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Comment Re:Amazing (Score 0) 492

Everyone is entitled to make up their own minds, including those leaning on a fence. You can't be free unless you allow others to be free as well.

If someone wants to vote for Trump (or anyone else for that matter) because of a single issue, then that's their right.

Like it or not, all those people you've seen on the Jerry Springer show have a vote that counts just as much as yours.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 0) 492

The original comment here had to do with single issue voting. I agree with Trump's suggestions regarding H1-B visas, but that certainly wouldn't get me to vote for him. Just as Hillary's primary qualification for president is that she's Hillary, Trump's primary justification is that he's Trump. Kind of like why Kim Kardashian is famous and why we're supposed to care.

With the exception of Bernie Sanders, pretty much everyone else is saying, or not saying, is intended to cater to some given voter demographic. Sanders is the kind of throw-back who says what he thinks that is substantive and lets you agree or disagree with him.

Trump says what he says just get your attention (assuming he any reason for saying what he says).

Hillary says whatever her focus groups and managers tell her to say. None of us have any real idea what she truly believes other than she wants power, which really is what most of those on both sides only care about.

Comment Re:Anybody else suffering from superhero burnout? (Score 1) 168

Clearly you didn't see Catwoman! Halle Berry in a skin-tight black leather suit with kitty ears, doing with her butt what should be done with a butt like that, and saying "Rowwerrr!"

If you saw that, you'd remember it.

Scarlett Johansson in a skin-tight black suit is an Honorable Mention next to Halle Berry.


Comment Glad I got to see FF4 for free (Score 1) 168

I got a couple of free tickets for a pre-screening of the new FF4 movie. I enjoy pretty much any of the comic book movies, but this one was pretty sad. The story line and the characters were cliche and contrived. Nothing about the characters of the story was believable, and the science was beyond bad. Ya gotta wonder who the moron was that wrote this story and the morons who approved it.

Even Catwoman was better. How much better? It has Halle Berry in a skin-tight leather outfit with kitty ears going "Rowwerrr!" And she's a lady who has a butt and knows what to do with it. With character development like that, who needs to remember the story line? There was a story line there, wasn't there?


Kate Mara is cute enough, but she definitely ain't no Halle Berry.

Comment Re:slashdot cheap shots (Score 1) 391

I stopped recording on my Revox A77 open reel back in the 90s. I got some excellent recordings on it, but it had limited headroom and was a bit noisy. I now record onto a 6 year old laptop running Windows 7 and a USB audio interface at 96khz/24 bit resolution. I use inexpensive Behringer cardiod condensor mikes and then do a little EQ in post editing and get some very good results. Most of what I record is my wife's string quartet and sometimes my brass band, Horns a Plenty.


I still play vinyl as I've been into audio since Nixon was president. I started playing big band trumpet back then as well.

Being an audiophile means you have a deep emotional connection with the music and you want to recreate it as clearly and failthfully as can at home. It's not about having the most expensive gear. It's about playing back music in such as way as to recapture the experience and emotion from the original performance.

I think if I were to purchase most everything I have today, it would run me about $8k in total. No excessive cables. I run 14 gauge zip cord, but even then I run about about 200 feet of cable, so even with Parts Express 14 gauge zip cord, that's still a chunk of change. I run four 25 foot long cable runs on each side as I use 4 channels of amplification on each side as per the spec for the Linkwitz Orion loudspeaker design. The Linkwitz designs give you sound reproduction that is truly unsurpassed by anything anyone makes, at any price. I like the big Avalon and MBL loudspeakers, but they cost anywhere from $20k to $50k, not to mention the way expensive amps needed to drive 'em. The Linkwitz designs are things that us ordinary human beings can afford without having to sell your house. Do a Google search on Linkwitz LX521. You can't get better sound and this is something anyone who has a full-time day-job and a real love for music can afford.

Comment Re:slashdot cheap shots (Score 1) 391

Dude... A minidisc recorder? You can still get media for them? They haven't been current in 20 years. That's like running your web server on a Sun Sparc 2. Do you still run the Netscape web browser?

