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Comment: Re:Action movies are boring. (Score 2) 327

One of them would be the Borg...
The Borg (sounds Swedish) didn't see themselves as evil or believe that their mission was unjust. They wanted to add other civilizations to their own, making both sides better. The Borg did not have the problems most civilizations have such as crime, starvation, jealousy, etc. Who wouldn't want that?

Another good example is the Emperor...
The Emperor wanted to bring order to a chaotic galaxy. Sometimes, the only way is with an iron fist.

The Reapers is one more...
Reapers were changed against their will. What they became was not their fault.

Any position can change depending on the perspective. People... or cyborgs... don't see themselves as evil They are doing what they think is best, twisted as it may be.

Comment: Re:It's ok to break the law.. (Score 1) 204

by Oligonicella (#48648715) Attached to: Judge: It's OK For Cops To Create Fake Instagram Accounts
Agreed They've chosen atheism and then proceeded to remain ignorant about religions for the rest of their lives. Yet if a Christian (his target group and, to GP, it's derived from a proper name you moron, capitalize it) says something untrue about atheism, they'll be hopping in place with their little fingers pointing in accusation and yelling about indoctrination and brainwashing.

Comment: Re:Not seeing the issue here (Score 1) 204

by Oligonicella (#48648639) Attached to: Judge: It's OK For Cops To Create Fake Instagram Accounts
"Far too many of them". Nice and vague. It's also the kind of phrase that can be used against any statistic except perfection. "We only found one half of one percent fit that definition." "That's far too many."

"Most of" the cops I know are decent and honest men who want to guard their communities. There, your vagueness only supported by personal assertion has been countered by mine.

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