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Comment: Re:How is this tech related? (Score 1) 136

by cayenne8 (#49768237) Attached to: EU Drops Plans For Safer Pesticides After Pressure From US

Seriously. If I wanted to know about other people's political beliefs, I would be on Facebook.

Well, how this affects human biology *IS* tech related IMHO.

And more and more...politics is affecting anything tech related in most any scientific field. Just try to come up with some new tech, put it on the market and see how far you before you're awash in a sea of regulations, paperwork and potential legal liability.

Comment: One thing to consider... (Score 2) 82 NOT give your social security number to any company for anything other than SS taxation.

I don't give it to insurance companies, nor to the utilities (yes I pay a deposit but I don't give them my SS number), etc.

You may have to argue a bit and get a manager, but if nothing else, if you can keep your SS number out of systems that will potentially be broken into, at least they won't get that info.

Comment: Re:imagine that. (Score 1) 113

by cayenne8 (#49719489) Attached to: Schools That Ban Mobile Phones See Better Academic Results

New York mayor Bill de Blasio has lifted a 10-year ban on phones on school premises, with the city's chancellor of schools stating that it would reduce inequality.

I"m still trying to figure this one out.

How the hell does not talking/texting on a cell phone during school hours exacerbate inequality??

If anything, I would think everyone NOT having a phone on them during school hours would put things MORE on an equal playing ground, no?

Comment: Re:This is a good thing! (Score 5, Insightful) 612

by cayenne8 (#49697459) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science

So I'm all for social justice articles all over the place. The harder the social justice crowd pushes their shit on everyday people, the quicker those people will come to resent social justice and those pushing it.


For goodness sake people. Grow a bit thicker skin and get on with life. Why would you let what someone says or how they act around you affect what YOU like to do or want to do? This world isn't about acceptance by everyone.

Sure, if someone is going out of their way to discriminate and keep you from employment or getting a job that's against the law.

But not playing nice with you is not the end of the world.

IN the real world, Mommy doesn't catch you when you fall and makes the boo-boo go away. Not everyone gets a trophy for just showing up. And no, not everyone is going to be nice to you and "friend" you on FB or whatever. There are idiots and jerks aplenty in this world, and you really don't have time in this short lifespan to waste effort on, grow some thicker skin and learn to ignore someone that isn't nice or even taunting you. Move on and get things done.

This is nothing new....pretty much human behavior since the dawn of time.

Comment: Re:You cannot know *WHO* is voting (Score 1) 258

by cayenne8 (#49693917) Attached to: Online Voting Should Be Verifiable -- But It's a Hard Problem

I don't see why "out of town" should be an excuse. Voting is done country-wide on the same day, is it not?

No, it is not.

All kinds of local election/voting days plus various state different states, etc.

The only national election is the federal Presidental election, which happens only every 4 years. The local elections are the ones that are arguably the more important ones that affect your life directly.

Comment: Re:You cannot know *WHO* is voting (Score 1) 258

by cayenne8 (#49692295) Attached to: Online Voting Should Be Verifiable -- But It's a Hard Problem

We need to be fair and make election day a National Holiday! So that everyone has the day off.

Well, that's not really possible, as that MOST elections and voting opportunities are not national, but local.

We seem to have many different times to go vote here in my area, if they made a national holiday for each time I had a chance to vote....combined with every other municipality/states' voting schedules....I'd have half a year off easily.

Federal presidential elections are quite few and far between...and frankly it is the voting locally that is more important and will affect you most directly.

And no, I don't think that voting should be compulsory....if you can't take the time and effort to go register and vote, chances are that you are not going to take any time and effort to learn what the current amendments or ordinances or taxes being proposed are, nor are you going to pay attention to which politicians are standing and promising what.

Comment: Re:There I fixed it for you... (Score 4, Interesting) 152

by cayenne8 (#49682845) Attached to: How Responsible Are App Developers For Decisions Their Users Make?

if there is a pedestrian on the bridge, is he responsible for his own death? after all it is well known that people get hit by cars when they decide to walk near the road

if the car has a speedometer that goes to 140 mph, can the driver assume that the car can be driven at that speed?

if the owner of a car knows full well that their ignition switch is acting strange and they keep driving the car anyway, are they responsible for the resulting deaths?

I think I can answer these all with one of two responses. You pick the correct one:

1. Shit Happens

2. Use common sense (what happened to this option over the years?).

Comment: Re:There I fixed it for you... (Score 5, Interesting) 152

by cayenne8 (#49682785) Attached to: How Responsible Are App Developers For Decisions Their Users Make?

Good luck with that. They keep building better idiots.

Yep, to this day, I"m still amazed that we have to have warning tags on hair blow dryers, that not only have it in print, but also with cartoon like diagrams warning you to NOT use the blow dryer while in the bathtub filled with water.

Seriously, I wonder if the depth of our litigious society has started to seriously interfere with natural selection, by keeping idiot genes in the pool when they should have weeded themselves out years ago.

Comment: Re:carsickness (Score 1) 435

by cayenne8 (#49682197) Attached to: Will Robot Cars Need Windows?

Says the guy with an SUV as a name.

Actually the name is a chile pepper first.

At least that's what the Sportscar marketing dept would like you to believe. If you live in any decent sized city, then driving and adventures are mutually exclusive. I have friends with $200k sportscars. Getting in and out of them is a drudge. Stop, start, stop, start in traffic is a drudge. Finding a park that you feel safe leaving your car is a drudge. I can get anywhere quicker on my $5000 sportsbike, and it's a lot more fun too.

Well, I live in New Orleans...and even though MUCH of the city is one huge speed bump, when I do hit the drivable areas, I have no problem having a heavy foot. And on the why, no one goes less than 80mph most of the time.

I don't live in L.A. or NYC where they have gridlock traffic, no. But I've driven in Houston, and Dallas and other southern cities, and I have no problems going fast most anywhere I want. I tend not to drive during rush, that's not a problem.

And as far as parking...sure, I'm slightly cautious, but my thoughts are "Hey, that's what insurance is for".

So, in reality I "DO" enjoy my sports cars whenever I get into them. I drive them fast most anywhere I go and I have a blast. A sports bike is nice for recreational exercise, but not for daily needs of going here and there, shopping weekly for groceries (Hell, even I have to sometimes make 2 trips since my car is small).....and general life needs.

Most people in the US need a car for daily use, I figure why not make it a FUN one!!!!

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