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I guess you forgot history, have a nice future. Rationalize why you can ignore what's happening to your neighbours all you want. I wish I knew your country so I could drink a toast and laugh when you are paying Russian taxes soon. I remember when everyone in Europe pussy footed around the Serbs while they ran Bosnian death camps and murdered thousands (Srebenicia? thanks Holland... but that was kind of recursive... Dutch had to rely on European fire support.... Europeans are famous for all talk no action.... Dutch are European... full circle... The people of Srebenicia never had a chance... ). Europeans only wanted to talk and negotiate while people died. Even Chretien that piece of shit let us watch our soldiers tied to a stake on a hill by the Serbs. To Europe's BORROR Clinton came in and bombed the shit out of Serb areas. "Oh please don't do that, we have to live next to these Serbs (backed by Russia who were therefor complicit) and they will be angry with us... we just want to talk." And how about that? The Serbs backed off. You can't talk to bullies. Third world, first world, Putin is still a bully. Talk is cheap for him. Have fun with your new overseer. Are you from Holland or did you just learn to ignore your neighbours being killed by them? Or are you a Russian shill? By the way, the first step in rationalizing inaction is to tell yourself and others the real solution is too simplistic so you can can't do anything.

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The emails belong to their customers. What do you think their customers will do when all the their emails disappear? What would you do if your email provider decided to delete all your emails? In some instances it may be moot, that is for customers who make sure to download all email to at least one physical hard drive in their possession. I know I always make sure my emails don't live 100% 'in the cloud' on imap servers. But I am pretty sure most people don't follow my approach. Also, what about backups?

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Enjoy the new cold war and worries of invasion. You deserve it. At least the nuclear scientists will have work rebuilding the nuclear stockpiles. Glad you'll have Russian tactical nukes pointed at you again, and NATO exercises chewing up your farmland. The movie industry will have their old enemy back and authors can start writing more post apocalypse books. I guess I have a more pessimistic outlook if we don't do anything now.

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To answer your questions about Ukraine:

Supply Ukraine with weapons and training on them immediately . Anti armour weapons, man packable anti aircraft missiles, personal weapons, tanks (leopards would be nice), APCs, etc etc. Yes I know significant training is needed on some but it can be expedited/sped up (I have military experience from when I was younger so I'm not naive). The concept of running a tank should be the same to any tank crew for example... it is just the specifics of each model. Worrying about Russia learning about them is silly. They likely know a whole lot about our stuff already.

Fire Germany's reactors back up so they can reduce or eliminate Russian natural gas. Heavy meaningful sanctions that will actually hurt Russians at home. You do understand qthat Russia wants Ukraine under its thumb after this don't you? What Putin wants will essentially be Russia on the Polish border. He was an agent in Germany. He dreams of owning the Baltic states, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. again. And when he has them, the rest of Europe will be scratching their collective arses and saying, "Gee, how'd that happen?"

And quite frankly I'd love to see my government force natural gas pipelines to our coasts (and fast) so we can be an alternate supplier of natural gas to Europe. Fuck Putin and anyone in Russia who supports him.

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by theshowmecanuck (#47793855) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars
Which is why the previous UK government was looking at road pricing, even going so far as a pilot study with four companies (I worked directly on this for one of them). And as cars move to alternative fuels/power many places that use tax revenue generated gasoline and diesel will be looking very seriously at doing this for real.

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Europeans, when push comes to shove, are generally useless when it comes to standing up for what is right. So even though these are foreign, presumably European emails, residing on European servers, once the appeal process finishes Microsoft will start downloading the data to US servers. And then the EU nations will promptly call a summit, bicker amongst themselves till the download is complete, whine a lot, but ultimately do nothing. Just like they are doing with Ukraine. Given a choice of doing something meaningful that needs doing but might cause some discomfort and conflict, they would rather rationalize why they don't do anything. Kind of like Obama too (and I am not a Republican/conservative or libertarian... I'm independent).

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I'm not saying panic either. But I wouldn't blow them off. I would think that the biggest barrier they have is access to the equipment and materials to build what they want. They number in the tens of thousands at least, and we keep hearing how many were engineering grads or university students. They can't all be stupid. But sure another roadblock they will have are the throngs of stupid people they have lumped themselves in with. The thing is for biological warfare they don't even need weapons systems. They'll just infect a few hundred 'martyrs' and put them on a plane somewhere. Pneumonic plague (black death) doesn't need physical contact.

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