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Comment: Re:Unemployed with a STEM degree.... (Score 1) 399

by John.Banister (#49354867) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US
I graduated with a BA in physics once. I ended up being a ship's engineer. If you want to try that, don't start out as a seafood processor like I did. Go to a "maritime academy" that will graduate you as a QMED (I think it generally takes 6 months of school). If you don't mind spending half to 2/3 of your life at sea, there's always engineer jobs, and the Coast Guard requires people with the certification, so it's possible to find entry level spots.

Comment: Re:And as an employer... (Score 1) 399

by John.Banister (#49354113) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US
I was thinking to fix the offshoring problem, provide the benefits of OSHA, the EPA and minimum wage laws to anyone who wants to import products to USA. Non-compliance results in an import duty that makes the product cost 5% more than it might have cost if the company had complied, or they can skip the duty and pay fines directly. The money from the duty and fines pays for the monitoring.

Comment: Uniformity might be nice, too (Score 1) 282

by John.Banister (#49333917) Attached to: Ford's New Car Tech Prevents You From Accidentally Speeding
It's hard to credit safety as the determining factor for the speed limits when the same sort of road in the same condition will have a different speed limit in one state than it does in another. Adaptive speed limits would have to adapt to the vehicle also. A heavy car from the 1950's will have a much larger stopping distance for a given speed than the new NSX.

Comment: Re:No Support? (Score 1) 193

In the past, people who write software that runs under Windows have told me that buying another copy to use the support is the cheapest way to get someone to answer questions about "black box" aspects of the operating system that are making it difficult for their software to run properly.

Comment: Re:There's a much more sensible first step (Score 1) 1089

by John.Banister (#49296569) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US
I agree with "make it easy" and with this plan for doing so, but Australians with whom I have spoken have told me that "make it easy" is the first thing that people there voted for after it became mandatory. So, making it mandatory might be the best way to end up with making it easy.

When I recently dropped my mail-in vote off in the free ballot-only box in Washington state, I learned the hard way that this box is only available during the last week before election day. Employees at the school on whose property the temporary box was located looked at me funny on Monday after I had walked all around the building on the previous Friday afternoon trying to find the box that wasn't there.

Comment: Self driving taxis will be a harder sell (Score 4, Interesting) 451

by John.Banister (#49290089) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future
Self driving cars operated by the owner are a different situation from that of self driving taxis. The owner and rider interests diverge when those are different people. A self driving taxi has to protect itself from theft & abuse and protect its owner from lawsuits. That mean the person riding in the taxi won't be allowed to arbitrarily stop it, assume manual control, or exit in locations considered by the taxi owner to be unsafe. Putting my car in self driving mode with my average speed 10 mph in gridlock sounds attractive. Getting into a little vehicle capable of traveling to arbitrary locations and trusting it like I would a train takes the early adopter impulse right out of me. Maybe self driving buses would make the transition better.

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