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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 229

I take it you have not used Mono in some time. It's gotten much better in the past couple years. I've worked on many .NET projects over the years. I haven't really found any major "standard" libraries that are missing in Mono as you claim. Mono has got all of the System, IO, XML, Regex, and even Linq stuff. For web, I do all my work in Visual Studio on a Windows machine and run both in .NET and Mono. I do run into small issues or bugs when working with Mono from time to time but it's really better than the alternative for web right now.

Comment Re:Java (Score 1, Informative) 229

C# is an open standard which anyone is free to use. A number of the libraries in Mono are also based on open standards. .NET MVC is MS-PL.

I don't know right now exactly what tech Microsoft has patented, but it's not in their best interest right now to destroy Mono. MVC + Mono + Linux is really the best option for enterprise web right now in my opinion. JSP never really was all it was cracked up to be. MVC ain't perfect, but it's usable.

Comment Really? (Score 3, Informative) 229

Gosling is pretty detached from reality and he says a lot of crazy stuff. I can see why he left Oracle (or was forced out). Remember what he said about C#? C# is a very sucessful language and in some areas, more sucessful than Java. Gosling on C#:

We were panicked about C# a while ago. And we've gotten somewhat more relaxed about it. It's certainly something to be concerned about, given the amount of resources Microsoft can bring to bear. But I've had conversations with developers. It has not been that big an issue with developers. It's actually been much more a public relations issue than a reality issue. Read more:

Comment $39 Million (Score 1) 98

What I wonder is couldn't they have put something effective together for less than $39 million? It seems like a ton of money. ebooks seem like such a waste too if you need a reader to read them and cost the same as a regular book. Books are easy and you don't need batteries or an e-reader to view them. There is something satisfying about coming home from the library with a stack full of books. Ahhh, I can almost smell that old book smell now.

Comment Re:What OS was that? (Score 2) 240

I've written software for CNC machines that use either Fanuc or Seimens controllers. The controller part of the system talks to another Linux system on the machine that is in charge of executing G-code and interfacing directly with the machine. All the controller really does is create the program and pass it off to the Linux system. It's easy to understand though why this software is written for Windows. The first controllers had completely custom software, then switched to DOS because it was easier, then Windows because it was a natural step from DOS. With machines like this, there is often a few different pieces of software an operator will run to cut different types of parts.

Comment Subject of Facebook Message (Score 5, Informative) 365

Rosario Rodriguez said her daughter, Araceli Beas, posted that she needed to go to the gym as she sat in her car while waiting for it to warm up outside her boyfriend’s home near East 80th Street and South Commercial Avenue last Dec. 27.,0,4906576.story

Comment Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (Score 2) 1276

The sad thing is that most of the viewers are going to believe this stuff. Is so much easier to just take something verbatim rather than question it.

Jared Cohen works for Google and is inciting revolutions, therefore Google must be in bed with the government.

His argument makes no sense.

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