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Comment Re:The crescent wrench an american tool? (Score 1) 329

In the Netherlands we don't call that a 'Crescent' but a 'Bahco' (which is a swedish firm) or an' engelse sleutel' (english wrench). And I did not know that I, as a dutchmen on an international forum, was supposed to be familiar with american nomenclature.

The discussion was about quality and price of tools. I was and I am unhappy with the obvious assumption of the author that high retail price and 'made in the USA' equalled to quality. In my experience that is not true.

May I add that the best operating systems for PCs, Linux and FreeBSD are free? And that the Linux based Android got messed up after the big companies grabbed their piece of the action?


Comment The crescent wrench an american tool? (Score 1) 329

Among all the stupid chauvinistic stories I read, this one tops all. Crescent wrenches are made all over the world, and the USA was not the first to manufacture one. The one I have has a scale, and I use it. Don't know where it was made, but judging its price it was not made in the USA.

Also, I have several PCs. My Macbook certainly performs worse and has more problems than the ALDI nameless that is my main computer. My cheap east-german, polish, taiwanese or chinese tools are as rugged and relieble as the expensive stuff that comes from America. This has been a pattern ever since I carried my Apple II to the attic.

The point I am making is that most cheap products that I buy (in Europe) are as good or better than the more expensive brand products. YMMV, but don't come with all kinds of mystic explanations.


Comment Unbelievable USA-only perspective (Score 0) 171

If you would extend your informations to those small and unimportant areas of the world that do not belong to the USA, you would find the example of Gronngen, in Holland. From the sixties a very large gasdeposit was exploited In the seventies and eighties small earthquakes occurred in that province, which was peculiar, because there are almost no earthquakes in Holland. But both frequency and strength kept increasing.

To cut a long story of greed and denial short: gas exploitation is now cut back and some damages will be paid.

But what really bugs me is that nobody seems to be aware of this plain and important example of correlation between eqrthquakes and gas/oil exploitation.



Comment will the internet still exist in 20 years? (Score -1) 155

If you ask me, there will be no internet any more in 20 years, except as a curio or for very backward infrastructures. The transfer of information will have found new ways, that we cannot even imagine at this moment and the need for knowlegdge will have changed accordingly.

Assuming of course that there will be no ecological meltdown or AI singularity.


Comment weird. same thing happened in the Netherlands (Score 0) 208

Heeh... two weeks ago we had almost the same situation in Leiden, the Netherlands, where a marketing bureau placed a camera in the train station... (in dutch, I am afraid)

Copycat at work?


Comment Pascal was a teaching language (Score 0) 492

It seems that most people have forgotten that one of the goals of Pascal was the teaching of programming and algoritms. As far as I am concerned, it did a good job, although later I learnt C and preferred it as a tool. And now I am old and lazy and just use a combination of Bash and awk for quick and dirty stuff and PHP for more complicated things.


Comment Re:C++ is C (Score 1) 641

I was and still am a pretty accomplished C prorammer, and can find my way in assembly. Then C++ came along and everybody seemed to jump on that bandwagon. I couldn't and many of my collegues either. When you have progressed to far along the procedural path, it seems to be impossible to wrap your head around the object oriented paradigma. That is why I also never got into Java.


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