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Comment: Re:The poison pin ... (Score 1) 335

The second password shouldn't brick the phone, it should take you to a second version of your phone's file system, which contains only the "happy birds" game, a collection of bad but sincere teenage poetry, and a spreadsheet listing the names of each member of Canada's federal government cabinet alongside a 6 figure dollar number.

... just like every assassin's phone.

Comment: They must suspect everyone. (Score 1) 335

yet Border Services thinks they need to inspect the data on everyone's phones?

No, not everyone's phones, just phones of people they suspect of something. It's the same deal with inspecting the contents of suitcases. They don't inspect everyone's suitcases, just some of them.

They must suspect everyone, because every suitcase gets X-Rayed.

core error - bus dumped