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Comment: Re:calling it (Score 1) 219

by SternisheFan (#48649661) Attached to: Anonymous Claims They Will Release "The Interview" Themselves
Kim is a joke of a leader, no doubt. His p.r. people built up a false mystiqe about him, which was debunked by the facts. G.W. Bush's p.r. people did the same, until his record was debunked by the facts. Not much of a difference between them, both of their p.r. people straight up lied.

Look, if you're itching for a reason for the two Koreas to recommence their civil war, why not let it be over unfounded allegations. After all, many many bloody dreadful wars in human history have been launched for such non-sensible reasons. I assume you'll have no problem with writing the condolence letters to the families, while explaining the 'reasons' why those soldiers died.

Comment: Re:calling it (Score 1) 219

by SternisheFan (#48649341) Attached to: Anonymous Claims They Will Release "The Interview" Themselves
Are U.S. troops set up in Afghanistan anywhere except there's a running oil pipeline?

Hey, "Mr. Fjord", I've read enough of your /. comments to see that you are a 'thinking man', with definite opinions, and whether I agree with you or not, I respect you for taking a stance on whatever the given issue is. Having said that,...

I'm sure that you are aware of the U.S. involvement where Iraq is concerned. We install a dictator until he gets so out of control, then go in and knock him down, while the war profiteers rejoice.

So knowing that, don't you think that it's a little peculiar how this whole Sony hack is getting so much press recently? Is the U.S. creating another flimsy excuse to go to war against N. Korea? Do you really have such blind trust in your leaders that you believe any press release that they issue?

Has recent 20th century history taught you nothing? I suggest that you cool your jets for a bit before rushing to judgement, especially when it concerns global matters. Unless you are yourself enlisting to be in the infantry's front lines.

Comment: Re:calling it (Score 1) 219

by SternisheFan (#48649017) Attached to: Anonymous Claims They Will Release "The Interview" Themselves
pasted from your CNET link:

It's definitive. North Korea was behind the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday.:

""As a result of our investigation, and in close collaboration with other US Government departments and agencies, the FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions," the FBI said Friday in a statement. :

North Korea was identified as the culprit based on the type of attacking software used to penetrate Sony Pictures' computer networks. Those malicious programs, known as malware, are among those known to have been used by North Korea in the past, the FBI said. :

The malware also included code that pointed to Internet addresses previously used by North Korea. The FBI also said the tools used to attack Sony were similar to those North Korea used against South Korean banks and media outlets.":

As much as I love my country, I have a lot of trouble believing a single f**king word uttered by any official of the U.S., be it the FBI, CIA, NSA, or any other "trust me, I'm from the government" representative that gets quoted in the press. If their lips are moving, I have to presume it's just another lie, until it's beyond a hadow of a doubt "proven".:

And this is not how I like to be, it's what I've had to learn to be, long before the WMD bullshit fiasco. Trust in this current group of lying bullshit artists? Been there done that. Prove it well beyond some mouthpiece's version of the 'truth", then we'll talk.

Comment: Re:CRAP!!! (Score 1) 105

by SternisheFan (#48645963) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot
Mind Sifter (just watched) was a good one. Nice to see Klingons as they were originally portrayed, the space battle was 'neat', and production levels were higher. Better? The individual works shouldn't be compared, imo. What matters most is the writing. I can watch the different versions of ST and still be content, as long as there's a good story.

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