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Comment Scary (Score 1) 91 91

It's scary how much more faith most of you put in some random IT department than the engineers at cloud providers. For everyone hacked provider using the cloud are 10 that had their own internal systems hacked.

Have you ever met anyone who worked in corporate IT? As someone who works in corporate IT let me tell you, 99% of them are idiots. And that's being polite. Your data isn't any safer in their hands than Google's.

Comment Uh, no. (Score 1) 583 583

'When [managers] say they are suggesting you do something, it's not really a suggestion â" it is an order disguised as a suggestion. Plain-speaking is a lost art at big companies and corporate double talk is the name of the game.'

It's brainstorming. I do this all the time. Employee presents a problem, I say "well I'd probably do X". Now you can either go do X or go "well I was thinking of doing Y, what about that?". Then we can have a discussion about it. Keep in mind that when you ask your manager a question, his job is to make decisions and to do it quickly.

Comment Re: Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1) 204 204

Yeah it makes it a lot harder to play with friends. But most people played at least a couple classes. And since honorbuddy got popular I have (i think) 14 level 100s. I'd have to count to be sure, I have one of every class plus 3 druids and 2 shaman. And it's so easy to gear up a class now that you can really play anything you want. They've also instituted a system that makes it easy to find arena groups and I've had some good sessions playing with random people I've found that way.

Comment Re:Automation and outsourcing (Score 1) 204 204

You clearly don't play WoW or know anything about the bot, what it did, or how it was used. You're assuming people used it to automate "boring, repetitive" parts of the game. This is true for about 2% of it's use. Most people used it for high end raiding (combat routines), battlegrounds and arena PvP. They used it because it played the game better than them. It did what most people consider the fun part for them.

Comment Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1) 204 204

First let's specify what bot we're all talking about: Honorbuddy.

BGs was only one part of it. High end guilds were raiding using the combat routines. A number of progression guilds broke up entirely because 90% of their roster is banned. It was also being used in arenas (look up "Gladiator Suite" on the honorbuddy forums). People were playing literally in gladiator range (2700+ arena rating) using the bot. It had perfect DPS rotations, CC'd, used cooldowns correctly and could perfectly kick any cast. It was also being used to farm professions (herb, mining, etc) and pretty much any other aspect of the game. Personally, I leveled one of every class to 100, including multiples of some classes (for arena purposes, so I could play with less skilled friends without affecting my rating).

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