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Comment Re:Sounds impressive, but is it? (Score 1) 82 82

- that would suggest that their cost of goods and operating expenses are negative.

Sounds about right, gotta remember that they've had some massively bad quarters and several years and they're still paying off their loans to other parties(not the government ones).

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 315 315

And a lot of "your driver stopped responding so we turned it off, then back on again."

That's the infamous nvidia TDR problem, and has been plaguing their drivers and cards since the very early R.208.xx series drivers. Said TDR problem has been so bad that ~4 years ago they were paying to ship PC's to California for testing to determine the cause of it. It's been on-going since 2008 and they haven't fixed it, or have been working on 'trying to fix it' since then.

The last time nvidia fixed it in mid 2011, it was due to the cards throttling the core voltage down to control the amount of heat being generated. This caused problems in a lot of cards, especially cards which had flaky GPU's that didn't handle voltages well. Well it was fixed for all of about one driver release then it was right back to where it was again.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 244 244

So you're saying that not having the required $6m in liability, and have different and higher driver testing requirements is a bad thing? You're making the assumption that "it's a good thing we generally follow the rule of law in Canada" in my statement. Assumptions are never good.

Comment Re:Can't be true (Score 5, Informative) 173 173

My cousin and her C/L partner run a bee "farm" here in Ontario, over the last 4 years they lost 60% of their hives. This year they had a massive rebound in the numbers of bees, and have been hive splitting like crazy. In nearly all the hives that were wiped out it was either parasites, fungus, or a combination of the two. Their theory? Honey Bee monoculture, and that's a serious problem.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 244 244

When Uber decides that it's xyz instead of abc, but uses existing laws to apply to abc, and ignore other laws like chauffeurs licenses and minimum mandatory insurance requirements they are indeed trying to determine which laws are good and bad.

I suppose it's a good thing in Canada we generally follow the rule of law. You guys in the US really have begun to swing to mob rule, and demanding laws based on feelings.

Comment Re:No nuance allowed. You're for us or against us. (Score 1) 550 550

I guess that's why /r/kotakuinaction has more page views every month, usually in the 600k-700k range and climbing. That's why they've done numerous things, including funding feminist causes. And that's why developers and even hollywood stars that actually look into agree with it right?

If you get all your news from one place, you're living in a tasty world of group think. And of course, whenever one of these people come out pro-GG, the first thing that happens is the SJW crowd starts harassing them, and threatening to kill/rape/murder them. Such loving people right?

Comment Re:No nuance allowed. You're for us or against us. (Score 1) 550 550

So what part of the "insane screed" agaisnt Zoe Quinn are you claiming was untrue? And on what evidence?

There's nothing that's untrue that's the thing. The post written by Eron has screenshots, evidence, proof, that Zoe Quinn was an abusive and lying scumbag. And if the the roles had been revered people would have been cheering for her.

Comment Re:No nuance allowed. You're for us or against us. (Score 1) 550 550

I guess that's why there was the DMCA pulldown of Mundane Matt's video, and why a thread with 20k replies in /r/gaming disappeared. Why according to the modleaks logs that several subs were actively banning people who were talking about it, and why GameJournoPros(a clique of writers), went out of their way to spin positive coverage for her, and even lavish her with gifts right?

The 'games media' didn't want to do anything with it, because it showed their own corruption. Nothing more, nothing less. There are numerous cases at game sites were authors were caught either shilling for people they know without disclosure, or actively screwing/shacked-up with someone in a PR company and spinning stuff in a positive light. It was bad enough at IGN that the guy who was writing about Ubisoft(he was shacked up with their PR person), had all of their articles pulled.

You can check through or the timeline. Fair warning, there is a lot of reading material.

Comment Re:This is a joke, right? (Score 1) 550 550

when the heck were there ethics in game journalism? Way back when, I looked for some and didn't find any.

Late 90's and early 00's when the guys who said fuck you to the magazine industry for the same shit started out. Then they decided ~6 years later the clickbait would be okay, and it continued the downhill spiral. Even the owner of Destructoid understands where Gamergate is coming from.

Comment Re:This is funny. (Score 2) 550 550

Yep, I can see that. What the hell happened to you, Slashdot? I leave for a couple years, 'cause I've been busy, and now you're giving this opportunist a Q&A? Not only that, but throwing her softball questions so she can push her professional victim schtick, and downvoting people who point this out?

Simple, they got sold off to an advertising company, that also mets out a job search site and they tossed their lot in with the social justice crowd because "outrage sells."

Comment Re:Ad blocking? (Score 1) 132 132

I think the best ads are the native ads--that is, ads that resemble content, but are clearly marked as ads. Digg is currently the best example of this. There's one story box dedicated to an ad. It's easy to find, so it's easy to ignore

A lot of companies have recently tried pushing that as news stories and not labeling them, it took Gamergate informing the FTC and the FTC updating and perusing action against companies for doing it. Native ads? It's a way to make ads looks like news, and companies like Gakwer, Kotaku, et al., just got slapped down hard for it.

Then again I don't actually shop by ads, when I need something for a particular job I'm more likely to ask people who are ahead of me in the industry what they'd suggest, then I go research the products in question.

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