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Comment: Re:The future is coming. (Score 1) 214 214

I wonder if there's trouble further up the supply chain. It seems to me that shops and dealers already have a lot of inventory that is incompatible between models. For DC voltage, I wouldn't think 36V or even 54V would pose much of an electrocution hazard except maybe to someone with a pacemaker. It might make bigger sparks. I could see miniature circuit breakers instead of automotive fuses. Higher voltage also means less susceptibility to problems caused by the oxide layer that develops on mating surfaces at connection points.

Comment: Re:too late (Score 1) 131 131

I think the problem isn't the photography so much as the photography in combination with having a database of who owns which license plate. With the combination, then you have people's vehicle trip metadata, and the problem is much like the problem with having their phone call metadata.

People might be able to protect themselves a little bit by having the vehicle owned by a trust (especially if the trust owned vehicles for several different people), but that would be an extra burden and could have serious shortcomings if joint owners of the trust decide they don't like one another anymore.

Comment: Rather see an XPS 18 with M6800 guts (Score 1) 133 133

If I'm paying for computing power, I don't want it under the keyboard where stuff can spill on it more easily. I doubt they'll actually ever make an XPS 18 with a graphics card, so I'll probably wait for one having a Skylake w/ GT4e Iris and hope it won't be too horribly slow at CAD.

Comment: Might help if they're not all fake (Score 1) 152 152

There exist a number of entries in my password manager that wouldn't cause me concern if someone learned the password, mostly login-to-comment stuff, but also a few merchants that don't have any payment information stored. If a password manager is going to give out fake passwords, it might help to have a "keep it secure" check box for making a new database entry. Then, those passwords would be available and pass a test when login to the password vault program fails, and also, if I'm using the vault to look up one of those passwords, I don't have to use my real password to the vault in order to gain access to them.

Comment: Re:Safest country (Score 1) 187 187

So long as lack of women's rights and inbreeding don't bother you. There's also the Mutaween and the executions for sorcery. When a woman who converted to Christianity was burnt to death after having her tongue cut out by her father, it didn't count as a homicide in that country.

Comment: Re:Outsourced homicide (Score 2) 187 187

It's not just making things illegal, it's making the concept of recreational drugs illegal. If recreational drugs that aren't physically addictive were legal, pharmaceutical researchers could have those imported agricultural products replaced in short order, and with the FDA checking up on the manufacturers' quality control.

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