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Comment Re:The algorithm isn't clever, but scales well. (Score 1) 82

So don't compare only 2 DNA strings at once, or you can compromise and get good imperfect results. Every time you discover a matching sequence, you can leverage the information you have gained from earlier comparisons. DASH: Searching Compressed DNA (disclosure; A friend's PHD thesis).

Comment Re:related: My native FLEX / 6809 machine emulator (Score 2) 78

A friend of mine is building a C65 clone. It started as a hobby, using an FPGA to implement the CPU, RAM, sound & video chips. But a whole bunch of 8-bit enthusiasts have joined together to start building everything from cases to IO boards for connecting original peripherals.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 5, Interesting) 221

Builds in Go 1.5 will be slower by a factor of about two. The automatic translation of the compiler and linker from C to Go resulted in unidiomatic Go code that performs poorly compared to well-written Go. Analysis tools and refactoring helped to improve the code, but much remains to be done. Further profiling and optimization will continue in Go 1.6 and future releases. For more details, see these slides and associated video.

And replacing it with something slower.

Comment Re:Technically, suspend is not the problem. (Score 1) 378

Not quite. kmscon uses the same key binding format as X because it re-uses the same code.

I tried using it once, I replaced one of my consoles with kmscon and the only difference I saw was a subtle change in text colours. The fonts and other terminal behaviour seemed identical.

But it only seemed to work for me with the open source driver for nvidia cards. And that has other limitations.

Comment Re:Technically, suspend is not the problem. (Score 1) 378

To fix this would require moving the HID key value translations into the kernel keyboard driver, rather than having it (mostly) in user space in all three instances (X, Weyland, console).

Or just remove in-kernel VT consoles completely, and replace them with a user-space implementation.

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