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Comment Mostly weekly. (Score 2) 319

I re-image mine from an image I made, stored on a server in the middle of the house. Every time the machine boots, it re-images the OS image on the local hard drive, thoroughly destroying anything else that might have been on the disk. When an update to the main image is necessary, I make a new one.

I create those once about every six months, unless there's an emergency patch like Heartbleed. This works on all of the computers in my home. Wife and daughter go through the same process on their machines.

Boot to Ghost, install os, play, run, do whatever. In the event of a virus, it's short lived. When I attended Berkeley, this was the way they had set up their computer lab. I remember, at the time, being intrigued by the setup.

Now that I have myself, my wife, and a five year old all using machines around the house (nine distinct pc's), I have a practical use application for this.

Since I implemented this about five years ago, we have had virtually no problems with it. The drawback of course is that it's a lot easier to do if your machines, desktops, laptops, etc, all match. Learned that one the hard way, but good now.

My machine gets shut down about once a week. My daughter is always letting the battery burn down on her laptop, so she images more frequently than anyone else in the house. My wife is also at about once a week.

Comment Pointless Enterprise Speak. (Score 3, Insightful) 55

Look, I know the guys in suits buy into this crap, but there's really no reason to spread it on our walls.

If you're going to provide a solution to a problem do it, describe it in clear concise english. This person hasn't actually said anything at all. They simply used a larger than necessary amount of words to do it.

Comment Re:I have a moped (Score 1) 304

Actually, there's nothing to it. Gets about 85 miles to the gallon. Virtually no exhaust smoke, unless I overfeed it with two stroke oil. This particular moped would probably pass emissions in California.

Comment I have a moped (Score 1) 304

And it's sexy. Vintage Italian bike. 49cc, tagged for Boston. Picked it up on my last trip back east. Takes me where I need to at about 30 mp/h in style baby. Soon as the weather gets a little better, I'll be riding it all the time.

Comment Tiny Chinese Earbuds (Score 1) 249

From ebay. They sound great, they cost nothing. At $3 each, they're disposable. So when my four year old runs off with a pair, or destroys the ear pieces, I don't feel bad about ordering another set. They're also good for use with my cell phone and skype. Gone are the days of studio headphones, or big, clunky usb headsets. At least for me.

Comment Re:What's with turkey anyway (Score 1) 189

Sort of? Part of it got chopped up into something awful by my editor, not sure if it's still on amazon; but in general, when I look back at it, I figure it was way too ambitious of a project. Not bad though. You live, you learn. Do I have your gmail?

Comment Re:What's with turkey anyway (Score 1) 189

Zontar, long time no talk to, man. How the fuck are ya?
Just moved to the American south again. It's interesting, how many varieties of thanksgiving birds are available here. Everything from cornish game hens, to duck, to goose, I've even seen pheasant.

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