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Comment Re:Was going to give it a try... (Score 1) 90

Saucer separation was a capability of the TOS generation, Constitution class starship. Kirk even told Scottie to jettison the nacelles and get the saucer section out of danger on two occasions (The Savage Curtain and The Apple). The saucer could only be re-connected to the nacelles at a repair dock, though.

Comment Re: Debian Spiral (Score 1) 218

I wasn't claiming that fast reboots were advantageous. I was merely saying that you need to reboot a (cold) server from time to time or you won't know if your backups are actually working properly. Meh. Servers are all virtual anyways these days, started and stopped on demand.

Comment Re:Population/Area has to be a factor (Score 2) 278

Comparing population density is overly simplistic. You've got to compare vehicle density, intersection density, sidewalk to road areas, average commute distances, traffic control models, climate, and a plethora of other statistics. For example, if Barcelona only has three cars, of course there's going to be less traffic fatalities.

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