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Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 2) 473

On a more serious note, I don't see Israel as any kind of good guy here. The fact that their opponents are, by comparison, monstrous, doesn't excuse what's going on.

I will also say that you bring up one big thing that is entirely missing- because Arabic is not a common language outside of the middle east, most Americans have no goddamned idea what's going on. Buddhists and Islamists melt together in one pool of "oppressed peoples" that is generally understood only by reflex. Some random powerless hick in Alabama says something insensitive about black folks and that's national news, some soldier of a terrorist regime promises literal genocide and then slaughters people, that's just whatever and you see it linked to on some blog.

The arabic stuff is pretty heavy.
They'll say things more openly when they think Westerners aren't watching.
I've been following it for years.

Dude, I'm not going to fault you for that, man. I'm not asking for unconditional support of Israel.

But I do wonder why the West fixates on Israel the way they do. It's not like there would be world peace tomorrow if they solved this one. There are some serious problems with human rights happening all over Africa, Persia, the Far East. Ten actual genocides with shrinking (rather than growing populations) going on today that people couldn't care less about. Not to mention over a dozen military occupations around the world, some of which are longer running and more severe than the one in Israel. Honor Killings, Gender Apartheid, Slavery. These are real problems that cover almost half the planet, but none of them are issues in Israel. And ironically, many of the perpetrators of those crimes are on the UN human rights council. It's absolutely mind blowing.

Comment Re:You're right on that: Israel doesn't care (Score 5, Insightful) 473

Great comment Geoff.
The thing to remember here is that yes, they are asking for special review powers. And there's good reason to be skeptical there.
But, they aren't asking Youtube to remove anything that's not already in violation of their community standards (I think they us community standards at yt, not sure).

And historically, Israel does have a pretty good track record here. The domestic newspapers routinely post anti-government material, op-eds that would make you blush, and they even allow Parliament members who have actually been guilty of treason (MK Zoabi) to serve, and say whatever they like on the floor of the Knesset. Granted, they don't have absolute freedom of speech -- but we don't have that in America anymore either.

Not saying they can do no wrong. Just that I don't think this would affect anyone who's not recruiting for a terrorist organization like Hamas or Daesh. If you are recruiting for a known terrorist organization, well... I suppose that's your business. You've got bigger problems at that point than what's on Youtube.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 5, Interesting) 473

Israel is not trying to censor speech. They're trying to stop incitement.

Maybe their soldiers should stop executing people in the streets if they don't want videos of their soldiers executing people in the streets to be on the internet. That would be, like, the fastest way to avoid any more of those videos being posted.

Soldiers in the streets, Israeli tactics right or wrong. Neither of those are the topic of the OP. Why not TRFA before bothering me with this nonsense?

Okay, so going to assume you want terrorists to disseminate training, propaganda, and ethnically motivated hate speech material so that they can gleefully murder more civilians.

How many other terror groups outside of Palestine do you wholeheartedly support in this way? Are you a fan of Daesh/ISIS? Do you think El-Shabab are nice guys? How about Boko Haram? All of them have similar grievances with the West, Jews, and Post Enlightenment society in general. Should they also be allowed to spread recruiting and training material in public forums?

You sure you've thought this through?

Comment Re:Bad stuff happens in war (Score 2) 473

I usually have faith in the posters on Slashdot, but not on this issue. I think it's going to be easy to see that the American educational system has failed us in profound and meaningful ways.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think you're more likely to see a lot of pent up ignorant self involved anger on this topic, than any attempts at an honest, serious discussion of any actual issues related to Israel.

In the threads above, the readers can't even tell the difference between what is meant by incitement, and what is considered speech. They keep tacking on things that really make me wonder if they have any understanding of the subject at all. It's a very simple distinction.

Comment Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 4, Insightful) 473

I think nearly everyone that's commented on this so far has either missed the point, gone off the deep end, or strayed way off topic.

Israel is not trying to censor speech. They're trying to stop incitement.
In other words, they're trying to stop predominantly arabic language terrorist recruiting and training material.

If you have a rudimentary grasp of Arabic, I highly recommend searching for recruiting and training material put out by groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, even Daesh. Though, in truth, if you did, you would probably get flagged by homeland security in whatever country you're in. In that pile there are some real classics like How to Make a Pipe Bomb, Optimal Use of a Suicide Vest, and (my favorite) How to Stab a Jew. These videos are already in violation of Youtube terms of service on at least three counts I can think of.

Nobody is going to take down your stupid "fuck israel" video, and seriously, nobody even wants to.
Unless you're a senior member of Hamas, your opinions simply don't matter to anyone who has any kind of sway in the government.

Comment Don't do it. (Score 1) 192

Honestly man, if you value your job, don't rock this boat.
If the management group thought that it needed to be upgraded, it would be. You can be assured of that.
Proposing it yourself cannot possibly end well for you.

Even if it goes well, better than expected, and it's not a huge undertaking, you're still going to have a lot of resentment on your team from people who simply don't want to do it. When and if management ever forces them to do it, it's going to be your fault, especially if the changes are radical. Your fault means loss of good will on the team, or with managers.

The caveat to that being that you're best friends with the CEO or CTO, and you can do essentially anything you want.
Short of that... don't rock this boat.

In a year, when someone else gets this idea, and manages to get the changes through... you'll thank me.

Comment Re:Kansas City (Score 1) 464

Shh.... nobody wants to live in Kansas City. Google fiber is a myth. Does not exist. The whole thing is a scam, wifi speeds still suck, and latency is high. We're next to Johnson county, which is hell on earth. Our drivers are terrible. Worse than Nashville or Boston. The place is land locked. Tons of fat stupid rednecks that hate nerds here. In other words, Walmarts everywhere. Worst sports teams in professional sports bar none here. The place is very "southy." You'll get made fun of. There are no tech jobs anywhere. You'll hate it. When you've spent some time in Kansas City, you'll wish you were never born. I'm telling you this for your own good. Stay away. If you're happy in San Francisco, please, stay in San Francisco. It's for the best. Seriously.

Comment Mostly weekly. (Score 2) 319

I re-image mine from an image I made, stored on a server in the middle of the house. Every time the machine boots, it re-images the OS image on the local hard drive, thoroughly destroying anything else that might have been on the disk. When an update to the main image is necessary, I make a new one.

I create those once about every six months, unless there's an emergency patch like Heartbleed. This works on all of the computers in my home. Wife and daughter go through the same process on their machines.

Boot to Ghost, install os, play, run, do whatever. In the event of a virus, it's short lived. When I attended Berkeley, this was the way they had set up their computer lab. I remember, at the time, being intrigued by the setup.

Now that I have myself, my wife, and a five year old all using machines around the house (nine distinct pc's), I have a practical use application for this.

Since I implemented this about five years ago, we have had virtually no problems with it. The drawback of course is that it's a lot easier to do if your machines, desktops, laptops, etc, all match. Learned that one the hard way, but good now.

My machine gets shut down about once a week. My daughter is always letting the battery burn down on her laptop, so she images more frequently than anyone else in the house. My wife is also at about once a week.

Leveraging always beats prototyping.