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Comment Re:"Climate contrarians" (Score 0, Troll) 252

"and NO ONE in mainstream science is predicting *weather* or exact temperatures in "the following decades" and you well know it"

that's because we should all already be dead from all the predictions made in the 70's 80's 90's and even some idiots predicted bad things would happen by now in the 00's.

that's the problem 40 years of failed predictions leave us tired of the doom and gloom. tired of the power/money grab. just tired of pathetic Chicken Littles, crying wolf all the time.

your earth death cult tires us. stop trying to hijack science and pretend your shit don't stink.

Comment Re:Politician-Speak (Score 2) 875

Trump is not a Republican, at least not in action or belief system. The real Republican is Ted Cruz, in actions and belief system. Until recently Trump was a registered Democrat. He's very far LEFT. He actually came out for taking money out of "rich" peoples bank accounts.

There is nothing conservative or Republican about him.

Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 5, Insightful) 547

you don't know which culture is "better"? you may be a victim of political correctness. i'm not so let me help you a bit.

the one that doesn't believe in killing and raping the infidels is better.
the one that believes woman are equal to men is better.
the one that believes in not killing homo sexuals is better.

the list goes on, but it always comes back to western culture is better!

Comment i don't think you are using your brain (Score 0, Flamebait) 166

"Israel from its constant aggression"

what world do you live in? you're an idiot.

Israel is constantly under attack from practically everyone in the region. The very ones you wish to give nukes to, wants to kill all the Jews and remove Israel from the map.

Giving nukes to a religious group of people who want the end of the world, and doesn't care about M.A.D. is a double plus ungood bad thing.

it's people like you that enable people like that to continue doing the things they do.

Comment Re:2030: Endgame for Humans (Score 1) 106

you'd think the religion of climate would have learned by now to stop making grandiose predictions in such short time frames. by the year $YEAR, we'll have no more $X and all $Y will be gone!!! let alone predicting the mass extinction of humans. that's just silly. i've lived through far too many of these false prophecies, and have come to see their real purpose. which is to give control over your life to their cult, or be labeled a denier/skeptic/heretic.

and to question is forbidden.

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