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Comment: Re:Well, isn't this nice (Score 5, Insightful) 961

by boskone (#45528885) Attached to: Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad

I thnk he underreacted.

You are using the thread of prison, loss of freedom and potential death, to tell me my loved one must lie in pain for an indeterminate amount of time. Why don't you (the general you, not this poster specifically) statists go do something else and meddle with your own affairs?

Comment: Re:House Republicans (Score 1) 522

by boskone (#43046925) Attached to: How the U.S. Sequester Will Hurt Science and Tech

Well, how it should work is in conference.

House passes bill.

Senate passes what they believe it should be.

Then they get together in conference to actually negotiate.

The house has passed several budgets. You can disagree with them, but honestly, the senate needs to put a stake in the ground and say "here's our version", then it can go to committee and potentially be compromised.

Comment: Let me Guess, you're the wifi leach from last week (Score 2) 239

by boskone (#43017735) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Identity Theft Attempt In Progress; How To Respond?

So, were you wifi leaching, using an evil twin and got MTM'd?

Honestly, sorry my friend, this kind of stuff is a PITA.

I would do the following
1. make sure your pc and router are not pwned
2. change the email address that all of your services use NOW
3. for good measure, change all of your passwords.

Comment: Re:I don't understand the "high cap" magazine ban (Score 1) 1862

by boskone (#42593893) Attached to: 3D Printable Ammo Clip Skirts New Proposed Gun Laws

Yes. People, "MACHINE GUNS" are effectively banned as of 1934


can we STFU about assault weapons and machine guns (fire more than one round per trigger pull)

Yes, there are a few thousand out there, all of which must be registered and cleared with the BATFE.

Also, while we're clearing the air... you can't order a gun over the internet or via mail order. Per the Gun Control act of 1968


So can we also STFU about people buying guns over the internet?

Comment: Re:Still dont get it (Score 1) 245

by boskone (#41836031) Attached to: Windows Browser Ballot Glitch Cost Firefox 6-9 Million Downloads

Agreed, and while, due to my age, I have fond memories of the 70's, I seem to recall that there was, a "malaise" if you will. in fact, I remember TONS of unemployment and people going hungry, stealing gas, etc in the 70's. Not sure this socialist paradise was as nice as perhaps believed.

Comment: Re:Duh. (Score 1) 897

by boskone (#36925476) Attached to: The End of the Gas Guzzler

I think you should look more deeply at the comment prior to yours. YOu state that ~90% of SUVs spend 90% of their time with a single occupant.

This doesn't discount the GP's point. Even if I need my SUV for 10% of my driving, during htose 10%, I still need it and can't justify the expense and space of owning another vehicle for the 90% of driving, so I need to drive the SUV every day.

Comment: Re:Well, you can't save 'em all (Score 1) 259

by boskone (#35760340) Attached to: Scientists Create a "Worth Saving" Index For Endangered Animals

Did it just feel good to convert hundreds of lumber/mill towns into meth towns in the pacific northwest? Does anyone feel any moral squeemishness or accountability that now, nearly 20 years after the Northern Spotted Owl was put on the ESL, the vast majority of these people have no hope, no jobs, terrible child/partner abuse issues, alcoholism, drug addiction and an overall crushed human spirit?

And NOW we are learnign that the real reason for the decline of the NSO might be due to competition from heartier owls such as the barred owl and not from responsible logging?

Comment: Re:The meaning of random (Score 2) 654

by boskone (#34975418) Attached to: Greenland Ice Sheet Melts At Record Rate In 2010


I think you misread that answer. some factors would increase the amount of CO2 in the water and aothers would reduce it's solubility.

Increase in partial pressure of Co2 in the atmosphere (ie, Co2 concentrations in the atmosphere increase), then yes, this would allow more CO2 in the ocean water.

However, it's offset by some other factosrs (called out in your link above).

1. If the ocean is abosrbing more CO2, it's PH would be decreasing, this would make it less and less likely to absorb additional CO2 from the atmosphere as it reaches a new quilibrium.
2. temperature: if ocean temperattures are rising, the seawater will be able to absorb and hold less CO2 from the atmosphere

These all work together to find the conecntration of CO2 at equilibrium. If the temperature changes, or the conenctration of CO2 in the atmospher changes, then the amount of CO2, the PH and the temperature will also change to adpt to the new partial pressure of CO2.

Regarding your initial statement about sugar in hot water: gases behave in the opposite way that solids due WRT soluability in water. For example, if all esle were equal, a warm coke could dissovle more sugar, but would be "flat" (lacking in CO2 bubles).

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