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Comment Re:That's stupid (Score 1) 417

There is a huge problem. If there is no healthy place for the fish to exist there is no place for them to come back from. One river being polluted can be cured when other waterways exist to restock the river once cleaned up. But what is happening is a holocaust of near 100% efficiency. Before 1492 we had unimaginable fish stocks in the N. Atlantic. Now we have far less than 1% of what we had back then.


Comment Why focus on the length of time? (Score 1) 664

It doesn't take anywhere near 22 seconds to take a high quality image of someone's daughter in a bathing suit.

I'm no fan of guns, but keep your expensive flying camera toys away from private property, or accept what might happen!

Just because it's kinda cool that everyone CAN control the position of their camera in 3-space now, doesn't mean that they should.

Comment Re:The Microsoft key!!!! I've never used it...ever (Score 1) 698

By "context menu key", do you mean right-click? I'm assuming the mention of Right-click is either a mistake, or skewed by an inordinate amount of Mac users with their single button philosophy. I don't see how you are doing anything productively (with a mouse) if you aren't using right-click. If you aren't using a mouse at all, like for command line work or vi/vim, that's fine.

Comment Re:Caps Lock used to power a huge lever. (Score 1) 698

Yeah, I remember the pain of shift lock on my Commodore 64. I wished for the concept of caps lock instead. Of course in those days I was a child, not a developer, and had almost no use for underscore - it was much more likely that I wanted dash. But the number argument wins out above all.

Submission + - U.S. Senate targets patent trolls 1

jeffkoch writes: Last year, the United States Senate failed to pass bipartisan legislation to combat patent trolls when it was killed by then-Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Congressional-insider newspaper Roll Call reports today that, “Knowing Reid would no longer control the Senate's legislative schedule in 2015, staff for John Cornyn, (a Republican from Texas), and Charles E. Schumer, (a Democrat from New York)”, began work in February to assemble a new bill and to build support among fellow members of the Senate. Patent law is usually not a partisan issue, and President Barack Obama has called for getting an overhaul to his desk on several occasions including in his 2014 State of the Union speech.
The last overhaul of United States patent law, the America Invents Act, took several years to be developed. The U.S. Congress is likely to act on the proposed legislation before they recess in August.
“Patent trolls are taking a system meant to drive innovation and instead using it to stifle job-creating businesses around the country. Main Street stores, tech startups and more are being smothered by the abuse that is all too common in our patent system, and it’s time for that to end,” Schumer said in a statement. “This bipartisan bill shifts the legal burden back onto those who would abuse the patent system in order to make a quick buck at the expense of businesses that are playing by the rules.”

Comment 6 degrees of separation? (Score 1) 149

I fondly remember this - it was way better than Doom, and the only game I really ever played a lot and mastered, thanks to my own customized keyboard layout that let me move in several combinations of those "6 degrees" at once.

I assume by 6 degrees they mean the 3 ways of sliding/strafing (forward-backward, up/down, and left-right), + the 3 ways of rotating (pitch, yaw, roll).

It just sounds funny to hear "6 degrees" - it makes me think of 1/60th of a circle - not exactly freedom.

(Loved using the University's networks to play with a few friends late at night.)

Comment This is way too lilttle too late (Score 1) 285

China plans to keep INCREASING emissions for the next 16 years?

Aren't we already pretty much past the point of no return for dramatic climate change now? So when we're all in 2030, with far more noticeable effects of global warming than we have seen yet today, we're all going to dance and cheer because now China's emissions will start going down, which might mean benefits a few decades out from there? And they're going to say "Thanks so much, people of 2014" for making sure that our current suffering due to sea level rise and breathing in air pollution is going to start reversing around 2045!

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