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Submission + - Ray Ozzie to Step Down from His Role at Microsoft->

denobug writes: Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architec of Microsoft, is stepping down. He is to remain with Microsoft until he retires focusing his efforts "in the broader area of entertainment where Microsoft has many ongoing investments", based on memo from Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. Also according to Steve's memo the role of CSA was unique and it will not be filled.

Additional link containing the full memo can be found here:

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Submission + - Major ISPs Seek Lower Broadband Definition

denobug writes: The Major Ineternet Service Providers in United States seeks to define the term "Broadband" at a much lower speed than the other developed nations. Since I do not belong to any major communication workgroup by trade, besides in IEEE, which are guarenteed not to have opposing opinions with the telecomm giant on this issue, where can we go to make the pitch to have a higher bandwidth for our already over-priced Internet Service? Better still what is you, the Slashdotters' opinion on this? Do you think the current average individual bandwidth of 1.5Mbps downstream and 0.75Mbps sufficient for the forseeable future?

Submission + - $81 Billion Dollar Gas Tab->

denobug writes: Ever wonder how expansive a tank of gas would cost you? How about 81 billion dollars! Juan Zamora had his PayPal debit card maxed out after a routine gas fill up, only to find his debit card is maxed out and the transaction cost him $81,400,836,908 dollard. "'That's a B, as in billions!' Zamora wrote in an e-mail to the Herald on Wednesday." Make me wonder whether the glitch is the debit card transaction system or in PayPal's system.
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