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Comment: Rather see an XPS 18 with M6800 guts (Score 1) 114

If I'm paying for computing power, I don't want it under the keyboard where stuff can spill on it more easily. I doubt they'll actually ever make an XPS 18 with a graphics card, so I'll probably wait for one having a Skylake w/ GT4e Iris and hope it won't be too horribly slow at CAD.

Comment: Might help if they're not all fake (Score 1) 152

by John.Banister (#49674721) Attached to: The Best Way To Protect Real Passwords: Create Fake Ones
There exist a number of entries in my password manager that wouldn't cause me concern if someone learned the password, mostly login-to-comment stuff, but also a few merchants that don't have any payment information stored. If a password manager is going to give out fake passwords, it might help to have a "keep it secure" check box for making a new database entry. Then, those passwords would be available and pass a test when login to the password vault program fails, and also, if I'm using the vault to look up one of those passwords, I don't have to use my real password to the vault in order to gain access to them.

Comment: Re:Outsourced homicide (Score 2) 187

by John.Banister (#49656607) Attached to: Interactive Map Exposes the World's Most Murderous Places
It's not just making things illegal, it's making the concept of recreational drugs illegal. If recreational drugs that aren't physically addictive were legal, pharmaceutical researchers could have those imported agricultural products replaced in short order, and with the FDA checking up on the manufacturers' quality control.

Comment: Re:Help me out here a little... (Score 1) 533

by John.Banister (#49517333) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power
The price increase would be borne by both solar and non-solar customers, and in my opinion, it's the sort of thing that ought to appear on a ballot initiative. If the growth of solar power outpaces the increase in power consumption so that the utility actually has to decrease generating capacity, then another method (eg, a utility connection fee, or a higher price for the power returned back at nighttime) for paying for the infrastructure would be necessary. But, when people install solar on their home, they're buying infrastructure that they hope to use to improve their lives. If you have such a large majority of people understanding the value of infrastructure that they're buying if for themselves, then I don't think it will be too hard a sell to get them to pay for power grid infrastructure, especially since the price of power grid infrastructure alone would be significantly cheaper than the current price of power grid infrastructure + fuel for power generation, especially in Hawaii where they're bringing the fuel in a long distance on tankers.

Comment: Re:Help me out here a little... (Score 1) 533

by John.Banister (#49513877) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power
Similarly, utilities have to increase capacity to deal with increasing population, but building the additional capacity costs money. Someone has to cover the cost of the new equipment. The thing is, they're utilities. They don't exist to make their investors wealthy. They exist to serve their customers.

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