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Comment Been there (Score 1) 191

You're clearly a technical guy that's used to having his hands in the guts of it, so to speak. You have to learn to be able to work with a degree of separation through other people. It's extremely difficult and takes an entirely new set of skills that you will need to continue to be successful. You have to learn to trust (but verify) other people.

Personally I don't find it nearly as fun as doing it myself, but it's much more lucrative and allows you to have a much broader impact in the organization. You can only do so much directly, by yourself.

Comment Re:LDAP (Score 1) 87

Not possible. No business of any reasonable size is going to not purchase a particular software because it doesn't support a particular authentication mechanism. There are too many other requirements to write something off just because of no LDAP/RADIUS. There are far more complex reasons behind purchasing software of any real scale.

Comment Re:LDAP? (Score 2) 87

I wasn't convinced until I read your name, but now I'm a believer.

In all seriousness, you're correct. I've found in the real world you're using a combination of Active Directory (or some other LDAP) along with web based applications, and maybe even some compiled applications running locally. Some are behind the firewall, some aren't. You really need something that can support SAML along with form-filling that will also sync with AD to really cover the whole gamut. And even then some of it will be a manual process (eg that website that won't save passwords and doesn't support SAML).

It's a big complex problem and no one has solved it 100%.

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