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Comment Re:Germany (Score 3, Insightful) 591

But not as willi-nilly hoping to slow drivers down whenthere is no reason to slow down.

There is a system to that:

1. Center line: This is your lane. The road is wide enough for at least one lane for each direction. Everyone stays in his lane and nothing happens. No overtaking
2. Broken center line: same as above, but may use adjacent lane for overtaking
3. No line: Road may or may not be wide enough to pass oncoming traffic safely. Pay attention, keep to the right and use common sense
4. Double line: multiple lanes for at least one direction available. The lane on the other site is NOT your direction. Imagine this as a guiding rail and never ever cross.

If you now simply remove lines, this information is lost.

And this is even completly ignoring the fact that different speed limits (read: suggested maximum speed) require special lane markings.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 2) 180

SDCard handling in Android has been broken more or less from the beginning. Got worse when the first phones without SDslot mounted part of their internal memory as "external" and I'm not sure if the latest contraptions to fix that fixed anything or just turned it into a different way of broken.

It IS broken when you have GB of free space but can't install anything because some smaller memory partition is full.

Comment Re:Not the Calories fault? (Score 1) 425

But this leaves us still with the other piss poor (or - learning about its history - rather literally shitty) method used on the other end of the equation: we can't say how much of the available energy (and here the calories are indeed fine) are actually processed and absorbed by the human body as this varies. (Hint: it's not 100% as there is still energy left in the digestive waste products)

Comment Re:Disney Owns Star Wars! (Score 1) 243

Yes. So either Disney never should have been allowed to buy Star Wars, or other companies should be allowed to make Star Wars, too. Our economy is about free market and choosing which company gets your money. That's why we have so many breakfast cereals to choose from. But I can't choose which companies Star Wars movie to watch. That's communism!

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 2) 412

Well, less jobs and money should naturally thin the herd.

#1: Why?
#2 How?
#3: naturally???!?!

Have you ever seen a natural herd with jobs?

Do you eat money? Do you live in your office?

It's not "natural" to starve in an over-sbundance of food just because you have no "job".

Granted, a job gives you money and money has been a well-tested way to distribute food, goods, "wealth", or anything scarce in general based on how much someone is contributing to produce them. But production is hardly connected to work or effort anymore. That's where this system starts to tear apart.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 2, Insightful) 412

No. Natural selection would be reducing population to match available resources.

Which brings us right down to the problem: Our system has been working so far because the availability of resources (not limited to natural ones, but including produced food, houses, cars....) was closely tied to the amount of human work put into their production. More resources were only available if more people were working to produce them. Declining jobs in producing resource A (like: corn) have been offset by increasing jobs in producing resource B (cars, TV...) but production efficiency is rising faster than demand.

Comment Re: Already here - it feels unfair to some (Score 1) 412

I'm sure that there are some burglars who would be ok with committing several counts of cold blooded murder for your TV and jewelry, but don't pretend that most people are ok with that. Most burglars leave a house once they discover that anyone is home.

Yes, as long as there are easier targets where TV and jewelery can be stolen without bloodshed. More burglers would take that risk if they had to.

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