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Comment: Re:Hype pain (Score 1) 64

by camperdave (#49503251) Attached to: Rocket Lab Unveils "Electric" Rocket Engine
At 3g, it took the shuttle 8.5 minutes to get to Low Earth Orbit. This rocket is going at 30g. If things scale, then it will take less than a minute to reach orbit. Even if it took 5 minutes, there are three stages on this rocket. The batteries need to run for two minutes, max. In other words, you don't need big heavy batteries. Small, lightweight batteries will do just fine.

Comment: Re:Fuck you, clickbaiter (Score 1) 143

by camperdave (#49466199) Attached to: Spain's Hologram Protest: Thousands Join Virtual March In Madrid

I really hate summaries that conspicuously omit the only thing that's really important in the whole article.

I hate comments that say that something is "really important" but don't explain what it is.

So, which "really important" thing in the article is missing from the summary?

The technology behind this hologram.

Comment: Re:questions answered below (Score 1) 277

What the hell is a "lid"? You mean like those old flip-phones which people used 15 years ago?

OF COURSE! What do you think we're talking about? Didn't you read through the thread you're replying to? Shakrai said he tried going back to a flip phone. I said it would be cool to have a flip phone that chirped when you opened it.

Comment: Re:questions answered below (Score 1) 277

I wonder if someone's made a smartphone app for that: every time you press the button to turn on your phone's screen, it chirps with the Star Trek sound.

Turn on the phone's screen? You mean after you open the phone, you have to turn it on? Why don't they build that into the lid?

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