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Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 241

They are using their installed base of Windows computers as an advertising base now. Free always means the ad-filled version, and the version that tracks you and sells information about your surfing habits and preferences.

The version that sends keyboard logs and microphone captures to Microsoft, you mean? That's ALL Windows 10 versions - none is unaffected.

Comment Re:Two wrongs don't make a right... (Score 1) 301

The whole operation of Ashley Madison - at least what is described of them in wikipedia - is crooked. I have no respect for such an operation that is built on lies and deceit. However, hacking them and dumping their data publicly is illegal regardless of what they are doing (and to the best of my understanding while Ashley Madison did immoral things, they were not illegal things).

If the hackers want to shut down Ashley Madison they might accomplish that, but they have also shown in so doing that there is a market demand for the services they provided, which will just cause someone else - presumably with better network security practices - to launch an identical service.

So fucking what? Slavery used to be illegal, yet we all agree that it wasn't right. And believe me, there definitely was a "market demand" for slaves, at one time.
The older I get, the fewer shits I give about what is "legal". I see law as an instrument of power of the rich and connected. Some of the law is right, some of it isn't. I follow the law so I don't get into trouble, but I sure as hell cheer of this hack.

Comment Re:It is also a poor replacement for Thunderbolt I (Score 1) 732

actually the costs of planes go up as they get older.
there are no new replacement parts for the A10.
all 'new' parts come from mothballed birds in the boneyard at Davis-Motham.
the cost of restarting or retooling a line for the A10 is nearly as much as for a new jet.

I was about to disagree with you, but then I thought.... The cost of restarting or retooling a line for the A10 is probably just about exactly the amount it would cost to build a single new F-35.

This post deserves more upvotes. Brilliant.

Comment It is also a poor replacement for Thunderbolt II (Score 3, Informative) 732

The F-35 may have impressive tech, stealth, electronics and advanced missiles, but the Thunderbolt II is literally a flying tank that is able to take a lot of abuse and still keep flying. It also delivers an incredible amount of damage and its operating history is stellar. It's a great morale booster for ground troops, but the US air force wants to get rid of it.

Comment My favourite phone "on the horizon": Fairphone (Score 1) 208

The "fair" part of FairPhone isn't of too much concern for me. What is of much interest is the fact that it is extremely easily repairable and expandable (down to the level of replacing ports, sockets, the microphone etc.) with nothing more than a screwdriver!
This phone, if it gets funded, will have a number of different, easily replaceable, batteries.

Comment Re:But what about profits? (Score 1) 126

Let me also mention Gmail: some half a year ago I upgraded Gmail on my Samsung Galaxy S3, and was so thoroughly disgusted by the bugs and the useless UI changes that I promptly proceeded to downgrade it. At least Android allows me to keep the version of the app I prefer.

Yes, I also use a relatively old version of Maps.

Comment Re:End of Google+ (Score 1) 172

Knowing Google, they will usually abort failed projects. They tried really hard with Google+ but it has failed almost as bad as windows phone so it's about time to abandon it.

Worldwide, Google+ is far from a failure. In fact, it has more users than Twitter.
I think a lot of Slashdot readers' comments are biased by an amerocentric point of view.

Comment Re:Legislate 50% less consumption? Good fucking lu (Score 1) 484

My Miele combo washing machine from our apartment days just broke down.
Good thing we have 5 years off warranty mandated by law in Norway.
They tried to fix it twice, now they have to replace it and they are actually replacing it (on our request) with a separate washer and a dryer.

But 4 years is a far cry from the "20 years of operation" promised in the commercial.

That's quite disappointing for a Miele product. For what it's worth, none of my colleagues who have Miele appliances, had them break (yet).

Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 4, Informative) 256

I am sad to see that my comment was modded "Funny" when I was in fact quite serious about my statement. There are such pieces of shit that are disruptive to society, like corrupt politicians and self-serving CEOs and bankers, and yet we most people somehow attribute to "whore" a worse meaning than the professions I mentioned above.

Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 5, Funny) 256

Yes, but we ain't living in a perfect world and politicians as well as officials who should work for taxes deliberately choose to be whores and sell themselves to the highest bidder. So ok, I can't change the game so I want in. How much? How much is the whore? How much for a law? How much to actually get it executed? How much to get a law bent and turned inside out to use it against its intent?

Apparently these hoes are for sale, so what's left to be determined is the price.

I don't disagree with the tone of your post, but think that using the word "whore" in this way is very offensive towards prostitutes, who work honestly and provide a useful service.

Comment Re:Legislate 50% less consumption? Good fucking lu (Score 1) 484

Also up the warranty requirements to substantially reduce energy used to produce goods that fail shortly after the 90 fucking day warranty. How about mandated 10 YEAR warranties, a decade of product reliability, it will certainly cost more but the energy used to replace a product 40 fucking times versus one product that lasts a decade will be substantially reduced.

That's why we buy Miele appliances - made in Germany, decades of reliable work, great technology. It costs more, but it is worth it for never having to repair them, alone. For example, I'd hate to have our washing machine break. But it hasn't happened in the last 7 years, and I trust it won't happen till after I have retired. For those used to Chinese-made appliances, this must sound ludicrously impossible.

Comment Re:the important detail (Score 1) 634

Everyone WILL face rejection by people who do not like them. You can either accept that and move on or live a life of despair, that choice is on no-one but you.

I specifically asked if you were also comfortable with blacks, homosexuals and women to be rejected a job because their colleagues would feel uncomfortable. Address that. I just want to figure out from which century did you drop in from.

Comment Re:the important detail (Score 1) 634

It's not a flamebait: I genuinely want to know in what way is your argument against hiring older people, different from hiring people of any minority or ethnic group, or sexual orientation? In the 21st century in the West we have some standards for avoiding discrimination. You may not subscribe to them, but in that case make it clear.

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