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Comment Re: More info needed (Score 1) 146

I love how your username continues to belie your ignorance.

This is a UVC issue, period. Apparently you have no clue what UVC entails (codec support is AUTOMATICALLY BUILT-IN.)

Specifically it's a difference between the UVC files usbvideo.sys/.inf/.pnf between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.

While you shoot off at the mouth, a real person with real knowledge isolated the issue immediately.

Way to be useless, like most Linux support forums.

Comment Re:Probably your drivers (Score 1) 146

Is entirely Microsoft's issue. UVC is a universal video standard. Or, not-so-universal. Turns out, it breaks somewhere between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. The hardware works in its entirety in Windows XP, and 32-bit Windows 7. It will not work in 64-bit Windows. It will work in 64-bit OSX and various 64-bit Linux distros.

Were this a hardware issue, it wouldn't work AT ALL. That it worked 100% in XP and only 66% (Microphone and USB Mass storage worked) in 64-bit 7 indicates that it's not the hardware itself.

Comment Re:Rump Kernels (Score 1) 119

Too lazy to read their FAQ?

" Why the name?

If you look up "rump" in a dictionary, you'll find a definition which involves the group that is left over after a portion of the contents of a larger group have been removed -- the classic example is a rump parliament. The attribute "rump" therefore establishes the relationship between just a kernel and a rump kernel."

Comment Re:Since when has /. become tech support? (Score 2, Interesting) 146

"Why dont you post your question to /r/techsupport?"

Because Reddit is a circlejerk shithouse reminiscent of most Linux 'help' forums?

Because unlike Reddit, I atually expect /. people of my UID or lower to likely have the obviously low-level knowledge required, whereas the majority of Reddit users regurgitate things without bothering to think critically?

Because Reddit is a shithole that went SJW?

Need more reasons?

Comment Re:It should work under 32 bit... (Score 1) 146

Your suggestion is 100% correct. I installed 32-bit 7 and the camera worked off the bat.

Now, to find out why 64-bit 7 A. throws the "This device will perform faster if you connect it to a USB 2.0 port" error and B. does not get video yet gets audio just fine and then see if C. I can rig a driver hack to fix it and get it past WFP.

Comment UPDATE: /. poster has the correct answer! (Score 2) 146

User Grog6 noted that it would likely work in 32-bit Windows 7 and fail to work entirely under 64-bit Windows 7.

This ends up being correct. There is something off between the 32-bit and 64-bit usbvideo files that makes this particular set of camera glasses not function 100% under 64-bit Windows.

Now for the fun part: figuring out whether or not the difference is so drastic that I can't hack in the missing code, and whether or not I can fake the Microsoft driver signature so WFP doesn't flip its lid (and I'm not going to turn WFP off, sorry!)

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