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Comment: Re:Falsifiability (Score 1) 167

by camperdave (#48230399) Attached to: High Speed Evolution
Yes, we can sit there and observe how a new organism is produced from the parents. We can sit there and observe how this produces new things for natural selection to test, and we can set there and observe that the less successful ones don't get to breed. And yes, we can sit there and observe that in not breeding their genes become less likely to be present in the following generations, and that the following generations develop general traits based on the above.

However, none of that is evidence that it is not designed.

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by camperdave (#48224405) Attached to: No More Lee-Enfield: Canada's Rangers To Get a Tech Upgrade
I put my car in the summer sun all the time. It never gets that hot. Ever. You've had other people tell you the same thing. Website after website after website show temperatures levelling out at around 50C, yet you claim temperatures three times that. At first I thought you might be confusing Fahrenheit and Celsius, which is why I stressed on boiling water, but you persist.

You ask what latitude has to do with solar heating of a car. At noon on the spring equinox, the sun is going to be beating straight down on the roof of a car. On the same day at the North pole, the sunlight is going to be travelling horizontally straight through the car. Even at the peak of summer, the sun is only 23.5 degrees above the horizon. The bulk of the sun's rays are going to travel straight through the car. Latitude is crucial to how much energy the car can absorb.

You say that the air temperature is irrelevant to the heat inside the car. This is clearly false. Cars are not perfect insulators. Heat flows out of them, and the rate at which the heat flows out is proportional to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside temperatures. So, in the cold of the arctic, the heat is going to flow out faster than it would in the Arizona desert.

You claim Siberia in the summer is one of the hottest places on Earth. You ask if the dash implies the outside of the vehicle. You claim that the windows of a car are always perpendicular to the sun.

I can come to only one conclusion...

I have been trolled.

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by camperdave (#48209231) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

Dont let your idiots in parliment go all panic mode like the Raving Morons we have running this place in Washington DC.

This was a rare incident by a insane person, nothing more. Put more money into public mental health.

That's funny! We were saying the pretty much the same thing to you back in 2001. Well, apart from the Washington DC part.

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