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Comment: Re:North Pole (Score 1) 485

by camperdave (#49740671) Attached to: The Brainteaser Elon Musk Asks New SpaceX Engineers
You are misunderstanding the starting point. The starting point is one mile north of these rings.

The other, less common answer, is that there are an infinite number of places on the Earth, where you would end up at the starting location if you were to travel one mile south, west, then north. And that is anywhere 1.159 miles north of the South Pole. You would travel south for one mile, putting you at .159 miles north of the South Pole. Then travelling one mile west would cause you to make a complete circle around the South Pole, ending where the westward mile started. Then travel one mile north and that would put you back at your original starting point.

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 3, Insightful) 215

by camperdave (#49728053) Attached to: Trojanized, Info-Stealing PuTTY Version Lurking Online
Don't you think that a person who is making a malicious version of Putty is also capable of putting MD5 checksums of the malicious code on their download site? Checking MD5 sums against those published by the author is useless. You need to check against publicly verified, independently published checksums.

Comment: Re:Sure, a "letter" (Score 0) 121

there is absolutely no other reason to do this than being bribed outright and openly.

I can think of a reason: The good of the country and its peoples are best served by having a long copyright.

Of course, I'm not saying I agree with that reason, or that it is true in any way. However, if it were true, then a politician would be doing exactly the right thing in supporting it.

Comment: Re:This is a ridiculous way to make concrete. (Score 1) 94

by camperdave (#49698941) Attached to: Biologists Create Self-Healing Concrete

If you can't produce crack free concrete, there is something wrong with you.

Concrete is often deliberately cracked to allow for thermal expansion and contraction. That's why we have lines on the sidewalks and joints in the roads. These bacteria would fill those in and cause heaving.

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