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Comment Re:30 Times Faster? (Score 1) 199 199

For most specific problems thrown at supercomputers, you can go 30 times faster with a custom hardware architecture baked into silicon

Perhaps that's what they should do. Make a robotic silicon wafer fabrication facility part of the computer. After being given a task requiring a new architecture, it creates the architecture it needs and augments itself. I'm sure for less than the cost of the F-35 program, a universally tasking self augmenting supercomputer could be made to happen.

Comment Perhaps a form factor change. (Score 1) 79 79

How about build that thing using the XPS 18 form factor with a 1.5 hour internal battery and put all the extra battery in a big power cover. When it's on the docking pedestal, it can be used as an all-in-one, and when it's being carried, users can make their own weight versus battery life trade off by their choice of which battery size in the power cover. With a hot swappable power cover, users who really want extra battery life could carry two or more of them. When I imagine this sort of thing, I think of the cover holding a removable wireless keyboard, swinging around about 285 degrees and connecting to a brace that hinges off the top of the back of the tablet, making a nice stable triangle.

Comment Re:Might as well be "Simon" (Score 1) 111 111

It might be, if they're switching to Asian manufacturing. If they sold all the employees they'd otherwise need to fire to Microsoft, then they don't get so much political backlash as they might by shutting down their own manufacturing and firing those people before outsourcing. I've read that one thing that made it hard for them to compete was that their in-house manufacturing couldn't produce phones as inexpensively as the 3rd parties making phone for their competitors.

Comment Re:Why hasn't anybody started breeding rhinos? (Score 1) 202 202

John Hume does this in South Africa. He's got 800 - 1000 rhinos that he's bred in captivity. They're all de-horned by a process that doesn't hurt the animals as the horns get large enough to harvest. He's got a huge stockpile of sustainably harvested rhino horn, and nobody will let him legally sell any of it. It's idiotic. Of course, if they let these people sell manufactured horn and they don't let him sell his farmed horn, that'll be even more idiotic.

Comment Re:Why keep funding any of it? (Score 1) 44 44

Blackphone's PrivatOS runs lots of Android programs, but I don't think it loses its niche market because it also provides a level of security that Android phones don't. Sailfish could similarly maintain a niche group of users by providing them more direct control over the hardware than they can get from Android phones. Considering the size of the global population, the number of people who care can be a tiny percentage, but still be large enough to keep Jolla in business.

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