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Comment Re:Cheap you say? (Score 2, Informative) 118

This might not apply to you, but thought I'd share it, because it's a common misconception. So here's my computer right now. Notice the yellow arrow? Looks like I'm only using half of my 16GB of memory right? Now, notice the blue arrow? That's the total actually available memory. The rest is currently in use as cache. The reason windows shows it as free is because it could be freed if something actually needed to use it.

Worth mentioning, the only thing I have open in that screenshot is Chrome with ~20 tabs. Point being, a lot of people see memory usage below 100% and assume the memory isn't being used by the OS. The reality is, more memory might actually improve performance significantly even though you're not "using" 100% of your system's memory.

Comment Re:I used to do kernel dev.. (Score 4, Insightful) 863

I think given the growing size of the kernel, it's inevitable that there will be more opportunities for poor code to be submitted. There's more humans involved, more lines of code and more opportunity for "drama". I think it was inevitable at some point. I think he intentionally makes an example out of people occasionally. I think it keeps people on their toes. It certainly will make people double check that code before submitting it for fear of being embarrassed.

Comment Re:How do people optimise their designs? (Score 2) 213

Because 99% of humanity doesn't even know what any of that stuff means. They just want to know if it's fast and does what they want it to do. Just like most people don't give a shit how many valves or overhead cams their car has. They just want to know if it's fast and reliable. That's what the tech world will never understand about Apple. It's not for the 1% comprising the tech community.

Comment Re:That's what Nokia, Moto, and Microsoft said (Score 1) 535

Tesla has built what is slowly becoming a successful business using a tiny, TINY fraction of the cash that Apple has on hand, with a fraction of the access to the human resources that Apple has, based on brand recognition alone. Apple is sitting on over $200 billion in cash. To put this in perspective, that's four times the total value of GM (market cap of $48B currently).

Apple has never built a car, but Apple isn't a person. Apple has the resources to hire the best and brightest in the industry and to bring their design, supply chain access and incredible brand value to the table. I'm not going to write them off yet. If any company on earth could walk in and start building cars, it's Apple.

Comment Tiling Window Managers (Score 2) 125

I guess I'll be "that guy". I've been using dwm for years and couldn't live without it. There are other options like awesomewm or i3. Your programs will automatically tile in a sane manner using up all the available screen space.

But, the really cool thing is that a window can exist in multiple "tags" which are kind of like "virtual desktops" but a lot more powerful.

I'd recommend at least trying out a tiling window manager and seeing what you think.

Comment Well .. (Score 1) 283

Without being snarky, I don't think we should write off computers yet. I think most of these programs just dump a bunch of money on laptops or ipads and are shocked when standardized test scores don't magically go up.

A computer is a tool, not a solution. It's all about the complete system used to educate. That's the hardware, software and processes working in concert to create an effective solution for learning.

Comment Re:But How / Why? (Score 2) 26

It's not terribly difficult to spoof source addresses, it's getting the return traffic back that's tricky. Source address filtering makes it difficult but not impossible. For example most ISPs will discard traffic from their subscribers that don't have a source address in a netblock they own/announce.

But using a combination of spoofed source address on networks where filtering is difficult or not implemented properly, along with service amplification, it's still a problem.

Comment Re:Battery life (Score 1) 53

This always confused me. Do you take your watch off at night? I do, so I could just put in on my charger. Just like my phone, I don't sleep with it, so I just sit it on the dock at night, which charges it.

Genuinely curious, why do you need more than 1-2 days? You have to take it off anyway, why not just charge it?

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