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Comment Re:It's a wider issue (Score 1) 84

As for Sony, to me it is inexcusable. I am under no obligation to be a mainstream user. The fact is, I bought a product for its feature set. If it now doesn't have some of those features, I no longer have what I paid for. The judge must be smoking crack IMHO.

Another example that comes to mind is VW diesels. Bringing them into emissions compliance by software update will reduce performance or mileage. The fact is that the cars were defective and if the defect can't be cured without degrading the specs, the buyers are owed compensation for degraded value.

Comment Nafta 20 years later (Score 1) 135

If laws can drive industry away, they can keep it around too.

There is little evidence for that. [...] Do you think America would be richer if we produced more t-shirts and fewer aircraft and CPUs?

About 20 years ago when the original NAFTA and its ilk came into being, people complained about exactly this issue. The meme of the day was "a giant sucking sound" as jobs and manufactured goods went South to Mexico.

The non-governmental economists claimed that wages would stagnate.

The government economists responded by saying that wages would stagnate, but the markets would be flooded with cheaper goods, so overall purchasing power would increase.

Here we are 20 years later, wages have stagnated for most workers, and there are Chinese dollar stores everywhere.

It's exactly as the economists predicted.

Do you still like your free trade?

Comment Saner vote (Score 1) 517

Trump is winning out because the saner vote is still split.

Saner vote?

Stop insulting us and start addressing the issues. Insulting people is the sure way to get them to dig in their heels.

Trump is winning because the people want him.

In fact, the only ones who don't like Trump are the elites: talking heads, mainstream media, big corporations, and so on. The "establishment". The Republican side is starting to be completely open in their dislike for him.

The Koch brothers started a super pac specifically to combat Trump. A direct quote from Charles Koch about the Republican primary:

"You’d think we could have more influence"

Here on Slashdot, for the last 16 years we've bemoaned the corruption in politics, how campaign money from corporate interests gives us politicians who are for corporations and against the people.

And when someone who runs without taking money from corporations, their response is: "Anyone except HIM!!!"

(A relevant recent political cartoon)

The current hate dejour is "he's not very presidential". As if leading us into war under false pretenses, ordering an American killed using a secret law, or lying about having sex in the oval office is completely unimportant.


If this keeps up, we're going to get the president we deserve, not the president we need.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 559

What progress? It's a gimmick.

If you want progress, go with a simple rotary switch that doesn't take up the whole center console or fool people into operating it incorrectly.. If you want all electronic but maintaining a familiar look and feel, go with a multi-position switch actuated by a gear lever with stiff dentents.

Comment Good and evil (Score 4, Insightful) 185

Republicans reject it before it even comes out and refuse to read it.

Because "Obama"

Oh, be fair now...

Remember that Obamacare website? How high quality was that?

How about Obamacare itself? Did cementing health insurance companies into federal law fix any problems?

How about closing Gitmo? How did that work out?

Hell, how about his stance on telecom immunity? How's that working out for us?

Or making up new immigration law by executive order?

Or ordering the assassination of a US citizen? (With no trial, and by authority of a secret law.)

Really. If you want to blame gridlock on the merits of the situation, then do so.

Otherwise, to the casual observer it would appear that "because Obama" is a perfectly valid reason to oppose something.

Because, you know, "good and evil".

Submission + - Sen. Blumenthal demands lifting of IT 'gag' order (

dcblogs writes: U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the layoff and replacement of IT workers by foreign workers at a state energy utility. But he is also demanding that the utility, Eversource Energy, drop a particularly restrictive non-disparagement clause that laid off employees had to sign to receive their severance. This clause bars discussion "that would tend to disparage or discredit" the utility. [emphasis added] He wants the employees, who had to train foreign replacements, to be able to state "honestly what happened to them."

Comment Re:What about LGPL dynamic linking compliance?! (Score 2) 151

It isn't a problem, and the installer need take no special measures. The system's loader restricts the search path for dynamic libraries when it's running with elevated privileges so you don't accidentally run an infected library in some random location (for example, the download directory).

There are also techniques available to load libraries from a specific path after the program starts rather than at load time. You can use that to choose a specific full path to the exact library you want to load and it still counts as dynamic linking.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 4, Insightful) 216

"That means operating the hyperloop would require less total energy expenditure than operating an air plane"

Besides the energy needed to ,you know, *build* the entire infrastructure... Which wears out, as opposed to air.

And why do you call it an "air plane" in two words? Are you posting from the 19th century?

The estimated cost of the hyperloop is between $6 and $8 billion.

The cost to build one terminal in a big city airport is in the neighborhood of $2 billion (terminal 4 at JFK, in today's dollars). And the hyperloop would replace two ends, so double that to $4 billion.

So as a quick estimate you could build the hyperloop and replace the functionality of 2 terminals and it would cost roughly twice as much.

It would also use much less land (no runways needed), and could terminate in the middle of a city a'la Grand central station.

You could move twice as many people, lots more freight, and at the same time spend less on energy, use less land, make less pollution, have less noise pollution, and be safer.

It's not quite as cut-and-dried as your out-of-context note would indicate.

Comment Fear not for your batteries! (Score 4, Informative) 216

How much does the battery cost to replace?

Or is the battery non-expendable?

This is what a special-interest framing argument looks like. It puts the question into the reader's mind, and without context (and noting that most readers don't take the time to think about things) it makes it seem like an insurmountable problem.

(Viz: "Ted Cruze's Canadian birth will be a problem for him, I'm just 'sayin".)

Tesla is addressing the battery issue directly, with a buy-back program.

Also note that Lithium batteries have an exponential usage lifetime ('sorta), which means that once you've depleted your battery to 90% of it's capacity, it'll stay at that level for a long time.

Also also note that a battery which is taken out of service will still have 85% of it's charge capacity for a really long time, and there are a lot of uses for such storage. A factory building filled with old Tesla batteries could help smooth out electrical grid demand - supplying power during peak times, and recharging at night.

(Put that building full of batteries next to a wind farm, or inside the industrial area of a large city.)

Again, the batteries will keep 85% of their capacity for a long time, and if the application doesn't care much about space or weight, this makes a good use for older batteries.

Also, no one has even begun thinking about recycling the batteries. Ten years from now we might start thinking about reforming batteries, and making removable/reusable cases with the option to recycle the lithium inside. Like we now do with lead.

And finally, all of this information is just a click away using this neat new service called "Google".

Implanting doubts, uncertainty, and fear in the minds of readers is so much harder nowadays.

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