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Comment: Re:Why should Lenovo support their main competitor (Score 1) 125

Actually Apple is the only company that makes a trackpad that isn't garbage. Nothing else is even close. And apple keyboards are great. And this is from a guy who uses a RealForce topre keyboard at home and a Cherry (Brand) with red switches at work. I type in the 120-130 wpm range and as far as laptop keyboards go, Apple makes a really great keyboard for a 13" laptop. The key travel and rebound is great, and the keys are pretty accepting off off center strikes.

Comment: Re: Why should Lenovo support their main competito (Score 1) 125

Uh, it has multiple ethernet ports? I have a usb ethernet adapter that I bought, like an idiot apparently, because I've never used it. And it's a 2010 that still works perfectly. I keep hoping it will break because I want to buy a new one with a backlit keyboard but the damn thing just wont quit. It literally looks like the day I bought the damn thing. Just upgraded to mavericks and it runs like a champ.

Comment: Re:Why should Lenovo support their main competitor (Score 1) 125

Macbook display quality is about a thousand times better, and there's literally no comparison in the trackpads and keyboards either. What you have is a vastly inferior Macbook Air,, but at a great price. I'm sure for the money it's a great little laptop, but the Air is a far superior machine.

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I should hope that if somebody in (say) the UK ripped off a few thousand Russian pensioners over the internet, that the Russians could have him handed over (and thrown in Russian PMITA prison) quickly.

I would support this 100%. You go to Russia and commit a crime then Russia has every right to prosecute you for it.

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by jon3k (#47212057) Attached to: Docker 1.0 Released

The quality of comments on are are further proof of how far downhill /. has fallen. It's just depressing.

Ironically, this is exactly what your post made me think. It's 2014 and someone on Slashdot is asking what the performance and security considerations of virtualization are? Really? Every one of your questions is answered within about 30 seconds of Googling and reading.

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