I don't know about the one-point stereo microphone though. Since you're obviously a headphones guy, have you ever looked into doing binaural recordings? Get yourself one of those foam heads and a couple of mike elements. Now hang THAT from your fishing rod and you'll be cool.

For the win...

Comment Re:sometimes it seems to me (Score 1) 391

that audiophile either means "wealthy" or "sucker" or maybe both...

It means neither. There are plenty of wealthy suckers out there who have to have "the best" because it proves their wealth and how they're just better than everyone else. They're the same people who drive luxury automobiles, wear a $3500 Apple watch or show off their trophy wife. That doesn't make them audiophiles.

A real audiophile is someone who loves hearing music as real as they can make it and also values what a dollar can bring. It's the DIY guys who are your "real audiophiles". None of the ones I know use anything more than 14 gauge zip cord for speaker wire, but they build some really awesome loudspeakers for a fraction of retail. They also never set foot in Best Buy. Pay a visit to the Madisound web site, the Linkwitz Labs website, or Parts Express.

If you think good sound can be had from ANY set of headphones, then that's just ignorance.

Comment slashdot cheap shots (Score 1) 391

Every time I see an article on slashdot about audiophiles, it's ALWAYS about stupidly overpriced cables. I think they're as silly as anyone here does, but dontcha think that this whipping boy is getting a little old? It's kind of like pointing fingers and laughing at Kim Kardashian who is famous for nothing more than being famous, or Donald Trump's hair.

W. C. Fields was right when he said there's a sucker born every minute and some of them throw their money away on fancy cable. So what?

I'll bet that most everyone here who dumps all over the fancy cables also has a crap audio system of their own, or thinks that they know what good sound is because they bounced for expensive headphones. Sorry guys, but listening to iTunes on headphones doesn't qualify you to declare your superiority about anything audiophile. A real audiophile isn't someone who lusts after $50,000 loudspeakers or buys the stupid cables we've been talking about.

A real audiophile is someone who builds his own power amps or loudspeakers. A real audiophile gets some microphones and goes out recording music at live events, brings it home and gets a faithful recreation on the home system. A real audiophile is someone who combines a love for music and a love for getting their hand "dirty" with the engineering of sound reproduction. That has little to do with stupid cables or excessively expensive gear of any kind.

If you want to experience startlingly realistic audio reproduction and not have to take out a 2nd mortgage on your home, check out the DIY designs at Linkwitz Labs.

Comment Re:Not really unusual, but... (Score 2) 210

Back in the early 90s, many Sun workstations used the Quantum 105 hard drive, which had a sticking problem with its main bearings. Many times a machine would get powered down and when powered on again, the drives would fail to spin up. Many people would try to pick the machine up and drop it on the table. What I found worked for me was to open the case, loosen the drive from its mount, and with the machine powered on, give the drive a little twist which got the platter moving again and it would then spin up.

Comment Re:Not really unusual, but... (Score 4, Funny) 210

I used to work as a sysadmin at Sun Microsystems in the early 1990s. One day I got a ticket from an enginneer who had an external disk drive hanging off of his Sparc Station. He complained that the drive was noisy and was probably going to die. He wanted a replacement. I walked by his office and he had a meeting going on with a couple of guys. As with many of us, he had stuff piled all over his desk. Sitting on top of his disk drive was a plastic business card holder. When I removed the business card holder, the noise went away...

Comment Re:The problem with Apple is compatibility... (Score 1) 110

Hi Tatsu! There really was no way to respond to your earlier post. You must have been having a bad day. What I wrote is what I know to the best of my understanding. Apple makes some very pretty products, but I see little functionality that distinguishes Apple from the alternatives. What has always disturbed me about Apple is that everything they sell costs nearly twice what it does from everyone else, and they justify it by claiming theirs is a superior product. Furthermore the Apple Fan Boys seem to see themselves as being superior themselves for having chose Apple products. That's great for Apple because it gets people spending a lot of money, and then spending more to continually upgrade because their products are not backwardly compatible. And this is all because Apple products are superior?

The two stories I cited are examples of what I see are fundamental flaws in the Apple Way and I feel should give people a reason to step back and re-think the whole paradigm.

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