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Comment Re:Time to drop the prices? (Score 1) 415

I believe mine is bound to get cheaper - my contract with the utility is for 100% wind power electricity. That doesn't mean that my electricity comes directly from wind power plants, but it does mean that my electricity bill follows the fluctuations of the price of wind-generated electrical energy. In fact, I have been paying less and less in the last 5 years, but never by an appreciable amount. I hope for the best, once the wind power plants get expanded.

For the record, I didn't do it to save money but to save the world. Call me an idealist.

Comment If a post per thread could go to +6, this is it. (Score 1) 924

This post makes it 100% clear that the context of those comments was friendly. My friends and colleagues (we're a bunch of researchers) have the same kind of exchanges, and it's the friendliest work atmosphere anywhere ever.
It takes a lot of malice to misinterpret it as "toxic."

I think Sarah Sharp is a jerk, and I don't mean that in a nice way.

Comment Are security updates really necessary? (Score 1) 288

I found throughout the decades that the best computer security is provided by using common sense and being informed on things related to computers. While security updates are mandatory for most people (I guess), I think there are people who can get by just using their knowledge of IT and common sense. In any case, this has worked for me my whole 40+ years long life, more than half of it involved with computer tech.

Comment Re:Shop elsewhere if you need this drug (Score 1) 372

Progressives? Since when did the USA have "progressives" in power? Except for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the whole american political spectrum is far right, corporatist, and corrupt.

And it's going to continue that way: it's going to be Billary, Fiorina or Jeb Bush for president - a corporate sockpuppet once again.

Comment Call me crazy, I disabled Windows 7 from updating (Score 1) 867

....on all my computers. In fact, I did that quite some time ago, when the first rumors of MS installing malware started circulating. I did that encouraged by one of my laptops on which the Windows 7 had updates disabled for years, and I got no viruses, malware, or other unwanted software. It seems that your computer's safety is almost entirely a question of common sense and not falling for social engineering tricks.

I should add that I have ClamWin Antivirus running on all my machines, including the one that didn't have updates for years. It's the most lightweight, least intrusive AV I've ever seen, and I highly recommend it.

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