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Comment: Re:Subsidized? (Score 1) 254

by Mashiki (#49184241) Attached to: The US's First Offshore Wind Farm Will Cut Local Power Prices By 40%

A few times we've hit 15% generation by wind here in Ontario, most of the time it's 3-5% you can go weeks without any wind at all here. Solar is well crap, complete crap, even here in the summer even with the massive number of installs it's rare if it breaks 1%. Nuclear makes up between 60-75% of total daily generation as well.

Hell they threw such a fit over the waste-to-energy plant in London, Ontario back 20 odd years ago because "that was too expensive" as well. Never mind that it was generating electricity at 5c/ the hell that's expensive beats me.

Though I see some greenie has thrown a hissy fit and modded comments down because they don't like facts.

Comment: Re:Subsidized? (Score 0) 254

by Mashiki (#49179369) Attached to: The US's First Offshore Wind Farm Will Cut Local Power Prices By 40%

It can't compete with anything, though it's not nearly as bad as solar. In Ontario the Feed in tariff for wind is 30-60c/kwh, solar hits as high as 80c/kwh. Compared to hydro-electric 2c/kwh, nuclear 5c/kwh and NG 7c/kwh, there's no way to get that lower either, but I agree that it should be reduced to zero. The tech can sink or swim on it's own, and right now it's driving up electricity rates so fast that businesses are leaving and so are people and moving to where it's cheaper to live. We're still on track for the most expensive electricity in north america. Next year will tell for sure though.

Of course in many greenies handbooks this is a-okay. After all, they seem to want to bankrupt people and drive everyone into poverty for "feel good projects."

Comment: Great... (Score 3, Interesting) 199

These are the same fucking retards that can't even properly secure evidence when Wynns government decided to violate the data protection laws and deleted not only primary, but backup data when there was a standing warrant regarding to the massive scandal relating to the gas plants. You'll have to excuse me if I don't have any faith in the information provided at all. Hell, their general force is in 80/90's era computer technology.

What's gonna get good is that they pulled a blanket seizure with a warrant that was for specific data. That's a no-no guys, the judge stated one thing you stupid idjits did something else. I'm going to hazard it'll get to court and the entire thing will be thrown out because they overstepped the bounds of the original seizure warrant.

Comment: Re:Short answer ... (Score 3, Insightful) 18

by Mashiki (#49166417) Attached to: Secret Memo Slams Canadian Police On Inaccurate ISP Request Records

The RCMP have a lot of problems, this, the officers lying over the tasering in BC. High River(illegal gun seizures), and so on. Some of the major problems stem from the fact that there are no career officers in positions of power and they're all political appointees. Yeah, figure that one out. How does someone become chief of a service without ever having served on it. It's better in a lot of the smaller services here in Canada, where services acts require someone from the service before they can be a chief.

The RCMP can be fixed, if they start pulling out all the political bullshit. The vast majority of police services in Canada work as a bottom to top organization. Meaning the guy at the bottom, gets a problem and decides how to fix it on their own without someone over his shoulder to figure it out or telling him to "bend the rules to make it happen." Services like the RCMP(federal police), OPP(Ontario Provincial), SQ(Quebec Provincial) operate as "top down" meaning there's someone staring over you shoulder, and breathing down your neck while telling you to "do this or else." Now I'm sure you're thinking, but why don't they stand up...some do. And they're quickly drummed out for not following the procedures which is a offence you can be canned for in many cases.

The vast majority here in Canada do follow the rules. Said rules are enforced and have oversight by independent investigation boards made up of ex-police and civilians. And then there's a local police oversight board that anyone can apply to become a member of in many cases. In Ontario for instance, anyone can become a member of the oversight board it doesn't matter who you are--you can apply. The RCMP though doesn't have either, it has, as said that lovely top-down approach.

