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Comment Duck Tape (Score 1) 295

They can't be independent. They will be too dependent on the supply chain back at Earth to be independent. Until they have basic industry, including bulk mineral and chemical processing, metal smelting, and plastics manufacturing all up and running reliably on the Mars surface, they're dependent on supplies from Earth. So, basically, until they can make their own Duck Tape... No independence for them!

Comment Re:The Root Problem (Score 1) 109

This is like reading the reviews on the guitar sites... Is the Ruby tube better than the JJ? Is the Electro Harmonix better or is the Tung-Sol? What about the Mullard? How good is the JAN Sylvania? How do those compare to a NOS RCA? What tube sounds best for clean tone? What is best for overdrive?

Disclosure: I own two tube based guitar amps, one of which is an old kit I just gutted and am in the process of re-designing...

Comment third race in progress (Score 2) 99

There is a third race starting. It's moving very slowly but there has been investment in it. The race to mine asteroids. It will be a long while before we see any results and I expect a couple of failures. Perhaps spectacular ones. It'll be fun to watch anyway.

Comment Needed (Score 4, Informative) 148

They need this. Dominion has a significant number of older (built in late '50's and early '60's) coal fired plants, which are all being shut down over the next couple of years because they cannot be brought up to a high enough standard to meet the new EPA requirements. They are also shutting down an 800 MWe oil fired unit built in the 1970s, because of the new EPA requirements and because it's not very economical to operate any more (it was only being used for peaking and to supply base load if one of the nuclear plants was shut down for service). We already depend on those nuclear plants for base load and we will be leaning on them more in the future

Dominion submitted an application to add a third reactor to the North Anna site in 2007. It's been in review since then. As I understand it, the plan is to put in a third generation ESBWR that will nearly double the North Anna site's output. The reactor design was finally approved late 2014. Hopefully they'll get site approval to start construction soon.

Comment Re:OS/2 is dead, get over it. (Score 1) 262

The rumor is, the rights for OS/2 are partially owned by Microsoft, and they won't agree to make it open source. Unless something changes, projects like this one make no sense.

That's not really a rumor. It was originally a joint project, until there was a disagreement and a splitting of ways. IBM continued on with a release as OS/2 and Microsoft released the "New Technology" NT kernel. There's likely joint ownership on a lot of the original kernel code.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 345

I call Amex before I travel. It's just a good idea to let them know in advance. Same is true for my Capital One card, I call them before I travel. That way I'm not standing in an airport, on the phone, trying to convince them that, yes, it really is me, when I'm trying to pay my bar tab.

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