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Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 1) 161

I just finished Idea Factory which spends quite a bit of time on Claude Shannon, a really remarkable guy. Great book, lots of interesting Bell history. My only complaint is that Unix is only mentioned twice in the entire book and the second time it's referred to as a programming language. I was really hoping for more Unix history, but it tends to focus on earlier Bell and the transistor, satellite, the anti-trust suit, etc.

Comment Re:10GbE isn't that interesting (Score 1) 98

Look into 10Gb of direct attach copper SFP. Low power and low port cost (at least compared to Infiniband).

10Gb port costs have come WAY down because of all the competition in the space (read: Arista) fighting with the established players (Cisco, Juniper). You can get a 48 port SFP based Nexus 9732PQ for around $13k (with multiple quad SFP ports). You don't need optics because you just use direct attached cables. Dual port 10Gb SFP based Intel NICs are around $300 now.

Not sure what you mean by "implemented in relatively common hardware" because there are dozens of off the shelf options for NICs and switches. There's 10Gb Lan-on-motherboard, PCIe NICs, blade mezzanines, you name it. Plus inexpensive 10Gb switches from every major vendor (Cisco, Juniper, HP, Arista, etc).

Comment Re:Is it even possible? (Score 2) 103

Speed of light is 186 miles per millisecond, so no, not possible. Even if you could transmit it in a perfectly straight line in a vacuum you couldn't get it around the world in 1ms.

By the way, Google will do the conversion for you automatically, just search for "speed of light in miles per millisecond" or something along those lines.

Comment Re:Er... What's wrong with this exactly? (Score 1) 300

It's one thing that the government has the information, but to make it searchable by every spammer on earth? Why? If a drone lands in your yard, call the cops. They can check the registry. There's no reason it needs to be publicly available to anyone. This is just begging for it to be misused.

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