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Comment: But... (Score 3, Insightful) 115

by camperdave (#47517515) Attached to: 'Optical Fiber' Made Out of Thin Air
But, does it bend? After all, that's the point behind fiberoptics, to be able to snake a light beam around corners and through tight spaces so that we don't have to maintain perfect optical alignment over a distance. So, what's the point of this setup? Does it keep moths away by burning them on the outer beams?

Comment: Re:Allons-y! (Score 1) 701

by camperdave (#47509541) Attached to: Favorite "Go!" Phrase?
Well, there was that episode where someone drugged some wine, and everyone who drank it passed out immediately from one sip. The Doctor (Tom Baker) took two full gulps of wine, watched as everyone passed out, and stuttered out the phrase "p-p-potent stuff" before passing out himself. As far as a catch phrase, he was always offering people a jelly baby.

Still, it's not what I would call a "go!" phrase.

Comment: Re:Gentlemen, start your engines. (Score 1) 701

by camperdave (#47500355) Attached to: Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

Remember that Denning is addressing the Heartland Institute organised ICCC6 conference.

You say that as if it is supposed to mean something to me - as if I am supposed to respond with "Oh! The HEARTLAND INSTITUTE organized the conference? Why didn't you say so! Oh, the irony! Denning is going to tear them a new corn hole!". Well, let me share my contextual understanding of your sentence: Remember that [Unknown individual] is addressing the [Unknown Institute] organised [Unknown Acronym] conference.

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