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Comment A true blessing (Score 1) 424

So, they decided to ignore the bullshit you imposed on the series halfway through? Thank goodness, that means we're getting back to the real Star Wars.

It's well-documented that you were just making it up as you went along in the original trilogy.

It wasn't until you made the prequels that you had this whole "generational soap opera" "vision" driving the thing, and the result was decidedly inferior. They're tossing away that "saga" nonsense you imposed post-hoc in favor of something that pleases the fans? That's perfect. That's the only way we're ever going to get anything actually true to the actual original vision of Star Wars.

Comment Re:What a f@cking tool (Score 3, Funny) 485

Anyone been accusing Snowden of climate warming yet?

No, but a farmer here had a three-legged calf born on a blue moon. We can legitimately tie that to Snowden making a deal with the devil. We should burn him. If he doesn't burn, he's a witch. If he does burn, then we owe him an apology.

Comment Re:How is it a problem? (Score 3, Interesting) 143

I may be mis-remembering, but it seems like a summer or 2 ago, there was a day with 2 leap seconds in it.

Not possible. The leap second committee folks have a mandate never to let the difference between the UTC and UT1 (mean solar time) readings exceed 0.9 seconds. They usually decide to apply a leap second whenever the difference between UTC and UT1 approaches 0.6 seconds. Furthermore, they can add a leap second at the end of any month, although there is a preference for June and December and a second preference for March and September. For there to be two leap seconds in a day, something catastrophic would have had to have happened, like California sliding into the ocean, the Yosemite supervolcano blowing, or the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.

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