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Comment Re:Two thoughts (Score 1) 97

If you've ever wanted to categorize things into folder and subfolders, tag names are the folder names. So, If you had a category of "how to do photography" websites, you might want them in a "how-to" category under "photo" or you might want them in a "photo" category under "how-to." The notion with tags is that if you give them each both a "photo" and a "how-to" tag, the computer can quickly sort them to match which organizational preference you have at time of use.

Comment Re:Trolling much? (Score 1) 205

You just don't burn it. Grind it into powder, and pump it into a silo with your excess solar capacity during the day. Let it fall onto a carbon fiber pelton wheel at night, turning a generator to keep the lights on. The whole thing will be a very smooth, graphite lubricated operation. Fill the excess space in the silo with argon for "safety mode" or oxygen for "self disposing mode."

Comment Re:The judge issued a verdict ahead of trial? (Score 2) 222

Liam O'Grady is also the judge presiding over the extradition proceedings against Kim Dotcom. Cox was t-u the moment the case entered his courtroom. If I was Cox, I'd spin off whatever the portion of the company is that does business in the Eastern District of Virginia (having it lease the hardware infrastructure from a separate, spun-off child) and let it go belly up. Once life becomes inconvenient for all those people who live in that district and commute to DC, other forms of corruption will prevail.

Comment Re:Perhaps utilities should have better security? (Score 1) 256

There's another possibility, but I doubt it.

Sam Lowry: My name's Lowry. Sam Lowry. I've been told to report to Mr. Warrenn.
Porter - Information Retrieval: Thirtieth floor, sir. You're expected.
Sam Lowry: Um... don't you want to search me?
Porter - Information Retrieval: No sir.
Sam Lowry: Do you want to see my ID?
Porter - Information Retrieval: No need, sir.
Sam Lowry: But I could be anybody.
Porter - Information Retrieval: No you couldn't sir. This is Information Retrieval.

Comment Re:Experimental drugs are never about one patient (Score 1) 305

I think you're wrong. I also think you're as much of a megalomaniac as the security people who want 100% surveillance so that they can provide 100% safety. I think that listening to you is a Really Bad Idea. Your job doesn't get first priority in society. No one's does. I could argue more, but it's pointless. In life, I'll do what I want so long as I can do so and leave others, you included, alone. People who fail to extend the same courtesy do so at their own risk.

Comment Re:You cannot know if it works without a trial (Score 1) 305

If people want to take something, and it doesn't do physical harm to anyone else, they should be allowed to. Whether some third party is happy about it or not should never be a consideration in what is legally permitted. If large numbers of people take a drug about which you want to learn more, data can be collected from learning their experiences. Sure, there'll be more noise, but as you have pointed out, with enough data points, the noise can be filtered out. I have not doubt that double blind studies do a fine job. If you want people to participate in a study, redirect some of that advertising money and pay them. It's a method of encouraging participation that has been shown to work for thousands of years.

Comment Re:"of making many books there is no end" (Score 1) 42

You need the stiff, supportive sorts of covers that hardbound books have, and then you incorporate rare earth magnets into the bottom part of the covers and make the shelf out of steel. So long as the magnetic attraction is enough to make it difficult to knock over a book, you should be in pretty good shape. Note that while it says "no end" it doesn't specify infinite, so if you make a shelf in the shape of a möbius strip, you can have a finite collection with no end. This shape shelf is especially helpful with a magnetic attachment scheme, since you can have the thinner books with the unmagnetized end being downward so that gravitation helps to keep them in their proper orientation.

Comment Re:Unintended consequences of compassion (Score 1) 305

So, you're saying that if people aren't part of a "clinical trial" you couldn't possibly record information about whether the treatment actually worked? My now deceased neighbor was part of several clinical trials. She always lied about her drinking and thc consumption, so I don't think that data from clinical trials is necessarily more pure than data from people who try experimental treatments without being a member of a clinical trial would be. Your way isn't the only successful way.

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