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Comment Translation... (Score 1) 369

"Once again, we have massaged the data to prove the dubious claim that we have a new winner for 'hottest month' by a statistically insignificant amount in a swamp of data loaded with noise, and we're so proud of ourselves. The 'pause' never happened either, you know, we fixed that, too."

Comment It was 118 dead... (Score 0) 965

...and no one has the right to say, "We didn't know it was coming." When you knuckle under to a bully, you get more bullying, it's that simple. You show a spine, then and only then do they respect you. How many times do we have to learn this lesson before our "leaders" grow spines? My guess is, "thousands" since our "leaders" seem incapable of understanding that all their appeasement does is beg for more abuse.

Comment I can't help... (Score 1) 488

...but consider that a good thing. Given how those people have been fighting each other over every square inch of that land while indulging in their religious hobby of murdering people who have nothing to do with their problems nor any power to affect them, we may finally hope to see peace when the entire, bloodthirsty, lot of them die of heat stroke.

Comment Great. Just great... (Score 1) 67

Coming on top of Obama's huge "success" with Iran and nuclear weapons we can expect the following good things to come out of this:

- Iran will be excepted from conditions of the treaty
- China's compliance will be self-monitored and voluntary
- Russia's compliance will be mandatory and supervised by the UN, but they'll ignore the damn thing and do as they please while Obama takes all the credit, and the UN won't give a damn unless they can use global warming to shut down capitalism..

Comment Translation... (Score 1) 319

"...Oops they caught us in another out and out lie, so we have to pretend that was never what we meant. We will return to our regularly scheduled lying as soon as practical."

And notice once again another political arm of the UN, the IPCC, once again treated as if they were really "scientists" and not just socialist activists with retreaded 'community organizing' degrees trying to use the global warming agenda to torpedo capitalism...

Comment Programming... (Score 1) 358 takes a political left turn. Let's see - men accused of rape are guilty by definition. If some nebulous "entity" takes exception to something you write under your own open name they, too, will be able to bring down the lightning without any accountability on their part. Yup. Same mentality.

All of you, say it with me now: "Down with groupthink!"

Comment Well, looky here! (Score 1) 585

A regular "who's who" of the most Liberal and Progressive groups in the country are part of this new "coalition".

When I was in college, "Liberal" meant, among other things, "to believe in personal rights of individuals" with free speech first and foremost among them. Now people ask what happened to my "Liberalness". Bullshit. It's what happened to their "Liberalness" that makes me sound right-wing today.

Comment And how much effect will any of them really have? (Score 1) 173

The fact is, the sensationalism and sheer, unadulterated emotion invested in global warming has completely obscured the fact that we don't know how much of the current warming trend is human-caused. All we know is people are desperate to doctor the data to support their conclusions, and write computer models that invariably reflect their own biases, not one of which has ever produced results that have in any way matched reality over the last 25 years. Even true believers like Hockey-stick graph guy Michael Mann and dyed-in-the-wool liberal icons like Freeman Dyson are finally admitting this. We could very easily spend tens of trillions of dollars (or even more, if the UN actually has any influence), impoverishing ourselves and our posterity, only to discover that man actually accounts for 5%, or 10% of warming, meaning the net result of all that money spent will be measured in hundredths of a degree.

Quite frankly, that money would buy plenty of sandbags. It was the height of stupidity to rebuild New Orleans right where it was after Katrina so cheaply razed it for us. No matter who is right, it clearly remains in harm's way, as does most other low-lying property in the world. Democrats talk the talk very well but not one of them stood up after Katrina and said "Hey, this is just going to keep happening, we should use this money to relocate the city..." - but no, that made too much sense.

Of course, I suppose it's just too reasonable to point out that government does not solve problems, never has, never will, but it can certainly make them worse, and that the free market and non-profits not founded to lobby government but instead actually do something about the effects of warming, might well be able to handle all this and more if government would get the hell out of the way!

Comment Did you expect anything different? (Score 2) 125

Obama is a hopeless wimp and a god-awful "negotiator," and we've no more reason to suppose China will live up to bargains with him than Russia or Iran will. They are laughing their asses off at this putz. Spare us the bewildered tone of surprise, this is exactly what we all wanted when we elected this idiot.

Comment There you go... (Score 2, Insightful) 120

Democrats just looooooove Obama when he's making up new laws and forcing them down people's throats, but this is the kind of shit that sort of government attitude leads to. "We get to do whatever we want because we're the Government - and you are not." He's created a culture of secrecy and stonewalling unprecedented in American government, he got away with it thanks to Democrats and the compliant media - and now you're surprised the government thinks it can do whatever it can get away with and lie about?

Obama created this bed but we've all got to lie in it.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.