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Comment Re:But But This is Anti Homeless! (Score 1) 201 201

It's cheaper than either cigarettes or alcohol, especially in places where it's available "medicinally", like SF.

Yes, I've been to those places because THC suppressed epileptic seizures I used to have (but only for several hours while it was in effect- it's an extremely expensive anticonvulsant and insurance doesn't cover it). Legal pot is particularly expensive. On what basis is pot cheaper that liquor or alcohol? Per "dose" (whatever that is for any of those three)? Cigarettes and liquor never tempted me to cut up my ATM card.
Plus, you can't survive on a 100% Taco Bell diet... just eating the pot would be more nutritious.

Comment Re: The joys of youth (Score 1) 147 147

that was part of vista, and server 2008 when they declared automated testing was bettet. So no we suffer, because apparently all the hard work that went into 2003 wasnt worth it.

2012 is a joke of a server.

Funny. On server 2012 R2 I can reverse AD schema deletions, go powershell only and or turn GUI on or off, use desired state configuration powershell templates, use DCs as VMs, and many many almost countless things I can't do on server 2k3.

Is it really true you need a 1990s modem plugged into a 2k3 server just to turn VPN on and then unplug the modem before it is ready??

Comment Re:The joys of youth (Score 1) 147 147

If you're a dev, you shouldn't be chasing versions. Find a stable version, stick with it through your project. SE already has enough of that "stuff changing out from under me" feel without adding to the issue.

This mindset is why I still have to support companies that refuse to migrate from IE8. Thanks.

There are currently 2 common mindsets.

1) find a stable version and prevent yourself from ever getting anything better and any upgrade is sure to break tons of stuff


2) upgrade versions every time a new one comes out so you get the benefits of incremental improvements, sure stuff breaks, but the next patch will fix it in a matter of days/weeks

On April 8th 2014 the joyful day of XP/IE6 death, which should be considered an international holiday, I think a lot of companies realized that the days of use a "Stable version" for decades is over/no longer realistic.

Now I am not saying "just start upgrading everything always" because the worst thing you can do is try to step out in front of the subway car of continuous integration/continuous improvement after letting a project mature on "stick with the stable version" mentality; but I am saying... the half-assed "stable version" meets patch tuesday bullshit that microsoft is doing will continue to bite you and everybody else in the ass until that entire tech stack stops doing that crap and starts doing the continuous integration thing for real. Chrome does it, every app on your phone tries to do it, "cloud" products do it (that is one of the reasons execs love "cloud").

Microsoft might as well be mailing floppies for how broken and relevant their process is.

Speak for yourself! I can't consider learning HTML 5 until 2020 when 7 goes EOL as too many of the users have standardized on IE 8 HTML throughout the whole decade. I have 2 apps we support which are IE 6 only and can't be upgraded and not our call to upgrade it( client owned)

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