Now as for the laws here in Canada, the police generally don't line up and say "we need law xyz" because...reasons...usually in Canada laws such as that are based on something happening in society that requires it. And should that be an overstep, then it'll end up before the Supreme Court and will or won't be struck down. A few examples: RIDE programs are a violation in Canada of unlawful search. It was however ruled that it's a reasonable exception under S.1 of the charter because of the needs weighted against society. On the other hand, we have exigent circumstances(allowing entry/taps/etc w/o warrant). Which was struck down by the Supreme Court as being "a extreme violation of individual rights." That was in reaction to another bill, but said ruling stripped it out of the criminal code itself. Exigent circumstances had been on the books for ~100 years at that point.

Comment: Re:Am I Missing Something? (Score 1) 132

As often as a media happens to fail. That could be DVD's or flash drives, so that's why you download it more than once. I could never see a point in having redundant backups of backups of backups of backups for an OS when the internet exists out there and I can download it. But I do know a few people who do run that way.

Comment: Re:this is one more reason (Score 5, Insightful) 136

by Mashiki (#49156369) Attached to: Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega

Would that also be like the banks refusing to do business with gun and ammo manufactures because...reasons? Or how about the US feds illegally seizing assets from small and medium businesses because "reasons" as well.

This entire thing comes down to one thing, they're attempting to cut off the financial lifeline to his business because they don't like him/it/whatever. Even though the business he's operating is legal.

Comment: Re:Am I Missing Something? (Score 2) 132

by Mashiki (#49150503) Attached to: Microsoft Finally Allows Customers To Legally Download Windows 7 ISOs

DigitalRiver has been providing Win7 since it went live, and is one of the authorized MS sites to download it from. Hell that's where I got my copy from when 7 was released. And when I needed a new copy, a couple of years ago to toss on a flash drive I also got it there. Now I just wish they'd put WinXP up someplace easier to find it from. I still rarely need it for air-gapped machines when something breaks and a reinstall is required.

Comment: Re:Get ready for metered service (Score 1) 631

by Mashiki (#49142091) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

You're right. At my place in Florida I can choose between 8 different companies to buy from, I currently buy from WREC which is a coop. So can my sister in Alberta there are 5 different companies, she currently buys from the local coal mine which charges 3c/kwh less than anyone else in the province. I live in Ontario, so I have one choice and they tell me how "great and cheap" it is.

Comment: Re: Reddit sure loves it's free speech. (Score 2) 309

by Mashiki (#49135591) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

You mean, the way that they go out of their way to ban people who disagree with them? That's reddits censorship, there's a reason why places like voat are becoming more popular, and reddit even went out of their way to take over the /r/voat and /r/metaredditcancer shadowbanned all the mods, and took them over. That all started over this comment here. And of course we can't forget the thread on /r/games that had 25k deleted comments either, and the majority of people were shadowbanned from that one too, that was a thread on TB relating to the incestuous relationship indie developers have with some game journos.

Comment: Re:verified (Score 1) 309

by Mashiki (#49135577) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

Uh wat?

1) Censorship doesn't apply to just government. If you think it does, then you've never heard or seen self-censorship in action. Especially when someone says something you don't like and are then jumped on by people who get their feelings hurt over it.
2) So, they know that there's actual abuse? Or they're simply going on based by the feelings of people.
3) This isn't the first time reddit has done something like this either, they recently went after kotakuinaction for their boycott of the day, banning them from posting contact information which is public. At the same time, they(admins) were running their own stop something or other campaign with exactly the same type of contact information posted in exactly the same manner.

Reddit has a very selective enforcement policy, and that policy boils down to "freedom of speech, as long as we agree with it." Which of course is funny considering how it was founded on a anti-censorship platform. Then again, they just finished relocating to San Francisco, which is a hub of "feels over reality" hugbox.

Comment: Re:Irony (Score 0) 317

by Mashiki (#49124833) Attached to: FedEx Won't Ship DIY Gunsmithing Machine

Really? So businesses don't have the right to refuse to serve people based on their own views. So isn't that what Fedex is doing now. With of course a threat apparently from the government overhead....OH WAIT...that's exactly what the government is doing to people who refuse to do business with people they don't want to because of personal views as well. Seems to me, that in both cases the government is the problem here.

How many QA engineers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 3: 1 to screw it in and 2 to say "I told you so" when it doesn't work.