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Comment: Re: Of Course (Score 0) 114

by theshowmecanuck (#48885173) Attached to: Apple Agrees To Chinese Security Audits of Its Products
I had the same first reaction but after thinking, there is some merit to this idea. China has a fairly stable set of policies. North America and Europe often change policies based on election cycles and what the latest 'lobbyist' put in his political puppet's pocket. No judgement on what the best system is, but the point does have some merit. Both of course have even more back room deals.

Comment: Re:Useless Art Project (Score 2) 162

by theshowmecanuck (#48882693) Attached to: Researchers Moot "Teleportation" Via Destructive 3D Printing
This idea has been used in several scifi and fantasy stories/books for how to transport people. In a few they expand a bit on the possible moral conundrums this can cause. This is just an applied science version of the same thing. Would you blast a post about a scifi story that this kind of discussion? Scifi is near and dear to most slashdot readers.

Comment: Disrupt to ISP's Gorilla Broadband?? (Score 0) 54

Could something like this could completely hose all the ISP's if open sourced and if it works well? Here's the concept: People like the dd wrt folks could customize router firmware to act as repeaters and whoever wants can set up relay stations with home type routers, weatherproofed and sitting on a pole outside if need be, creating a de facto municipal wireless broadband network without needing ISP's. I guess some question are: how to hook it up to the regular Internet's backbone, address space, etc. Could a Gorilla Internet be created with something like this?

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