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by denobug (#46758855) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

I like the UK system - if you're an employee and you're happy with the tax your employer has withheld on your behalf, you don't have to do anything. You get a statement at the end of the year telling you how much you've been paid and how much tax has been withheld - if you think they've got it wrong, or you want to claim deductions, you file a tax return saying so.

We could do this in the US. By could I mean, if we changed tax regulations -- the system is mostly in place already. Wage income is deducted "pay-as-you-go" here, too. All of my interest, dividends and gains were already reported (but not deducted) by the entities that paid them. The IRS could have just sent me a bill for that with what they already know. Most of the data I put on my 1040 is redundant for the IRS. The biggest impediment -- other than changing the law -- would be that not claiming all your deductions could result in paying far more than you really should owe, especially if you have a mortgage, give to charity, or need to report other such deductions.

Wait, you mean we need to SPEND MY TAX DOLLARS to calculate my taxes to for me one time, and then have me back check, and possibly calculated AGAIN with another software, on my own dime?

okay in all jokes aside I think IRS has a fairly big division to audit the top earners in the country. Essentially there are someone in IRS looking over all the reports from Bill Gates, Warren Buffets, and the like, and do their taxes for them, with dedicated systems to back check them, to make sure they are paying the right amount of taxes. You can call it audit, fact-checked, if you want, but at the end of the day someone in our government is doing the work of equivalent of filing their tax form for them.

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What software do you use that adds up all your sales tax, property tax, fuel tax, and all the other taxes plus the fees that are passed on to you that are hidden in the costs of the goods and services you consume?

If you keep all your receipts and have them entered into a financial software then it will spit the appropriate info out for you.

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Not to mention H&R Block made me pick between married/joint or married/separate at the beginning of the process, whereas when I did the calculations with a spreadsheet I could just change that input and see my tax calculated both ways (because either could be better depending on circumstances). H&R Block was able to figure out whether I should take the standard deduction or not; it should have been able to do the same for filing status.

A quick way on H&R Block software is to use the "go to" button to go back to the beginning and change the status. It will show the result on the calculation fairly quickly.

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I'm sure it's included in the price of the computer, much like MS's licenses for crapware are included in Dells and HPs.

The crapware pays for the OS, which is why Linux versions of the same computer often cost more -- they have to make up for the lost crapware revenue. I mean really, cleaning off the crapware is part of the price you pay for a Windows computer.

And for a well-run IT shop the first thing about deployment is to make its own clean image free of all unnecessary software. Same for a well-run shop in education

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The State of Texas will gladly accept Google's proposal to build their next headquarter. We have plenty of land in West Texas in the deserts!!!!

Oh, wait, most people working for Google DON'T WANT TO MOVE TO TEXAS. It is probably a symbol of barbarianism with cowboys and horse wagons with no freeways and tall buildings. I guess the tax incentive won't convince them to move for a variety of reasons. Don't think the 6 percent tax is really that bad for them...

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Shut up Lysander Spooner.

Creating a site with a coherent and congruent purpose for the people using it at least establishes clear compatibility for users going forward. People who agree with the founding principles will want to become involved, and people who don't can GTFO.

And your hyperbolous mythical monsters of bigotry by a majority are extremely unlikely. How many mainstream sites do you know of that are openly racist or misogynist? And I don't mean the sort of soft bigotry of disagreement being pushed as equivalent in academia, I mean hardcore 'minorities are evil' bigotry, since that's what would be predicate to your fantasy scenarios of a white male only power structure.

+ - A Modest Proposal, re: Beta vs. Classic 19

Submitted by unitron
unitron (5733) writes "Dice wants to make money off of what they paid for--the Slashdot name--, or rather they want to make more money off of it than they are making now, and they think the best way to do that is to turn it into SlashingtonPost.

They should take this site and give it a new name. Or get Malda to let them use "Chips & Dips".

Leave everything else intact, archives, user ID database, everything except the name.

Then use the Beta code and start a new site and give it the name, and they can have what they want without the embarrassment of having the current userbase escape from the basement or the attic and offend the sensibilities of the yuppies or hipsters or metrosexuals or whoever it is that they really want for an "audience"."

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Exactly, I've pointed the same things out in every survey, to the feedback mail, etc. etc. Almost everything has been ignored/broken for months. Unless we see a real timeline and real results and not just more of the same "we care, but we're not going to do anything" gloss and bullshit, it's going to be a brief period of gnashing followed by exodus.

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Exactly this. I gave all sorts of detailed, constructive feedback during the early stages, and then nothing happened. I'm sure I'm not the only one, because for all its faults, the /. community is much more intelligent and helpful than the average gaggle of facebook rejects on blog posts using the ubiquitous Disqus. Indeed, I've met a lot of Slashdotters at the anniversary parties, and you can tell they're a different lot, inheritors of the spirit of the early internet from before Endless September.

I don't need an Engadget clone, especially since I almost never go there either anymore (coincidentally they became shitty after being bought be AOL, pattern much?). I've seen several people talk about starting spiritual /. successors, and some are taking action.

I suppose this was all inevitable. It's just sad to see one of the pillars of the internet finally start falling after more than fifteen years. I've been reading /. since it was featured in some brief minute long segment on ZDTV when I was in high school. If I'd registered back then I'd probably have a four or five digit UID, but I didn't like registering for anything I didn't have to and didn't bother until it was necessary for the 10 year anniversary parties. Oh well, now UIDs aren't going to mean shit, so I guess I won in the end? Yay? Ugh.

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