discount complaints of discrimination as being whiny. However in this case, that bitch is crazy. One of the few things I hate worse than a chauvinist is a narcissistic sociopath, of any gender.

Comment Re:I run The Wikipedia Library Program: This is wh (Score 1) 125

--Jake Orlowitz, The Wikipedia Library (jorlowitz@wikimedia.org, @WikiLibrary)

So Jake, one question. Who was paid off? Who is it that is cashing in on million of hours of other people's effort? I suspect whoever it is will be quitting next year and getting a VP position at Elsevier.

Comment Re:No escape (Score 1) 381

One only has to look at the TV to see that serious democracy no longer exists, that we have moved from a covert to an overt surveillance state and that you are asking for a way out of the new world order.

And worse, people seems to have forgotten, or else too young to understand, that things were VERY different for 200 years. I put the beginning of the end with the administration of Reagan. W just finalized the work started in the age of the "moral majority" and the "war on drugs." Of course others may put it further back with McCarthy and the Red Scare.

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