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Comment Re:Do it in Kanji [Re:I hate hieroglyphics] (Score 1) 193

The idea that we can create a universal language that everybody will understand by abandoning language and simply making a recognizable symbol for every single concept that anybody might ever want to communicate is stupid.

I saw a documentary where that worked quite well. Oh wait.. that was "Idiocracy".

Comment Re:Missing the big picture (Score 1) 330

Every country wants their laws to apply to everyone else, but doesn't think of the consequences then of having to apply everyone else's laws to themselves.

It's easy to avoid such consequences with a large enough military budget. Or why else would Google filter European search results referring to the DMCA?

Comment Re:How? (Score 2) 378

Anonymous proof of age online is one of the features of the newfangled electronic ID cards in Germany. But as expected, there isn't much you can do with it besides checking your speeding tickets. Even services that would not require to trust the government that anonymous indeed means anonymous don't use it.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 147

Point taken. But to my defense, this assumption is firmly grounded in the summary speaking of a Windows XP based device and not an XP embedded based device.

I still doubt if Windows based OS was a good design descision, but if all you have is a bunch of windows developers, you tend to solve every problem with a hammer.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 147

As I'm earning my living with software development I'm quite aware that there is no bug free software (beyond "hello world"). But I'm also aware that the number of bugs correlates with the software's size and complexity.

That's why you don't use a more complex OS then required. That you mention XP embedded is making it much better, but the summary mentioned a plain XP only.

Comment Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 147

Why does a safe need an operating system?

And then why for heavens sake has it to be a desktop operating system? Does it need to run MS Office or what was the design idea here? It's not like there are especially hardened OSses out there for embedded devices. (Not to mention that this means we have a safe that's running on a x86 architecture)

And after having such a terrible design idea, why have it implemented by a moron using an out of date, unsupported, and buggy OS?

Comment Re:Clearly a shoo-in (Score 1) 634

Fooor sure! Any woman who doesn't look good in a dress and expect a slap on the ass once in a while is trouble! Maybe if she'd put on some makeup and hike those little tits up a bit she'd get hired, amirite?

Having nothing to do with ass-slapping or makeup: "Dress for the job you want" is relevant to men, too.

Who cares that she was educated at Cornell and Harvard and is a crazy entrepreneur? If she doesn't learn to stop being so uppity and stop trying to outshine men she'll never make it and really, has only herself to blame!

Well, they either cared enough to interview her despite that picture or (more likely) she had a different profile picture two years ago (or whenever those other 3 times were when she was recruited)

Comment All other implications aside, but... (Score 2) 312

how secure could that actually be as an access control?

I mean, the access control isn't checking your DNA. It is checking if you have access to a genetic profile of someone with matching criteria. Or, as a completly different attack vector: access to body fluids of someone matching the allowed filters. ("whitelisting" gets a whole new meaning here....)

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