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by Tablizer (#47811005) Attached to: Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

To be frank, I think I would fail that auto-type feature also. Shortcuts shouldn't interfere with long-cuts. People do things out of habit and you shouldn't add shortcuts to disrupt those habits. If they enter the full email URL, then the auto-appended part should be parsed off internally, or better yet: automatically disappear once "@" is keyed.

K.I.S.S. often overrides saving keystrokes when dealing with wide or unknown audience.

Comment: Re:Kodak had the right idea decades ago (Score 1) 100

by Tablizer (#47810837) Attached to: New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

Agreed. It would be easier on many levels to promote and support the browser use of a progressive-resolution image-file format rather than overhaul markup standards and load & store multiple image versions on servers.

Let's hope sanity and logic prevail, and this tag idea is dumped.

And I hope patent issues don't derail it also.

Further, we don't have to have an entirely new tag. Just add something like a LOWRES or LOWRESSRC attribute to the existing IMG tag. Old browsers would still use the regular image and ignore the new attribute. This is better backward compatibility than an entirely new tag. An entirely new tag would outright not function in older browsers. (The HTML standard says to ignore any attributes a browser does not recognize rather than skip the entire tag.)

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by Tablizer (#47810719) Attached to: New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

Job security, shhhhhhhh

In all seriousness, while it may create job security, many developers would rather spend their time making 20 useful products using write-once-run-everywhere rather than 5 useful products with multiple versions handcrafted for different devices.

It's kind of boring re-inventing the same app for different devices even if it does pay.

Comment: Re:If the Grand Ayatollah's against it.... (Score 1) 510

I appreciate the atheist rant, and I think you'd be surprised to find most Catholics share in it. Including the Pope. oh, not the God doesn't exist bullshit, but especially the Jesus showing up in Church (which he does every day for Catholics) stuff, which most Protestants would be incredibly shocked by if they understood it.

+ - Google Serves Old Browsers Old Search Page

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "In an apparent move to push those using older browsers to update, Google is reported to be serving outdated search pages to said browsers. The older pages lack features available on the newer versions, and this policy compounds with the limits announced in 2011 on Gmail support for older web clients. As a Google engineer put it, "We're continually making improvements to Search, so we can only provide limited support for some outdated browsers." The BBC offers a fairly comprehensive analysis, here."

+ - âFakeâ(TM) cellphone towers discovered in U.S.->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Seventeen mysterious cellphone towers have been found in America which look like ordinary towers, and can only be identified by a heavily customized handset built for Android security â" but have a much more malicious purpose, according to Popular Science.

The fake âtowersâ(TM) â" computers which wirelessly attack cellphones via the âoebasebandâ chips built to allow them to communicate with their networks, can eavesdrop and even install spyware, ESD claims. They are a known technology — but the surprise is that they are in active use."

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by drinkypoo (#47806785) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Delivery Drones

By inalienable rights, no doubt he's referring to those rights that according to the Constitution, the government cannot take from you. The Constitution does not grant those rights; it prohibits the Federal government from interfering with them. Now, feel free to rant about the obvious overstepping that's been going on since the Civil War.

I don't have to, because you pointed it out. It proves that the government doesn't actually consider those to be rights. We have no rights, period, end of story.

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by drinkypoo (#47806085) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

Oh actually, I don't really eat fried chicken with breading. That's not because I won't eat it, it's because I can't find any worth eating. We used to have a broaster in town but the local supplier closed up shop. When I was on Atkins I was just frying chicken thighs in oil as a means of fast, complete cooking. Add soy sauce, powdered ginger, and powdered garlic for an easy asian-ish flavor...

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