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Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 1) 285

If you keep saying something, however impossible, eventually you'll get some people to believe you:
they strongly expect you to be shouted down if you're a liar.

This worked for Rob Ford (the druggie mayor of Toronto), and for two, maybe three, countries' rulers during WWII. So if you're a liar, don't stop lying! Redouble your efforts!

Comment Spiffy, like credit-cards (Score 2) 27

My credit-card supplier will issue single-use or otherwise restricted numbers, to use with "untrustworthy vendors". This allows a similar functionality: with the vendor I can be OscarTheSuspiciousGrouch and use a card number that is limited to legitimate stuff.

In both cases I can credibly demonstrate I'm really "Oscar"

Comment Re:It only makes it worse... (Score 1) 85

I think we're in violent agreement (;-))

Like you, I expect that cost-averse vendors will be reluctant to add anything pricey to the board. I was thinking of an independent radio chipset that could be locked down separately form the general-purpose processor, you were thinking of DRM. I understand this is what some cell phones have, and that there is a push toward getting rid of the extra expense...

Comment Slashdot says the author doesn't exist (Score 2) 85 says "The user you requested does not exist, no matter how much you wish this might be the case."

Vint Cerf, on the other hand, definitely exists, and his and Dave Taht's submission to the FCC pointed out that the problem existed, no matter how much you wish this might not be the case.

Comment It only makes it worse... (Score 2) 85

Regrettably, routers are designed to be extremely cheap, and have only one cpu and OS. Specific vendors (as noted in the IETF submission) have publicly claimed that the FCC rules require them to prevent any modification to the device, and lock it down.

IMHO, that gives them "forced obsolescence", and sales at full list price for newer models with bug-fixes.

Comment Re:Marmora (Ontario) wants pumped storage (Score 1) 139

Yes: we're lucky in that we have a former open-pit mine on the top of a ridge, close by a river in a valley (the Crow), with a fall from the bottom of the pit to the surface of the river that's higher than Niagara Falls!

I wan't expecting that: I think of the area as gently rolling, but apparently it's typical of lots of areas along highway 7. Who knew!

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