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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Twenty Nine

Journal by mcgrew

Destiny and me woke up at the same time the next morning. We cuddled a while, made love again, then made coffee and took a shower together while the robots made us steak and cheese omelettes and toast and hash browns. Destiny put on the news. There was something about a problem in one of the company's boat factories; some machinery malfunctioned and killed a guy. I sure took notice of that! They didn't really have much information about it, though

Comment: Re:What if he forgot it? (Score 3, Informative) 240

by camperdave (#47418613) Attached to: UK Computing Student Jailed After Failing To Hand Over Crypto Keys
It doesn't matter. In the UK, you face jail time for not turning over passwords... even if you can prove you never had them. If the cops think that a photo has steganographically hidden data, you must produce the decryption key, or face jail time. If some anonymous so and so sends you a floppy disk, or USB stick, you must produce the decryption keys to any files on it.

Comment: Re: 2 months, but they all quit! (Score 1) 123

by camperdave (#47410441) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...
No. It's *YOUR* CFLs that are complete junk. I bought a bunch (Philips Marathon, 900 lumen, 15 Watt) about five or six years ago and have yet to have one fail. I don't have any of that "build up to full brightness" nonsense I've seen in other bulbs. It's full brightness right away.

So, given the experience that I and a significant number of CFL purchasers have had, is it any wonder that we scratch our heads at your bad luck and wonder about your power quality.

Comment: Re:oh you fly with no front windows .... how cute. (Score 1) 463

Let me bring up the subject of the entire story: "Airbus Patents Windowless Cockpit That Would Increase Pilots' Field of View". So what is the point in bringing up a plane as an example of a windowless cockpit when it clearly has cockpit windows?

Comment: Re:Chattel slavery is so passé (Score 1) 20

by mcgrew (#47406323) Attached to: The Counter-Revolution of 1776

You're a little behind the times, that stopped eighteen years ago when PWORA was passed and AFDC abolished.

These days slaves are made with "right to work" laws and strict limits on the extent of the safety net.

I gained my freedom this past February. YAY! Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, I'm free at last!

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Twenty Eight

Journal by mcgrew

"Good morning, Mister Green."
"Good morning, Mister Osbourne. Ladies, gentlemen, I had a particularly trying day yesterday, as a few of you know," the CEO said, looking at his chief of engineering. "We have a serious problem in the company and it lands squarely in your laps. Folks, we're getting complacent and sloppy and it stops right here and right now or heads are going to roll.

Comment: Re:Failsafe? (Score 1) 463

--Agreed, except when the glass is hit by a laser, or covered with ice/snow/birdsplat/debris...

All of those would take out a camera as well, with a window having the benefit that one can simply shift one's head and see out beside the birdsplat/ice/debris/whatever. Straight-Outta-Luck with the laser, with both systems though.

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