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I thought Slashdot was the best place to ask. Many times I've seen pieces of news about Amigas and usually they're warmly received (are they not outdated?).

That's nostalga kicking in. The Amiga was an amazing piece of technology back in the day; a powerful, multimedia capable, grown-up computer for those who cut their teeth on the Commodore 64 and Vic-20 computers. A last generation, PalmOS 5 based PDA is not going to tug at the nostalga heartstrings. Furthermore, the warmly received stories are about people who have accomplished something with the old hardware, who have gotten their machines to do something above and beyond what people thought they were capable of; not stories about noobs who dug their dad's old computer out of the attic and are trying to get it going again.

I'm wondering why so many people are saying stuff like "let it go", "it's useless", "learn a language." Other people are linking me to LMGTFY as if I haven't spent hours looking for working links.

I think there is a parallel phenomenon to XKCD's Today's Ten Thousand. It is a lot easier to say "You're doing it the wrong way", than to try to understand what you might be trying to actually do, and provide guidance accordingly. Sadly, when people do that, both you and they miss out on a little piece of life.

Consider why you are doing what you want to do. I know it can be exciting to get a free whatever, and spend lots of time trying to get that whatever running. It can seem like a golden opportunity, but it can be a really easy way to waste a boatload of time. If you are not locked in to getting the Tungsten E2 going; if it is just an excuse to get into programming something, perhaps you should consider something like the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino, or the BASIC Stamp. These systems are meant for hacking, have active user and developer communities, boast loads of open source software, and are relatively cheap, as opposed to the closed source, unhackable Tungsten E2.

Having said that, I don't have any concrete advice to give you. I have never done any programming for portable devices, although I used a Handspring Visor regularly up until a few years ago when the case fell apart. PalmOS was already considered dead before that point. Perhaps you could try the Wayback Machine for some leads.

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by camperdave (#47517515) Attached to: 'Optical Fiber' Made Out of Thin Air
But, does it bend? After all, that's the point behind fiberoptics, to be able to snake a light beam around corners and through tight spaces so that we don't have to maintain perfect optical alignment over a distance. So, what's the point of this setup? Does it keep moths away by burning them on the outer beams?

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by camperdave (#47509541) Attached to: Favorite "Go!" Phrase?
Well, there was that episode where someone drugged some wine, and everyone who drank it passed out immediately from one sip. The Doctor (Tom Baker) took two full gulps of wine, watched as everyone passed out, and stuttered out the phrase "p-p-potent stuff" before passing out himself. As far as a catch phrase, he was always offering people a jelly baby.

Still, it's not what I would call a "go!" phrase.

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