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Comment: Re:Parent is insightful+++++ (Score 1) 184

Not very insightful actually. People on Earth keep themselves alive for the most part. To keep people alive in space needs an infrastructure that cost hundreds of billions of dollars on the cheap end.

Why do "people" have a special place in existence again? I'm not really sure I get your argument?

Comment: Re:Didn't they announce it? (Score 3, Funny) 198

by tlambert (#48680407) Attached to: N. Korea Blames US For Internet Outage, Compares Obama to "a Monkey"

Didn't the US say they were going to try and get North Korea's internet access cut?

It was suggested by "security researchers".

Sadly, it took more candy than they had on hand to bribe the 12 year old in Des Moines, Iowa to stage the BGP attack against the 4 routers necessary to take North Korea of the Internet, so it was several days until the attack went forward.

Comment: Wanting to charge for WhatsApp was predictable. (Score 3, Insightful) 51

by tlambert (#48679519) Attached to: India Faces Its First Major Net Neutrality Issue

Wanting to charge for WhatsApp was predictable. In fact, I predicted it.

Globally (and a large chunk of it was in India), the SMS carriers lost about $9B to WhatsApp. This is why Facebook was willing to pay $18B to acquire it, since they wanted leverage over the carriers in those countries to force Internet access, because Facebook lives or dies by Internet access of its users. It's the same reason Google has so many initiatives to extend Internet access everywhere.

The carriers have lost a large chunk of their SMS revenue, and Skype is converting a lot of their voice traffic to Internet traffic, and they are therefore losing money on that too. So they want to add fees for use of Skype to make up for origination, connection, call completion, and time-on-call fees which are going away as Indian users are discovering that if they have Skype to talk to people internationally, and the other person in India that they want to talk to has Skype to talk to people internationally, why, they can use Skype to *talk to each other* and cut out all the middleman fees for virtual circuit switching services.

Telecom companies are quickly becoming the vendors of dumb pipes, with their only service level differentiator being what diameter of pipe you are able to get. And they very much do not like this. This is why we have things like data caps with huge overage charges, and video services that the carrier gets paid by the video, and it doesn't cost you against your data cap, but if you use someone else's video service, it costs you.

And so they are fighting net neutrality tooth and nail, because their revenue streams are drying up.

The really, really ironic thing is that if the telecommunications company had deployed these technologies themselves, they could have fit them into their existing tiering, and kept the majority of the profits that are now flying out their window. They would have had a reduced income stream, to be sure, but they would have had it, instead of it going to some third party.

Expect Microsoft and Facebook to spend heavily to defeat these measures.

Comment: Sitting team handball perhaps? (Score 1) 232

by tepples (#48669569) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

Basketball, team handball, soccer, rugby and gridiron football are members of a family of sports based on advancing the ball into the goal based on restrictions against arbitrarily carrying it. A Paralympic sport in the same family is wheelchair basketball. I wonder what sort of other sports in the same family could be invented for people with no legs like Jennifer Bricker in the same way that volleyball was adapted into sitting volleyball.

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