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Comment: Re:Oh there's plenty of bias (Score 1) 22

Do you see the contradiction? You claim that

The institutional party is still running the circus

and then follow immediately with

It is the voters' responsibility to oversee their politicians and vote them out when they screw up.

Are you arguing that this government is a closed loop, or that it is not a closed loop?
My contention is that it is a "mostly closed" loop, and that recycling all of the bums, while insufficient, is a useful component of an overall solution.
People cash out of real involvement because they feel government is a closed loop. You go swapping out the bastards more frequently, and two things are likely to occur:
* Greater involvement in voting, and
* Less systemic lock, as the big grabs (PATRIOT Act, ObamaCare) get harder to go after.

Comment: Re:Desert Bus for Hope (Score 1) 31

I've had problems logging in and sometimes can't post as other than AC even when logged it, too. Try emailing That should bring your comment to the attention of people who can help. (I'm can't help because I'm an old retired guy now, and do a little work on Slashdot videos as a contractor.)

Comment: Re: And no one cares (Score 1) 31

If you don't want to watch Slashdot videos, don't. If you want the *information* in them, read the verbatim transcripts we include with almost every one. And if you don't like the info in our videos, Don't click on them.

  Believe it or not, many different people look at Slashdot every day. Some want to read about *BSD, some want science news. Some -- usually many thousands -- watch the videos, while 10 (on average) complain about them. I learned long ago that not every story on Slashdot is going to please everyone. Such is life.

AND if you think you can do better or more informative videos than we do, XLNT! Submit a video -- or maybe an idea for one, along with links to videos you've done elsewhere. We stay simple on purpose, because our job in these videos is to introduce you to the people in them, often with a "you are there" feel at conferences and shows where background noise is part of the environment. Remember that we are not looking for star wipes and such. We can do them as well as anyone else, but we know that just because you *can* do something doesn't mean you *should*.

Something that happened all the way back in 2000: We did a reader-generated questions interview with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. He'd been complaining that nobody was ever fair to him; that they edited his words to twist their meanings. So, being us, Timothy talked to Lars for hours because Lars said it would have to be verbal, that he wasn't going to do all that typing. So Timothy transcribed every word of that interview verbatim, including every "uh" and mumble and obscenity.

Lars was not thrilled to be quoted verbatim even though that's what he said he wanted. But that interview gave Slashdot people a better sense of who Lars was as a person than all the laundered interviews in the world.

So we do video interviews with people a Slashdot editor considers interesting, often after a reader suggests interviewing that person (and includes contact information). Or they're people Timothy meets at conferences and trade shows. Some interviewees are making major contributions in one field or another. Some think they are, but aren't. Some are well-known. Some aren't - - but should be. And some live in obscurity and should stay there.

It's a mixed bag. I say again: if you want to suggest video interview subjects *or* want to be interviewed yourself *or* do an interview, let's go!

- Rob

PS - Slashdot has always done a little original content, and for many years was associated with original content sites NewsForge and If you dip into the pool of internet content every day, shouldn't you be obliged to add to it? :)

Comment: Re:Favorite? By what metric? (Score 1) 11

by smitty_one_each (#49547681) Attached to: Slashdot's Favorite Governor Rides Again

You don't sell Cheetos in a box that says Corn Flakes.

Now, if we get a fat government loan and pay the DNC kickback, we can Cheeto the system at the expense of the Corny Flakes who think this country is still a representative democracy. You don't need real products in The Age of Connections.

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