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Comment: Re:That is okay (Score 1) 260

If unions were just collective bargaining groups nobody would oppose them. The problem are the laws that give them extra rights and the fact they typically resort to violence to get their way.

Workers should absolutely have the right to bargain as a collective. But the employer should also have the right not to negotiate and to fire all of those employees and hire replacements. The reason people don't like unions is they will resort to violence to prevent willing people from taking the jobs they abandoned.

Comment: Use it as a weapon (Score 1) 335

by trout007 (#49142511) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

Use your estimate precision as a bargaining chip for things your need. Typically what impacts my estimate is requirement uncertainty. So give an estimate with an error +200/-10% error. If we could just finalize these particular requirements my estimate would improve. This way a manager will focus on getting the requirements fixed.

I was once given a "project" and I asked for the requirements document. They said there are no requirements so I happily said great I'm done designing!

Comment: Re:Winter... (Score 1) 260

by dargaud (#49137789) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
I commute on steep trails (on the way down), and I loose a lot of studs on the rocks. Since I have 1000m of altitude difference, there's either too much snow on top, or too many rocks at the bottom. Schwalbe sells a kit to put studs back inside the tire and I use it extensively !

Comment: Re:No wonder congress wants to defune DHS (Score 1) 276

by mrchaotica (#49136785) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average

I get, and sometimes sign, online petitions from the democrat party (as well as tea party-type petitions -- liberals incorrectly think I'm a liberal; conservatives incorrectly think I'm a conservative; go figure). One of the latest ones was titled something like "OMG, the Republicans want to shut down DHS; sign this to stop them!" and all I could think was that it's about damned time -- why the fuck would I want to stop them?! Shutting down DHS is an example of the Republicans doing something right, for a change!

But of course, since the Republicans are doing that the wingnut liberal lobbyists have to oppose them, even though it makes no damn sense...

Comment: Re:"Free" exercise (Score 1) 260

by dargaud (#49136631) Attached to: I ride a bike ...

I do miss not having an obvious time to check email, read the news, read a magazine or book etc

Yeah, but you can purchase open headphones with which to listen to the radio (or music) while you bike. The 'open' part is important as you can still hear your surroundings with those, while you can't with 'closed' headphones and it's dangerous to bike deaf. I recommend the Jabra Sport.

Comment: Re:But... (Score 1) 251

by mrchaotica (#49128367) Attached to: The Case Against E-readers -- Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading On Paper

I am highly literate and every once in a while I come across a word I recognize but want to find the EXACT meaning of.

Yeah, and the key phrase there is "every once in a while." A feature you use "every once in a while" is in no way the "fantastic benefit" that the GP claimed it to be -- the only way any feature can be a "fantastic benefit" is if you need to use it enough to make it so. Tautologically, anyone who needs to use a dictionary so damn often that having it instantly accessible is a "fantastic benefit" (rather than a minor one) is, in fact, illiterate.

But hey, thanks for entirely missing the point and then attacking me for it. That really sets a great example for how not to be a dick on the Internet!

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