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Comment: Statements taken out of context and manipulated (Score 4, Insightful) 371 371

Tim Hunt was attacked and dismissed from UCL, the Royal Society and other bodies, based on nothing more than lies. Anybody can, with enough manipulation, be ostracized for comments taken out of context. Anybody.

If Tim Hunt is not reinstated, and the liar(s) that caused his reputation to be tarnished, will not bear the consequences of their dishonest behavior, our society is going towards a very scary future. We have not learned anything from the lessons of the past, and any Goebbels wannabe is going to fuck us up.

Comment: Re:Check the video for chute test footage... (Score 2) 119 119

That chute won't help when either of the rotors is broken. The Martin "Jetpack" will nicely rotate and the chute, deployed at any altitude, will get entangled within fractions of a second.
There is a reason why 80% of Youtube footage of the Martin is still unmanned flight.

Comment: Re:Not me, not in California (Score 3, Insightful) 939 939

I've been a tenant for many years. Then I finally bought my own apartment, and now I own a second apartment that I am renting out. The main reason I decided to buy an apartment was the constant increase in rent, year after year. At some point it just triggered my "fuck this shit" mode and I went all in, took a debt just to get out of this spiral.

So, at least for some people, the rent increase may backfire.

Comment: I outsourced the back-up job for my computers... (Score 1) 297 297 Google. I am sure some Slashdotter will feel umbrage at this approach, but it has worked wonderfully for me. I now have my documents synced from all my computers in one place, and as I said, backing up is done by highly trained professionals, using storage devices and methodologies far above my means.

Comment: Re:Not shared by everyone (Score 1, Informative) 637 637

There are plenty of skeptics who simply think the scientists involved have no good idea how to model the climate and that their attempts are crude at best, dismal at worst.

Hate to tell you, but there really aren't. Pretty much all the "skeptics" have a huge blind spot and no amount of research can sway them.

Comment: Re:The Obama administration (Score 1) 183 183

Now repeat after me: fascism is an economic system categorized by extreme collusion between government and corporations, deregulation for favoured industries and other examples of massive financial influence on the political process and a worship of the wealthy.
Musollini, the founder of fascism, in fact used to say "fascism would be better described as corporatism" - though he was himself quoting an Italian philosopher, but he clearly agreed with the description.

This is actually spot-on. As a European who has italian ancestors (some of whom were actually killed by fascists) and a father who is a historian of WWII, I can say I wish I had mod-points, as your comment deserves them.

Comment: Re:That's because it's fiction. (Score 1) 203 203

Oh... And to any of those Fuckers for Ethical Treatment of Clones out there...
My clones come with a contract on their ass.
Clone leaves the storage without my consent - its head explodes.
It leaves the storage WITH my consent but without my immediate medical need - there's money in an account out there for anyone who blows its head off.

I do think it would be unethical to use perfectly good organs to save the life of people like you. You are nothing but a parasite, and society is better off without you.

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