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Comment: Re:LIAR (Score 1) 19

by smitty_one_each (#47732595) Attached to: I must credit the president for being consistent
You have falsely asserted certainty concerning my views in this thread, and now it looks like you're trying to justify this bogus assertion. I'm telling you that I have never considered BHO as an "anti-Christ", and I consider joking about such to be of an equivalent crassness to Nazi jokes in a synagogue.

There is plenty of evidence in your own conspiracy-backed comments to support my claim. In fact the only way that my claim would not be supported by your own comments would be if you either don't actually believe in the conspiracy theories you relentlessly post here, or if you would welcome the nation that would result if they came to fruition.

I guess the encouraging news is that the bulk of readers who spend any time perusing these JEs don't really have much respect for either your opinions or your argumentation.

Comment: How about admitting. . . (Score 1) 44

by smitty_one_each (#47727259) Attached to: A statement to ponder
How about admitting that trying to collapse the entire spectrum of motives for founding the colonies, and subsequently this country, cannot be seriously collapsed to something as trite as "They came over to make a fast buck." The obvious opener is that the currency at the time of arrival was the pound, not the dollar; no one made "a fast buck" for a couple of centuries after Columbus.

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