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Comment: Good grief.... (Score 1) 5

by GreatDrok (#49145031) Attached to: Slashdot site redesign

OK, so the post, moderate etc buttons are green text on a green background, and the stories list on the home page doesn't have the old 'more' button but instead has 'days' which frankly don't work because I'm in a country that is a day ahead of the US so 'today' is yesterday and I have to read thursday to get friday etc. Bring back the more button. Don't get me started on how messed up the layout is in Safari - I'm having to use Chrome just to get the thing to be legible.

Comment: Re:While you're at it... (Score 1) 103

by LWATCDR (#49140987) Attached to: Intel To Rebrand Atom Chips Along Lines of Core Processors

I never had an issue with Windows 7 on a core 2.
But then a core 2 is three generations back I am talking about Sandy-Bridge or higher but even a Core2 is probably going to be just fine.
If you are talking about one of the first gen Atoms yea they where terrible but modern ones are pretty good.

Comment: Obligatory Red Dwarf quote (Score 4, Funny) 466

by GreatDrok (#49140033) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion

Dave Lister: Sometimes I think it's cruel giving machines a personality. My mate Petersen once brought a pair of shoes with artificial intelligence. Smart Shoes, they were called. It was a neat idea. No matter how blind drunk you were, they would always get you home. Then he got ratted one night in Oslo, and woke up the next morning in Burma. See, the shoes got bored just going from his local to the flat. They wanted to see the world, man, y'know? He had a helluva job getting rid of them. No matter who he sold them to, they'd show up again the next day! He tried to shut them out, but they just kicked the door down, y'know?

Arnold Rimmer: Is this true?

Dave Lister: Yeah! Last thing he heard, they'd sort of, erm, robbed a car and drove it into a canal. They couldn't steer, y'see.

Arnold Rimmer: Really?!

Dave Lister: Yeah. Petersen was really, really blown away by it. He went to see a priest. The priest told him, he said, it was alright, and all that, and the shoes were happy, and they'd gone to heaven. Y'see, it turns out shoes have soles.

Comment: Re:Please tell me this is satire (Score 1) 301

by LWATCDR (#49136767) Attached to: Use Astrology To Save Britain's Health System, Says MP

You mean you are not disappointed with Prince Charles? What about Prince Andrew?
The idea that someone is "better" than I am just because of who their mother and or father goes counter to the idea of a free society IMHO.
I of course would show the correct respect if I ever meet with any of them in real life out respect for the citizens of the UK because it would be wrong to do otherwise to just be a jerk.

Comment: Re:While you're at it... (Score 2) 103

by LWATCDR (#49136725) Attached to: Intel To Rebrand Atom Chips Along Lines of Core Processors

It would be difficult to find any modern x86 CPU that is not good enough for those tasks. Heck even a pretty old CPU should work for most of those.
The amount of CPU power available today borders on the unbelievable.
Outside of power users like gamers, developers, CAD, Video editing, and other high end users a Pentium is more than good enough.
Frankly they would get better value out of an SSD than an I5.

Comment: Re:Fritz Haber (Score 1) 224

by LWATCDR (#49130309) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons

1. Nobel did not make TNT and that is the difference.
2. No you did not have to haul saltpeter across the globe to make explosives before Haber since their was another way to make nitrates before Haber that was must more expensive. Take a look at the US civil war and you will see no shortage of explosives.

Nobel was a person that wanted to save lives by making a safer explosive. He was vilified as a merchant of death "wrongly BTW" because people thought that dynamite was going to be used as a weapon which it rarely was. He decided that he wanted to do good to make up for the potential bad so he created the Nobel prizes including one for peace.

Haber created something that save millions of lives but then because of his self-loathing decided that he wanted to stop being Jewish and become an ultra German. He then went on to make weapons of mass destruction.
The only parallels I see is they both dealt with Nitrogen compounds. Now the contrast between them is interesting and the fact that Haber really seemed to become an anti-semitic semitic I find really interesting.
Nobel was just an admirable person. Haber despite his best efforts saved far more lives than he took which is also interesting.

Comment: Re:Not Censorship (Score 1) 284

by LWATCDR (#49130155) Attached to: Google Knocks Explicit Adult Content On Blogger From Public View

I understand your point. I just do not agree with it.
of course TOS is subject to change and this is a free service.
It comes down to Google saying "We are no longer going to pay for you publish this"
I do mean pay since they run servers.
They are not deleting the blogs so you can get your material off and move to a different platform.

Comment: Re:Realistic (Score 1) 348

by GreatDrok (#49129831) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt

Here (NZ), we use a lot of hydro power. In fact the electricity company I use is 100% renewables. The benefit of hydro is you can also use it as a battery and use excess generation from houses with rooftop solar to pump water back up into the reservoir storing the energy for use at night when solar doesn't work. Here we've also been having a series of dry spells which have caused issues with the reservoirs emptying too quickly and running the risk of blackouts, and again having distributed solar on houses will help a great deal to conserve the energy stored in the hydro lakes.

I've just taken out a loan to reroof my house and put solar up and I will be selling the excess energy back to the supplier - the savings will cover my usual electricity bill and offset the cost of the extra debt but then again I had to get a new roof anyway as the current one is leaking so why not put solar up at the same time? Sure, I'll still have to pay for the connection but in the end it is a win win. More to the point, next year I plan on getting a fully electric car to replace the current petrol model (we rarely do more than 50Km a day so it will be ample) and that will also be charged off the roof so I'll save a good chunk of money there. Most of our electricity use is during the day anyway because that is when we run our AC units mostly. A bit of thought and we can be rid of fossil fuels.

Comment: Re:Not Censorship (Score 1) 284

by LWATCDR (#49128011) Attached to: Google Knocks Explicit Adult Content On Blogger From Public View

And no.
Google is not preventing you from publishing anything. There are a great number of other platforms available.
Saying that we do not want x on a platform is the same as saying we only want x, y, and z on the platform except more inclusive.
So what you are saying is that a magazine which is being more exclusive is not censoring while google who is being more inclusive is.

Comment: Re:Please tell me this is satire (Score 2) 301

by LWATCDR (#49127433) Attached to: Use Astrology To Save Britain's Health System, Says MP

"Reality is, democratically elected parliament isn't supposed to be a bunch of elites but a cross-section of electorate."
Yes and no.
No they are not supposed to be elites in fact the whole idea of anyone being elite is counter to a democracy society in my opinion. But the UK does seem to like there royals and giving people knighthoods.
But the people elected are supposed to be the best person to represent the population and that should include again IMHO a certain level of education and intelligence.

Comment: Re:Not Censorship (Score 1) 284

by LWATCDR (#49126291) Attached to: Google Knocks Explicit Adult Content On Blogger From Public View

" A "farmer's market" is not an open forum to sell whatever you want - there is an expected type of product that will be sold there."
Blogger is not an open forum to publish whatever you want - there is an expected type of material that is published there.

Here is one that is closer.
You publish a newspaper that publishes freelance writers. You don't pay them they do it for exposure. Someone offers an article in praise of rape, or claiming that President Obama is the anti-christ, or that Hitler was right.
If you decide to not publish those is that censorship? Would you have an obligation to publish everything submitted?

Comment: Re:I refute (Score 1) 238

by LWATCDR (#49126231) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy

And they are wrong.
BTW my Uncle did die of lung cancer and never smoked a day in his life. The served as a member of a tank crew during WWII and they used to line the tanks with asbestos.
Yes he was about 17 years older than my mother and I am a good bit older than the average Slashdoter these days.

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