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Comment: Not even then. (Score 2) 412

by TaleSpinner (#38559808) Attached to: What Could Have Been In the Public Domain Today, But Isn't

> we will have to wait until 2051 before being able to use these works without restriction

Don't even think it. Every time Mickey Mouse approaches public domainhood, Disney lays more money on Congress and gets an extension, and they will certainly continue to do so, and Congress is certain to continue to do so. Copyrights are effectively permanent. That's what Eldredge was all about.

Comment: Get it right, please. (Score 1) 1797

by TaleSpinner (#37821238) Attached to: Ron Paul Wants To End the Federal Student Loan Program

Ron Paul did not propose to "end student loans." He proposed to break the government monopoly on student loans that was put in by Obamacare. He suggests - and he is quite right in doing so - we return to having banks loan students the money. Not the government. The government monopoly is new and was put in place to extort additional funds from young people in order to help pay for vast boondoggle and government-employee program known as Obamacare.

Comment: Re:Good Grief. (Score 1) 2115

by TaleSpinner (#37526518) Attached to: White House Proposes "Wealthy Tax"

> The only good reason to repeal ObawneyCare
> would be to replace it with what it should have been
> from the outset - a true, fair, comprehensive single
> payer system.

Oh, yes, that worked out real well for all the countries that tried it. Would you like to watch your kid choke to death for lack of a tracheotomy that would at least ease the kid's passing? A tracheotomy is a simple, trivial, cheap procedure that the Canadian bureaucracy refused a dying child because they decided the kid's life wasn't worth it. The parents had to find an American hospital to do the procedure, maybe not significantly extending his life but at least sparing him a more gruesome passing. Way to go, Single Payer.

"Single Payer" is code for "government run", and the government does too much too badly already. That is the nature of the beast. It can't be changed.

Comment: Good Grief. (Score 1, Insightful) 2115

by TaleSpinner (#37448114) Attached to: White House Proposes "Wealthy Tax"

This idiot cannot get rid of his hard-on for more and more taxes. After whacking in the trillion and a half for Obamacare, now he wants another 2 trillion on top of that - and then he wonders why businesses are scared to expand?

Oh - and let me get this straight - the Democrats are going to "save Medicare" - which is already drastically underpaying doctors more than any other insurance - by taking more money out of it? That will save it for Seniors? And this $247 billion more in addition to the half trillion he has already hacked out of it for Obamacare? That's how the Democrats are going to save us from the Evil Republicans? This is what we need saving from!

"We had to destroy the village in order to save it!"

Laffer must be laughing in his grave watching Keynes spin in the next plot over.

Comment: An Inconvenient Truth Is It Not? (Score -1, Troll) 429

by TaleSpinner (#37447738) Attached to: Atlas Takes Heat For Melting Glacier Claim

> Now glaciologists are left trying to figure out how not
> understate the importance of the extent glacial ice
> melt, while at the same time correcting the error.

In other and simpler words - how to continue claiming global warming is proven in spite of yet another failure of truth on the part of the GW believers.

Comment: A Bigger Difference... (Score 1) 821

by TaleSpinner (#37391304) Attached to: Of Diamond Planets, Climate Change, and the Scientific Method

If an email leak showed you were doctoring your data about your planetary discoveries like the UNCC did, we'd thereafter doubt you too. If you were closing certain telescopes that didn't support your diamond planet theory expecting everyone to accept your skewed data like Nasa did with their rural data collection sites, we'd not just doubt you, you'd be convicted of fraud in public opinion - just like the climate "researchers" are.

If you were proposing to actually mine the planet, we'd assume you ARE a climate "researcher" trying to glom onto more funds.

Comment: What I Do... (Score 1) 422

by TaleSpinner (#36753988) Attached to: How Do You Get Your Geek Nostalgia Fix?

I, too, eventually parted with my Byte and CC collection and bitterly regret it. To get my nostalgia fix, I use emulators. I have my Apple II, IIgs, MacSE (whose physical implementation remains in my attic), a Lisa (whose historical importance is very high, IMHO), an HP85, and IBM 1130 (the first machine I ever used in college), various Commodore machines including the C64, a Lilith (yes, I did do professional work on a Lilith, once), Digi-Comp I and II emulators and, of course, my Olivetti Programma 101 emulator of the first computer I ever touched, that I wrote myself. Oh, yeah - the Apple II emulators run Apple Pascal, and I have a CPM emulator running V4 of the UCSD System. How's all that score on the old nostalgia meter?

Comment: Now you see... (Score 1) 733

by TaleSpinner (#36601608) Attached to: San Francisco Considers Ban On All Pet Sales

...just how alien these "people" really are. This is a liberal thing, it's something they've wanted to do for decades. Why don't people listen to them before electing them and realize just what they are voting for? I notice most people here think this is stupid, but it's part and parcel of the liberal mindset of fascist control over every aspect of human life - and I predict this post will be modded down "troll".

Comment: It's sad... (Score 2) 153

by TaleSpinner (#36467032) Attached to: HP Sues Oracle For Dropping Itanium Support

Apollo Computer was shipping the 64-bit PRISM workstation when they were bought by HP. HP killed the PRISM because they were going to do their own 64-bit architecture.

Digital was shipping the 64 bit Alpha machine when they were bought by Compaq which was then bought by HP. HP killed the Alpha because they were committing to Intel's Itanium.

So what happens? HP, the owner of two, market-proven, debugged and viable 64 bit architectures finds itself backing the loser, having killed both of the projects they bought and paid for.

And so, what is HP's 64 bit architecture in the end? The x86_64.

You've really got to wonder what kind of idiots were running the company.

Comment: Re:It really quite simple... (Score 1) 657

by TaleSpinner (#36442750) Attached to: Could the US Phase Out Nuclear Power?

The existing global warming people have vested interests in global warming and they have proved they cannot be taken seriously. The UNCC was caught fudging the data. That was bad enough. Their whitewash absolving the guilty of doing so does not make their data any more useful. Nasa was also caught screwing with their data, they were closing monitoring sites farther from urban areas, thereby allowing the heat island effect to skew their raw data. There is NO evidence of global warming, not one set of raw data is available to even suggest it is so. All of it comes from people whose methodology is either suspect (Nasa) or outright fabricated (UNCC). If you want to assert global warming credibly you need to amass the data anew and make the raw data available to peer review. If it's real, I'll be the first to support basing public policy on it. But I have reviewed both of the data sets used to claim global warming and neither of them should be trusted. It isn't science. It's politics. And money. Money for studies and equipment "proving" something people want to be true to justify taking resources away from others.

Global warming is not just a misunderstanding. It's a lie, an organized and deliberate lie by people with a proven vested interest in lying about it.

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