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Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 3, Insightful) 492

by Rei (#49176087) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

The number of grammatical cases is irrelevant. Question: What's the difference between a grammatical case without stem changes and a postposition (opposite of a preposition? Answer: A space.

  That which is challenging, apart from stem changes, is the same thing that is challenging with helper words in general: when to use what with what. Picture a person learning English and trying to remember what to use with what. "I was scolding her.... over it? for it? about it? to it? around it?" "We were unhappy.... over it? for it? about it? to it? around it?" "She was dedicated.... over it? for it? about it? to it? around it?" And so forth. It's the same for people trying to learn which declension case to use in which context. But if the declensions are just suffixes without stem changes, then they're no different from postpositions. And often stem changes where they occur follow pretty predictable rules, often for pronunciation reasons.

Comment: Re:Require cameras (Score 1) 492

by DoofusOfDeath (#49175151) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

As part of his re-patriation agreement, he should require cameras to be rolling throughout the entire trial with a live uncensored feed available to any organization that wants it (News organizations, EFF, ACLU, etc). If the government shuts down the cameras for any reason, then the agreement is null and void and the USA guarantees his return to Russia.

I wonder if the cameras could detect Snowden being whispered to that unless he plead guilty, his parents would have an unfortunate traffic accident in 6 months.

Comment: ICYMI: Frontline's Secret State of North Korea (Score 5, Informative) 60

by eldavojohn (#49171137) Attached to: Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement
This exact same topic was covered in Frontline's special on North Korea over a year ago. Their point of contact was Jiro Ishimaru of Asiapress who was sneaker netting USBs over the border. They even took a video of people trying to watch on a tiny screen and having to shut everything down whenever they heard someone outside.

The documentary also touched on humanitarian issues as much as it could using a secret camera. Sad stuff. Great thing to watch. Occasionally you can catch it streaming on Netflix but it seems to not be available right now.

Comment: Compiz is the bug. It needs to die. (Score 1) 48

by Qbertino (#49171051) Attached to: NVIDIA Fixes Old Compiz Bug

Compiz is the bug. The whole thing. Seriously.

Rendering the desktop / ui with OpenGL is a very neat idea, and as far as I can tell Blender and Enlightenment have both achieved this very gracefully a long time ago, as has OS X.

However, Compiz is an entirely different thing and in my book one of the most annoying bug-ridden additions to the FOSS desktop stack in the last 10 years. A buggy laggy piece of sh*t software, messing with my input, shoddy responsiveness with particularly annoying and not-very-useful animations (unlike OS X), freezing randomly after running to long, etc. And no, running a few days shouldn't be an issue for any piece of software.

I don't know the next thing about OpenGL GUI building and acceleration, but Compiz is in perpetual commercial-software-beta state. Why it's even included, let alone a default in some distros is beyond me.

Someone please kill this project off, replace it or replace the development lead. It's degraded the Linux experience considerably in my book.

+ - Which classic OOP compiled language: Objective-C or C++?

Submitted by Qbertino
Qbertino (265505) writes "I've been trying to pick up a classic OOP oriented compiled language since the early 90ies and have never gotten around to it. C++ always was on my radar but I'm a little torn to-and-fro with Objective-C. Objective-C is the obvious choice if you also want to make money deving for Mac OS X, but for the stuff I want to do both languages would suffice on all platforms. I do want to start out on x86 Linux though and also use it as my main development platform. Note: The fight is only between these two. Yes, I know quite a few other PLs, but I want to get into a widespread compiled language that has good ties into FOSS and both Objective-C and C++ fit that bill.
I'm leaning towards C++ but what do you recommend? How do these two PLs compare to each other and how easy is cross-plattform development in either? (GUI free, 'headless' applications). Thanks for your opinion."

Comment: Re: A giant lagoon dam (Score 1) 186

by Rei (#49167981) Attached to: World's First Lagoon Power Plants Unveiled In UK

I'm sorry, but I agree with that. If you on the UK want us to dam up our rivers and build roads out to geothermal areas and tap into our resources, and raise our local power prices in the process, all for the benefit of the UK, our government better damn well profit as much as possible from it and reduce our taxes / improve our services in exchange for that.

Unfortunately, xB and xD do not agree.

Comment: Re: A giant lagoon dam (Score 1) 186

by Rei (#49167805) Attached to: World's First Lagoon Power Plants Unveiled In UK

Better negotiate the contract during a Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn / Framsóknarflokkurinn (conservative) government. Samfylkingin would approve it under the condition that the Icelandic government's share of the sales are so high that you would barely save any money on the imported power, and Vinstri Grænir would outright reject it no matter what you offered. But Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn and Framsóknarflokkurinn would let you dam up whatever rivers you want and take gigawatts of power in exchange for a handful of shiny trinkets and a couple magic beans.

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