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Comment How to make publishers willing to offer source? (Score 1) 69

If a web application has a good reason to require JavaScript to function, what should it do to gain the trust of a NoScript user?

Offer source so people can run it locally.

What use is a local app that is unable to access the resources it requires due to the Same Origin Policy? Some of the resources are dynamically generated by the web app's server. Even ability to download static resources locally as well would fail because Chrome considers each file in the file: scheme to be a separate origin.

If you instead refer to storing all resources on a computer owned by the user, there are two things likely to happen. The first is unwillingness to share source code: "You can use the app on the public server without charge, or you can license a copy to run on your own private server for $9,999." The second is network effects. Consider a web application that allows users of a particular server to interact, but user accounts on your private server cannot interact with users on the public servers. So good luck getting the majority of users to use your private server instead of the public ones.

If you want more concrete examples, consider whether the publisher would be wiling to offer the source code for Google Maps or H&R Block At Home or Netflix or an HTML5 multiplayer game with greater-than-hobbyist production values. Or what would be the business model for funding the continued development of such an application as free software?

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 348

. If you just exported an image to JPEG with features that are unsupported by JPEG then those features will not be saved in the JPEG image and will be lost if you do not save to the application's native format.

Then it should at least tell me what features unsupported by JPEG (or, more commonly in my case, by PNG) have been changed since I opened the image.

Comment Re:For the BEST adblocker (& more vs. threats) (Score 1) 69

You make a big deal that browser-level blocking extensions are "usermode slower & increases messagepassing". But if a browser extension blocks a request, the CPU doesn't need to make a context switch to kernel mode in the first place. And good luck with your hosts files once ad networks start randomizing their servers' hostnames for every hit using wildcard CNAME records. Finally, and most relevantly to the article, good luck changing the hosts file on mobile devices without root privileges.

Comment Re:Pay per bit (Score 1) 288

Your suggested browser countermeasure: Have a server on a cheaper connection download the video.
Server countermeasure: The server could show the article only if the page view, the ad framework script view, and the video view came from the same IP address.
Possible browser countermeasure: Have a server on a cheaper connection download everything, run the scripts there, and forward them to the browser, as in Opera Mini.
Server countermeasure: Block the IP addresses of known such servers. Video streaming services already do this for VPNs used to evade territorial exclusivity. Or use rapid DOM updates that are efficient when run locally but create an inefficient level of traffic when the DOM changes are passed back and forth over the wire. Or quiz the user on the content of the video ad.

Comment Re:The rising tide of Balassa-Samuelson (Score 1) 224

A sort of positive outcome of the ADHD jobjumping done by Corporate world is that eventually [after more countries' wages improve] there won't be any more people to pull that stunt with. It is going to be interesting when the whole world is at one pay level. But will that happen before robots take over.

If anything, at least subsaharan Africa will likely lose its reputation as a den of poverty.

Comment Hash the video (Score 1) 288

Then replace the hash function with one that always returns the correct answer.

Not if the hash is salted, such as including a unique ID in each copy of the video stream.

the thing is, the blockers have the advantage because the person who is doing the blocking has control over the machine.

And the server has control over what it requires before it will provide the key to decrypt an article past the first paragraph.

Comment Snorting a line of Koch (Score 1) 196

But some people aren't smart enough to distinguish between the real Koch brothers and other business owned by people named "Koch":

Perhaps the "Des Moines office supply firm" mentioned in the story you linked should rebrand as something like Pepsey Office Supplies to distance itself from Koch Industries.

Comment Some people still contrast HLL with assembly (Score 1) 81

Until you find an emulator developer who complains that the emulator in a Nintendo product "is incredibly inefficient, written in HLL code, developed by somebody whom knew nothing about emulation nor about ARM nor about Z80/8080 processors." (This refers to C, as early C compilers targeting this product generated inefficient code.) Also a reset mechanism in Nintendo DS hardware "allows the NDS7 debugger to capture accidental jumps to address 0, that appears to be a common problem with HLL-programmers, asm-coders know that (and why) they should not jump to 0."

Comment Re: Legality? (Score 1) 288

A boy of 18 years and one month old, having sex with a girl 17 years and 11 months old? Even though they've been a happy couple for past three years? Still illegal.

For one thing, it depends on the state. For another, I thought marriage was an absolute defense to statutory rape.

Comment Re:Ad blocking is not the solution (Score 1) 288

Only really two options for web sites, run ads to pay for the web site. Or charge end users for access and providing the site.

Or do 2 without locking visitors out. Structure your company as a non-profit public benefit corporation and rely on donations to keep the lights on. It's working for Wikipedia and SoylentNews.

I've got a bad feeling about this.